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At first I thought, "I don't know how they possibly top what they've already got," but then I remembered this was VeChain.


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God i hope they don't announce anything during this bad time.

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Sorry guys but it’s only going to go down from here since I just bought a bunch of it.

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lol the cooler

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Thanks for the heads up!

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RemindMe! now

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if you read the twitter i'm fairly sure they meant bigger surge in growth in terms of the community growing. Still exciting to read though cant wait for the re branding news to come through.

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Feels like they timed that rebranding perfectly.

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But perhaps they state this so boldy because they are going to drop a new announcement next week.

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Bigger surge due to the media competition most likely. Hopefully it’s because of more news! Plus who knows we might still have the mind belowing partnership waiting

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Love the growth potential and promise of Vechain. Buying a comfortable amount of shares to hold and a reserve to liquidate.

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Hit at news. What a teaser

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You have seen.


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Of all coins in my blockfolio i am most confident in VEN. Hodling for sure!

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100% agree i bought more during the dip.

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Will probably get downvoted to hell but I really don't like it when companies announce their announcements. It always ends in overhype and then disappointment.

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Check vechain’s history with this. They’ve always delivered

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Damn straight!

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I agree much rather have them do it as a cryptic message by cocacolakid much more fun that way

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So get ready to sell the news and buy the inevitable dip to accumulate more ;)

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Agree. Ala Neo's 'three lifetimes of horseshit'.

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If you know the announcement, what’s next?

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A bigger surge of followers must be what they mean.

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What causes followers? Attention. What causes attention? News.

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This should be the most upvoted comment.

Worthless shill topic title

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They meant of the metrics in the infographic.

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Last night was bad for the entire CC sector and the correction was much more severe than I anticipated it would be. The buyers never managed to overcome the massive selling pressure and I was starting to get worried it would end in a complete psychological meltdown. It almost did!

It will take some time for the market to stabilise after this. The buying in ETH didn't commence untill we reached $780-area.

On the other hand, this will force investors to not just buy any CC in hopes of striking it big but people will actually start looking and doing due diligence before they throw money and start looking for promised land. Also, the sooner the BTC dies, the better it will be for the entire market.

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Can't wait for the day where my entire portfolio is measured in VEN's.

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If BTC dies, entire market will go down. Be careful what you wish for.

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Not true. BTC has already been suffering for a while after it hit 20k. It's already down 50% while altcoins have been gaining momentum. As of now, every CC out there is psychologically bound to BTC. Once people realise that certain altcoins have nothing to do with BTC they will no longer be affected by The movements of these dominant coins. And yes, that includes ETH as well.

The capital has been trickling into altcoins. Next phase, I believe, will be where capital is moving towards those cryptos that are actually solving real problems. VeChain is pretty much an outlier in that space as they actually have a working product and some of the best, if not THE best, partnerships out there.

Once we get that awakening where people realise that BTC and VEN(as a perfect example) have nothing else in common other than the blockchain itself, everything in the CC-space will change.

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That's a bad perception. BTC is the only reason we all are here. BTC is the trunk and everything else is like a branch to that tree. BTC brought trust to crypto. If BTC died all cryptos will die. We are still very early in crypto, last thing we need is the ORIGINAL coin dying because that would ruin the entire crypto market. No matter what coin you support you should still show you respects to BTC, BTC is still bringing newbies into the crypto world everyday.

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It's not bad perception. It's called progress. What you are talking about is sentimental value. There is no place for Sentimental value in investing. Sentimental investing will kill your balance. Yes, BTC opened up the doors for the entire crypto sector but now it's time for more efficient blockchain solutions to take over. And guess What, no-one is going to pay you 20k for a BTC again. There is a reason BTC is losing ground and has been doing so since it peaked at 20k.

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Honestly it sounds like your completely new to the game and have no idea what your talking about. That is not sentimental value, are you kidding me? Like I said we are still very early in the crypto space. Crypto isn't even accepted as a currency and your here talking about progression? take a few steps back because your lost. BTC is gaining more ground than ever before, are you blind? The first step to becoming a store of value and a currency is social networking. Bitcoin is the biggest social network in the crypto world. This is huge and this is PROGRESSION. BTC is going to help become the first widely accepted online currency, when it does that than you'll see the world and business's to start to adapt and than other coins will soonly be accepted. ETH is the only other currency that can be side by side with BTC when it comes to social networking and currency adoption in the world.

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Enjoy the read...just popped up on my screen. Exactly what I was saying. And no, I'm def. not just starting out. I am even a goldbug who has been against CBs for ages. I am just pointing out the facts. In our dynamic world which is changing and developing at immense pace, BTC is simply outdated. The blockchain it introduced will continue but BTC as BTC won't. http://uk.investing.com/news/cryptocurrency-news/bitcoin-price-falls-suggest-bubble-is-bursting-economists-warn-982310

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No offense but that's not even a secured link so I wouldn't bother going there for 'reliable information'

BTC will continously have upgrades to it's protocol, BTC will have the most and probably the best coders working on it's team because of it's gigantic social netoworking power. So I wouldn't let it down that easily. Not only that but it is the one and only original coin. It's way to soon to try debunking the original. Maybe in 5 years.

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Whatever. It's investing.com, you can find the article there. Stick to your Bitcoins. I don't care.

ETH has by far the largest dev community. Some of the early adopters have already abandoned BTC.

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my portfolio is a lot bigger than just bitcoins. I'm just not a fool to put down the original that brought us all here. It's sickening to see how greedy people are especially to hate on the beautiful project that brought us all here. Everyone should appreciation bitcoin regardless how fast/slow it's development speed takes. I will never sell my soul to some bullshit investor articles.

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This isn't over in my opinion... We will very likely see prices below $9k soonish, I'm afraid. Doesn't mean this is a meltdown though. A heavy, painful correction, yes.

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Technicals tell me that yesterday selloff broke the sharp upward trend. Every other time we've managed to get back up above averages and the trendline on close. Now, we closed below.

Here is the thing. As long as market is driven by BTC and ETH every other coin will suffer because BTC is the main driver for the crypto-segment. For those who have done some DD we know for a fact that other than the blockchain itself, VEN has nothing to do with BTC. That is why I am saying that sooner rather than later, these things need to be separated. VeChain is in on its rise to become a leading blue-chip token on the blockchain but as long Btc/ETH are around, dictating 50% of the mcap everything else will move accordingly to these 2. Which imho is completely ludicrous.

Anyway, I am pretty heavily invested in VEN and will continue to buy here, averaging both up and down, as I clearly see a de-coupling happening at some point. Where cryptos like VEN start moving based on their solutions and not because it's just another crypto.

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Pre-annoucement ... be prepared for the price drop. I just don't understand why they do this. An announcement is all that is needed , not next week there will be a pre-annoucement , followed by an announcement the week after.

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I think they are taking care of the people who pay attention. that's all... like us.. we know now we should get more and hold. Because they always deliver on their words.

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Does this mean this week or next week?

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I'm wondering the same thing? It sounds like next week? But coming week could be the current week also?

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Shit, news is coming.. ... the price is going to drop even more....

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Oh yeah sure. They will announce bigger news and then the price will pump roughly $0.5 - 1 and then the price will be kept down due to manipulation. Then the weak hands who day trade will pull out because they didn't catch a bullish run and the price will remain the same as before. Like usual with VeChain. But i still trust this coin and i have higher hopes for a bullish run after rebranding.

EDIT - Guys just read the entire thread and understand what i am saying. I am all in on VEN. Ofc i will be concerned with any current issues that it has and any other issues it could have in the future as well. Just a healthy debate.

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It's holding up pretty well compared to other alts. Market manipulation will be happening regardless... and nobody ever complains when the whales pump it up perhaps too rapidly. The news are great, VEN is probably the asset in my portfolio i am least worried with short, mid & long term

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Ye, i love VeChain's stable growth. I just expect the growth to be stable like this until the manipulation stops to some degree which could be possible after rebranding, 26th Feb. Until then even if Vechain announces that they cured cancer i would expect a rough pump of maybe $1-2 dollars but not a bullish run. We should take this opportunity to keep collecting more VEN at cheaper prices.

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Man, it was 1.5$ 20 days ago.. :))

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If you look at the one week candlesticks you're insane to complain about price. Other projects boom and fall, were a 45 degree steady upward trend, basically a unicorn in the crypto market

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No no i am not at all complaining about the price. In fact i am very much in green with VEN. I am just debating on how these announcements do not effect the price as much as you would expect it too in the case of other coins, indicating heavy manipulation. If we zoom out the graphs even from this day till the rebranding event in Feb , it will look like a bullish run. I am very happy with VEN.

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My personal opinion is this is not whales, it's the Vechain team selling for $ to fund the project. I've seen huge sell walls actually sell, that's not whale behavior. There's nothing wrong with this and it most likely serves the function of funding the project and stabilizing the price so as to grow organically and entice investors to a stable product.

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My theory is that it isn't the VEN team that is directly responsible for the manipulation but the big partners of the team that are betting big on this platform. They want to get as much VEN as possible before the rebrand i think.

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I think someone checked the VeChain teams wallet and they were still locked in the account. They haven't moved, so it can't be them.

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Meh. It'd be easy for them to buy up a bunch of the ico or exchange listings.

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Dude, what do you mean you have “hopes” for a bullish run? This is an insane bull run so far, and it’s just the beginning. Are you daytrading VEN or what haha.

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No i am not. I have also been all in on VEN since December. I was around $1.2 - 1.7 then. But as someone who is all in on VEN, am i not suppose to even question the very obvious manipulation in VEN. I am just trying to have a healthy debate on manipulation of the price and how these announces effect the price little. That's it. I am not against VEN. I love VEN.

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I get it but I always had problems with the term “price manipulation”. What people call manipulation is usually perfectly normal and rational market maker strategy, in VEN’s case it’s using sell walls to accumulate more under a certain price point. For us not whales (or at least I don’t qualify haha) this is fantastic market dynamics.

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Yea cause we werent at 30 cents just a month or two ago? We have had these whales with us since the first announcement of apotheosis, and the walls where WAAAAY worse back then.

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Yes i was around too. Been on my radar since November and went all in during amazing partnership announcements in December.

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Every poster who spreads fud is supposedly "all in on ven".

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Check my comments history and then validate that for yourself

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They definitely delivered

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People in general need to look @ the chart with the Y axis set on at least three months. After they do that rethink their post.

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In social media.

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True, but the best way to get more followers is to come out with more good news.

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I mean I think they'll get more people as a result of news, and that should also raise the price. I'm just trying to be reserved and not overly excited.

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That is a refreshing attitude, I think we need more level headedness in crypto.

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Buying into hype is how you lose money on TRX. VEN has a lot of hype around it, but I still believe in it. It's a coin I got into before some of this hype started.
It just makes me hesitate a bit with how greedy some people are getting wanting the price to rise. Right now VEN just feels too good to be true, and maybe it ends up being amazing. Just feels weird.

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Yeah I've been disappointed by this subreddit recently, seems as soon as the price started moving up the discussions became centered on price and memes. I guess that's just what happens when something becomes popular.

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Well we’ve gone up 9,000 subscribers in the last week? Mostly moonkids looking for price predictions.

In my opinion, without the whales Vechain would be in the same spot as most of the other coins. We would have flown past $10 and now we’d be back at $4 or $5. The whales prevent these types of huge swings and I’m not complaining.

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I don't think it would dip back down to $4-5. If Cardano is holding steady at 20B without a product or customers (or a use case with big money involved), then Vechain could hold steady in the top 10 as well.

I don't know what's going to happen with the sell walls, but I really like Vechain and plan to hold for a while. I think the only obstacle left is for the release of a main net with a technically strong architecture, everything else is already in place for a successful business: the use case has been identified, partnerships have been formed, and the team possesses the manpower and leadership needed to develop a strong product - they just need to execute now.

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Huh? It’s at $4.50 right now.

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Maybe I misunderstood. You said that without whales the price would go to $10, then back down to $4-5. I was just saying I don't think it would fall back to $4-5 (if it did shoot up to $10) since it fundamentally sound.

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also provides a chance for extra accumulation.

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Sell walls will start to dissappear leading up to rebranding, and itll dwarf Neos rise.

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Obviously, but they are clearly hinting at upcoming announcemts causing the buzz

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They literally say "stay tuned"....this means they have follow up news that will increase growth.

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News will obviously lead to price increases. However, the post was about social media, so any reference to increase in growth is in reference to a growth of their social media presence. Vechain themselves do not speculate on price, and any price discussion on their official channels isn't allowed.
Edit: In addition, they've already said they will be continuously releasing news leading up to the rebranding on February 26th.