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Holy shit, this is blowing up! Joe Rogan keeps tweeting articles about Elsagate

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Who's got the quick rundown on 'Elsagate'? I'm out of the loop.

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top post in the sub right now is same as this and is full of posts explaining elsagate

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Np! Some good answers in there

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Check out /r/elsagate.

It's about YouTube allowing videos made in Russia & India that's made to groom kids for sexual abuse. They use Elsa from Frozen,Spider Man,Incredible Hulk, & have them do all types of weird shit!

He should be. his kid came up to him and show him movies they were making on their ipads by themselves at 9 or something. and i think Joe said fuck this shit. it was near the start of the Dan Carlin podcast #1041

I listed to the Carlin podcast a day or two ago and I don’t think he was referring to Eslagate in that situation. He was just talking about how amazing it is that his daughter and young people in general can so easily figure out how to use technology, and he used the movie making app on her ipad as an example.

And he laughed at Alex jones when he said Steve jobs would t let his kids use an iPad. Rogan called him a cunt haha how times are changing now with Joe.

I wondered what got him so motivated on this all of a sudden.

Probably him finding out his kid accidentally stumbled across it

Joe and his posse hawk Twitter and comb through their followers. I assume between that and Reddit he's come across mention before and like many are only now finding out how deep it goes. I know I personally didn't follow it until it was explained in another thread.

I wonder what lit a fire under his butt all of a sudden?

Pull that shit up.... it fucked up you’re not going to believe this is shit is on there hundreds of these fucked up videos.

He'll get his blue tick taken away he he's not careful!

Holy shit, another Joe Rogan/ Elsagate post on the front page of the conspiracy sub!!1!

Look into it.

Jesus he's gone LOL

Looked into it. Joe Rogan + Elsagate in the title of the post = front page of this sub.

1 point · 8 months ago

So they're not really related at all?

Why is mr realmoonlanding all of a sudden interested in conspiracy again?

You don't have to belive all conspiracies are true to believe one of them is true.

And TBH, seeing one conspiracy allows you to open up to more.

All they have to do is point one of their super high resolution cameras at the moon and show me some pictures of the landing spots.

And before anyone links that blurry, pixelated picture of the Apollo 11 landing spot, I’ve seen it. The pixels don’t add up.

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