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Waltonchain's deep connection with the Royalties of Thailand!

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Original Poster29 points2 months agoedited 2 months ago

UPDATE: We got an account with 50k followers retweeting this!

UPDATE 2: We are front page on CC!

Remember to do your deed - retweet!

Great work :)

How the hell do you even manage to find this stuff 馃ぃ

4 points2 months ago

There is a rumour that dragonballaf has connections to MI6. Please don't take my word on that.

Gunna need vferr to verify.

Huh, we shouldn't spam cc with that speculative shit. It's a neat find but we need more info before going with it.

It'll end up hurting us like the shoe stuff otherwise.

Original Poster4 points2 months ago

What exactly is speculative? Please explain. :)

Stating that there are ties yet alone deep-ties. You're jumping the gun. And if it turns out to be a big deal, you make it harder for Waltonchain to (attempt to) communicate it properly.

Original Poster1 point2 months ago

Fair enough. I see your viewpoint. I will be more careful in future.

Just as a sidenote, only follows Waltonchain and Bithumb (as far as I can tell) from the crypto world.

Disagree, the information is out there for us to gather and connect the dots. (especially if in a whitepaper) The royal family do not give a crap about our fanboy twitter and reddit posts. Keep up the good work dragonballaf.

What are you talking about, there is nothing in the damn paper that shows a link.

This is an incredible find!

Feel free to correct me, but it looks like Waltonchain will be advising on this project in which the Thai Royal Family are highly involved!!

I thought Alibaba, China Mobile and Huawei were a big deal, but it doesn't get much better than this. Waltonchain actually has the royal seal of approval!!!

Well done team, your doing amazing work behind the scenes as always :D Again, thanks for sharing this with us u/dragonballaf , this really is incredible :)

14 points2 months agoedited 2 months ago

And we just won the 2018 Outstanding Blockchain Company Award in Southeast Asia. The ceremony was held in Bangkok, Thailand. It was also supported by the Kingdom of Thailand and attended by many high ranking Thailand officials:

"This Summit Forum is fully supported by the Government and the business community of the Kingdom of Thailand. Wang Hongbin, the Chairman of the World One Belt One Road Initiative Foundation, Phongthep Thepkanjana, the Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Alongkorn Ponlaboot, the Vice President of the National Assembly of Thailand, Sunn. Janpnu, the Consultant of the Prime Minister of Thailand State Council, and Dato鈥 Jojie Samuel, the Ambassador of Malaysia to the Kingdom of Thailand, together with more than 2000 representatives of organizations from ASEAN countries, leading international blockchain technology institutions and high-level enterprises have gathered here."

The ugly duckling! This is Walton chain. It was hit by the others, accusing it, but as it grows, it gets more and more beautiful! Waiting it to be a real swan!

This is simply amazing.. Royal Waltonchain, literally! I got to go and pee. we're not golden we're royalty!

2 points2 months ago

Good to see freyrchain kicking goals! Awesome use case too.

3 points2 months ago

i should say that the connection to thai royalty kind of overshadows a larger point. and that is that we have a venture capital investment branch. it is called yinxin capital and they are focusing on forwarding through capital and industrial expertise blockchain companies

this is the kind of thing that only very competent total behemoths do. think 'alibaba capital partners' or like a 'google ventures'. big news

2 points2 months ago

As they are next to the Freyrchain symbol there might be a child chain behind?

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