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This is very, very good exposure. We'll probably start to see even more investment from the mainland in the next week, and then A LOT following Chinese New Year and people getting their new year's bonuses. Pluto time then.

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So happy I bought more on the dip :D

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Smart man. The coming months are going to get very interesting. And surely the rest of the crypto space saw VEN's resilience the last 2 weeks. Can't be ignored. So we will see, but I'm feeling more sure about this than any of my picks in the last 6 months - including Antshares in July, Cardano at $0.03, and a heavy investment into the Request Network ICO.

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Teach me your ways, what else are you interested in?

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Now I'm primarily focusing on VEN. Basically all in, and spending my time to continue my research and educating myself about VEN tech, its applications, the sectors it will be applicable in, etc. Everything so far just supports the near-all in position.

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Pluto Andromeda time then.

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Rumor is China will open an exchange based on the Vechain blockchain.

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They are opening a wine/liquor exchange in Gui'an.

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Now expand that to anything verified by the VeChain network

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Which can basically be everything lol

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Yup $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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Where did you see this rumor?

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In this post

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This is some next level crazy nuts if true

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CCTV is state TV FYI people, everything is vetted by the central government. This is the central government giving a green light. I am long Vechain.

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That in combination with the tobacco partnership. It's hard to not say that this is a state sponsored crypto from the most rapidly growing and biggest economy in the world?

And you're telling me we're at a 1.3b market cap.

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Check back March 1

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!remindme 30 days "is this the moon?"

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and in combination with China Unicom. And with Guian new city. Puzzle is assembling nicely

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To anyone wondering, it doesn't really say anything new, just sort of citing VeChain as an example for a use case. The bullish part is the exposure of VeChain. But nth too big to the extent that u need to translate everything he's saying.

Something worth noting is the QR code at the bottom right. If you've ever been to China, you'd notice how a large portion of their economy is digitized. If anyone doubts the possibility of adoption, do take a look at China's use of wechat as a payment system. VeChain's rate of adoption may be faster than what you'd expect. QR codes, RFID chips, can easily become the norm in China. China has actually advanced at such a fast rate that they may be able to integrate blockchain into their economy faster than most other economies.

With that in mind, you'd be a fool to doubt coins like VeChain, Walton n wabi.

Given VeChain's partnerships in China, I'm more bullish than ever on it in spite of this currently bearish market.

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Other than the moon shot, I’m actually really excited to see VET implemented throughout China..what a time to be alive.

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Just sold about 90% of my NEO holdings to increase my VEN position after this

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Comment history check out. He seems to only hold NEO and VEN

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our vechain reddit detective...good work lol

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Oh man! Let's hope we're all going to be very happy in a few months!

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I love VEN, but selling NEO? Scary prospect lol.

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If VEN has all the Chinese gov and big Chinese company backing already and soon to host ICO’s, wouldn’t you see a big drop in the future due to everybody hoping NEO was backed by the Chinese?

Edit: was HUGE on NEO, since antshares, but VEN is what we thought NEO was going to be.

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I hear you, but I am still VERY bullish on NEO. Can't blame you for picking a side! Good luck to us all!

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Yeah trust me I’m still bullish on NEO but it’ll have to wait in my opinion

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Wait, so the Chinese aren't backing NEO?

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At this moment, no. I’ve even heard rumors that they aren’t actually happy with NEO’s compliance. Just rumors though, we shall wait and see. Please don’t trade on my rumor lol

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Interesting. Thanks for the info.

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Edit: no OFFICIAL backing. As they do have somewhat of a gov. backing through ontology. But with NEO, no. Hope this helps.

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Not really. NEO has had it gigantic rise already.

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No it hasn't..

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Not sure why I got downvoted for this. NEO has gone from $3 to $200 in 4-5 months.

All I'm saying is ven has more growth potential than NEO as NEO has already hit a major growth.

Ven can easily hit 10x where NEO maybe has another 5x in it.

I love both projects just being realistic

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I didn't down vote you, but it probably because that is an idiotic way to think about the market. NEO could easily reach ETH's marketcap, and surpass it in a expanding market. That alone would be 11x... Not saying it will for sure, I am just saying you are clearly thinking about the market incorrectly. You randomly saying this one can't 10x but this one can is absurd.

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To each their own! Whatever floats your boat man.

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In a few months, you won't have to

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Nice, if in had to predict today who will end up leading the market a year from now, I would pick VEN, NEO, and ETH.

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My largest 3 holdings :) dont forget about GAS! Won't be a top coin but its important to have gas if you're invested in NEO

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You only need g gas to send neo right?

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This is a great read to help you understand the differences and how the two work in conjunction with each other. Gas is kinda like a dividend for holding a stock. The longer you hold NEO, the more GAS you accrue. NEO is a smart economy entirely where GAS is a trading token for that economy. Give this a good read and it will clarify everything. I try to hold equal parts NEO and GAS, but am working on collecting more GAS. I only wish Binance would allow me to purchase gas with ETH so I dont have to pay tons of BTC fees.

Link: https://medium.com/@MalcolmLerider/clarification-on-neo-gas-and-consensus-nodes-aa94d4f4b09

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Seems more logical to continually trade your GAS for NEO, so that you are getting more and more GAS. Unless you expect the price of GAS to increase relative to NEO as more icos occur?

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The longer you hold NEO the more gas you accrue over time, but it doesn't matter if you own 1 NEO or 100 NEO, everyone accrues the same amount of gas. It takes 22 years to accrue an entire gas token. At least that's my understanding of it and that article touches on it.

That being said, I do expect the price of gas to rise in an equal pattern with NEO and encourage people to load up on both.

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If the prices are rising together, then it makes more sense to periodically exchange your gas for neo, no? Say you have 22 neo and 22 gas. At the end of one year have 22 neo and 23 gas. At the end of 2 years you have 22 neo and 24 gas. Let's say gas equals .5 neo. Instead you start with 33 neo. At the end of one year you have 33 neo and 1.5 gas. Exchange that for neo and at the end if the second year you have 33.75 neo and ~1.573 gas.

So in the first scenario you end 2 years with the equivalent of 34 neo but by switching gas to neo you have 35.323 neo. More than 3% gain.

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If anyone here could do a brief translation it would be much appreciated!

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From one of the community managers on the VEN discord:

ShengJianBao - Today at 12:52 AM We do not have a translation but i can tell u what it was first he talked about blockchain and real usuage application, then the talked about iot and blockchain, then kept saying that vechain is a good example of real usage of iot on blockchain didnt go into too many detail,s, basically just say "...like vcechain is doing" a bunch very exciting though thats the Communist Party's Finance channel

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"vcechain" lol no idea why i liked this so much.

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I can try tonight when I get home from work

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Waiting to see if my other positions can rise a bit more then i'm just dumping it all for VEN, fuck it. This is the seal of approval. VEN is the chosen one for China. I'm already like 60 - 70% VEN but will be 90% soon, only keeping my ICX. I wouldn't be comfortable to go all in on anything except maybe ICX but VEN has even more potential. Im going big or going bust.

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Same here, mostly VEN, some ICX, and a little NEO. It's hard for me to dump ICX, because they've got big things coming up too. Decisions, decisions...

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I like to keep at least 50% eth but VEN is my second largest investment and I'm planning consolidate most of my other alt positions into it

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Eth feels like a good safe bet for some good growth. But i'm kinda all or nothing here.

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Having the same seniment, altough I'm also bullish on Qash.

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If i only had like 1 million dollars to throw into crypto... there are so many things i am bullish on. REQ, ENJ, ICX, VEN, OST, PRL, BTY.. list goes on.

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REQ, I made some good profit on that one. I'm waiting for the bi-weekly update so I can diversify my earnings into VEN or QASH ;)

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Tell me more, I got interested of REQ =)

Whats the bi-weekly update?

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REQ is the Request Network. Its essentially Paypal for cryptocurrency. You can request an amount of crypto as a payment and when the request is received and fulfilled, the money is sent to the requester just like a paypal invoice. This could work very well for businesses and private transactions. REQ should be at least $2-3 by the end of the year but maybe more with some of their coming news such as mainnet release. Their team is solid and they have done a very great job delivering on their roadmap deadlines.

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Some people care to much about the price. Not every new has to rise the price. I believe we would see the movement VEN deserves after rebrading in February 26 and implementation of masternodes etc. Unless what they will announced the 24th is something big. I'm just going to keep acumulating under $7 and hold strong. From my current balance staking along should esrn me enough per month to live a comfortable life.

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So there is literally just one sentence about vechain. Vechain was used as example with their work on luxury goods. Still a good thing obviously. Most of it is explaining blockchain.

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24th of Jan is gonna be crazy

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I'm new to these parts, what's planned for the 24th?

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An English translation for the context would be most appreciated.

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Wow I can’t understand but it seems like a big deal.


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China Central Television

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And the prices... Drops!

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All this news is amazing, but why is VEN the only coin still down in my portfolio since yesterday?! This should propel it to previous or fresh highs, but it's -0.13% and the only red on my favs...grrrrr

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Cause we are being supressed by whales atm. Also we was one of the cryptos that dropped the least during this BTC dump which means we didnt have to go up as much to get back to where we were before the BTC dump.

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Jesus, I dump TRX for VEN and there are whales manipulating in VEN market too? Fml.

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lol you're new to VEN i guess?:D It's been suppressed since 0.5 dollars.

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Yes why do you think we still are at this market cap with the best news and partnership in crypto right now.

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Have you looked at the price compared to total market MCAP?

We are at $5.50USD and the entire market is valued at 550B

We were at this point when the total Mcap was 650B

TL:DR we have taken over a larger portion of the market since the dip.

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Not a clue, but there's been so much good news recently with Vechain that this is a super comfortable hold now, just gotta be patient.

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I think too because Ven held up rather well during the dip and also had a decent day yesterday or 2 days ago was the reason it didn’t do much today. Most likely a lot sold out of ven to grab things that were 20% down.

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I don't know if you have noticed, but there are these species called whales? They keep the price down to accumulate more. This is a positive sign. Expect long term growth and be patient.

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That's a Japanese stereotype fyi

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Oh stop. Let it loose. Im Irish make fun of me and potatoes, call me a mick. Pc gone mad.

[–]socontroversial 0 points1 point  (3 children)

what. how rare are full irish in the US? aren't majority like half or quarter or 1/8 or less by now? at least irish stereotypes come from Irish themselves. Asian stereotypes are incredibly broad and inaccurate. Imagine if Irish stereotypes were a combination of German stereotypes, White American stereotypes, Polish stereotypes, Russian stereotypes and Italian stereotypes all mashed together. That's what Asian stereotypes are like.

[–]lentils_1 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yes. I agree. If we’re gonna make racist jokes let’s make sure we get them right. For posterity’s sake. It’s not funny if it is not properly attributed. Unless it’s some type of meta commentary joke. That would go over my head. (Not agreeing with the other dude just adding to your comment)

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But that’s also the stereotypes Asians have of westerners. They don’t separate Americans and Brits and Germans etc. at least lots of them don’t. People are people, and we are subject to our own limited world view and outlook.

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well thats only cus asians all look the same

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Have an upvote sir.

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I love these daily great news.

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Moooooooon 💪

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