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Trying out the hunting horn after doing a playthrough on IG... I think I like it!

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-Deviljho horn: Best attack horn, best songs ingame yet.

-Bazelquese horn: Second best attack horn but with better slots then deviljhos.

-Nergigante horn: Another viable offensive horn with a unique note set.

-Teostra horn: Best looking horn imo. great songs against Vaal and Kirin.

-Kirin horn: Even better party support for Kirin then teostra horn but way less damage.

-Xeno horn: Great slots, nice songs in general, very useful against Kushala.

-Vespoid horn & Kulves Para Horn: decent songs, best para horns ingame. Also the vespoid one is very good looking.

-Kulves Water horn: Meh songs but with very high water element, makes it the best water horn.

If you are not far into the game yet i can recommend the standard bone horn, fully upgraded it provides Atk L and can be used with elementless for decent damage.

Dodogama Horn, easy to make, with decent stats and the same songs as the deviljho HH.

Or the standard iron horn, since you can upgrade it into Nergigantes HH later on.

Also watch:

6 points2 months ago

I'd still place the bazel horn above deep vero for solo play just because if you have recovery jewels and you play the recovery up song then you're basically invisible.

U can't see me!


I like how you can slot 2 KO gems right there into the horn, and with handicraft it's a really nice horn for soloing.

2 points2 months ago

Agreed, the Xeno horn or any other horn with All wind resist practically breaks the Kushala fight. Melees can actually attack even when Kush has aura up.

Horn of Love
1 point2 months ago

If you are not far into the game yet i can recommend the standard bone horn

For monsters with only a Level 3 Roar, this is actually my go to horn.

You don't mention Datura, which is my go to poison horn. It has Earplugs L, and poison. Yeah, it's not that great, but I actually like mixing my horns up so I don't get bored.

How are the combos on the doot doot? I main hammer and second CB and was thinking of picking up a support role for fun and to give me new things to build from.

You can find gaijin hunters HH tutorial in my original post.

I was just trying to get input from someone who's played using it instead of watching a tutorial on it though. Fuck me right?

Why should i use my time to explain the weapon to you when there is a top class tutorial from probably one of the best HH players around that covers everything you need to know?

Why should I use my time to watch a 20 minute tutorial when all I wanted was another players input on the thing to determine if it's something I wanted to pursue or not?

Because you want to know something simple like that.

My apologies for thinking I'd be able to get some first hand input on the matter before taking the time to watch the video and commit to the build.

Lol Combos are simple. Just play notes to que up songs which are on screen whenever weapon is drawn

Stick to a four note song when all your songs have been played and play them one at a time and encore them. Although there's really no bad combo to do if you keep the buffs active

Yeah. Also the most powerful attacks are going to be your encores with four note songs.

1 point2 months ago

What do you mean by combo? Like the basic moves? In terms of just hitting things there are only 7 so it basic as hell. All of them have good vertical factor and can be roll cancelled.

All songs are a combination of 3-4 notes or attacks sequenced together. The exception to this is self improvement which is only two notes.

The complexity comes in that every other note can be substituted with a quick jab to make buffering songs faster. Then you can also sneak in a note during the animation of another note during a flourish, usually the second note of a song. Lastly you can use the last note a song to start the next one. You can have up to 3 songs stored. The pay off attack is your performances and encores. This will be a heavy hitting attack that will have a rather long dooting animation. The more songs you play the longer the animation and the more buffs you apply. You can cancel out of, however if you do you will not get the buff and you don鈥檛 have to play all the songs you have stored. During the dooting animation you can press the performance trigger again to do an encore. This will perform the same song again but with a greater effect; ie attack up L will now be attack up XL. It is also your most damaging attack.

Hope that covers it.

Welcome to doot gang bro

The Doots of Hazard!

Horn of Love
13 points2 months ago

This is my CopyPasta for newbie dooters:

First, read this.

Then learn these. (When you are no longer a noob, feel free to make your own decisions on these topics, but, until then, these are good rules to follow)

0) With Hunting Horn, support is a consequence, not a goal. Your play style should be exactly the same when you solo as it is when you are in a party.

1) Create a build-set for each monster. In that build set, use a horn that negates that monster's biggest 'disruption' attack (which you will pass on to your team). Then gem in the second biggest 'disruption' attack. Because of the incredibly long duration of performances, encores, flourishes and overhead smashes, disruption is the first thing I consider when making a build. This usually means Earplug horn and Stun res, but for Vaal and Kush it means different horns. I made a list of all the monsters and links to the sets I use for them (this is rather old, but you will get the idea).

2) Always have one point of Flinch Free.

3) If you have the Sonorous gem, use it. It will make you a better teammate in multiplayer.

4) DO NOT USE WIDE RANGE!!! Wide Range is a great skill for SnS, it is a waste for Hunting Horn. Do more damage, less support that requires you to put your horn away.

5) Shock Waves don't crit, so I don't focus on Affinity. I would rather beef up Exhaust or a defense/resistance/'distuption' ignoring skill.

6) Practice the most efficient ways of playing a song. I put together a cheat sheet on this.

7) With Hunting Horn, support is a consequence, not a goal. Your play style should be exactly the same when you solo as it is when you are in a party. (I think this is so important, I list it twice!)

2 points2 months ago

I'm saving this for when my time to join the dooters comes. Thank you.

My Lance is the Lance that will pierce the Heavens!
1 point2 months ago

Hi, over 500 hours into the game, but newbie when it comes to HH. On the Affinity stuff, I have 3 Crit Eye to negate Bazel's innate -10% Affinity and 2 Crit Boosts with Weakness Exploit 3. Am I being inefficient by slotting those 2 Crit Boost? If so, I would have 2 level 2 slots available on the horn. Recommendations would be welcomed.

2 points2 months agoedited 2 months ago

I'm no expert, or even that good with the HH damage wise, I run a full support build, but I believe that Crit Boost is always worth it if you crit consistantly. With Affinity Booster, and Weakness Exploit 3 you have 100% affinity against weak spots, allowing you to do more damage with Boost. Next would be attack ups, but that's about it. Maybe Normal boost next. Non Elemental boost if your weapon doesn't have elements.

My Lance is the Lance that will pierce the Heavens!
1 point2 months ago

Yeah, that makes sense. I will use Affinity Booster more from now on, then. Thanks.

Horn of Love
2 points2 months ago

As a newbie dooter (who actually wants to learn how to hunt with the Hunting Horn), I would recommend you put your points into increasing the amount of time you have to get your songs in, and not worry about how much damage you do.

While learning, you are gonna get hit...a lot. Gem in Steadfast to keep the stuns low. Gem in Tremmor Resistance against Jho and Uraagan. Gem in Para Resist against Kirin and Great Girros. Use those slots to keep your songs flowing and forget about critical hits.

As you develop your horn style, you will figure out how and when to optimize your builds to up your attack. Don't worry about it at all while you are learning!

My Lance is the Lance that will pierce the Heavens!
1 point2 months ago

Thanks for the info.

Hey, I have a quick question that is sorta about HH. I really like the weapon (looks good, fun to use, and I am a support player at heart) but I hate that it can't sever tails because they are needed for a lot of stuff and you have a much better chance at getting them when carving severed ones. What do HH users do to get them? Switch weapons? Go multiplayer? Use the little jab?

Horn of Love
1 point2 months ago

Tails are really easy to get with Gold and Silver box investigations. They are no longer limited to just showing up when you actually sever a tall. The only thing I have found to be limited to breaks in World is horns (Diablos, Negi, Xeno, etc), and horn is awesome for breaking horns. I am swimming in tails, and I haven't cut one since I mained Bowgun in MHTri.

The little hilt stab is really useful, just not for severing tails. :)

Oh really? I knew you could get them with the investigations but I assumed it was a low chance. I think I might just try maining horn again in that case. I just love it so much and the songs are so powerful. Thanks!

Horn of Love
1 point2 months ago

Welcome to the Band!!!

4) DO NOT USE WIDE RANGE!!! Wide Range is a great skill for SnS, it is a waste for Hunting Horn. Do more damage, less support that requires you to put your horn away.

I disagree completely. I have a full support hunting horn build that everyone I have come across LOVES. I run around with ~20 mega pots, all forms of Powder/Pill/Drug, and my HH songs. With quick sheathe, it takes less then .5 seconds to put away my weapon then using Speed Eating, allows me to nearly fully heal someone before they even stand up from getting slammed. All the while doing, sub-par damage.

Horn of Love
3 points2 months ago

And what do you do when you Solo a monster?

Pull out my bow or Charged Blade. I use the HH specifically as a full support.

Horn of Love
5 points2 months ago advice is not directed towards you. It is directed to those who actually want to learn how to use the Hunting Horn to hunt.

Hunting Horn as full support is a waste of a Hunting Horn.

I honestly think that there can be a middle ground between the two, sure a full support horn can look bad if all they do is sit in the corner and doot. Before I go further I want to say that I am a HH main that doesn't use this build usually due to better builds that work for me, but the wide range mushroomancer can work if you only use it when necessary. And yes, sns is better at doing it at all times but using it at the start of a hunt and having it for when you pop a mega pot or when your teammate is at low health and needs more then a lifepowder it can be useful. That being said saying this can apply to all builds, not just HH. Which is why the sns is better at it.

Tldr: wide range/mushroomancer isn't a bad build for weapons besides sns like HH, it's just better on sns.

Horn of Love
1 point2 months ago

If you can't solo with a build, it is probably a bad build. Any good player in this game doesn't need a support who can't do damage.

I agree with this. I think the statement "support is a consequence, not a goal" is a great plan.

Half the time, whenever I end up running with a wide range healer, I get tons of overheals because I know how and when to heal myself and the other half I'm not taking enough damage to warrant getting heals in the first place.

If you're going to use Wide Range, use it for Pit Trap + Might Pill, not mega pots.

Try out the Deep Vero. Sounds like shit but looks awesome, has great songs and hits like a truck.

3 points2 months ago

Does HH Attack L stack up with all the other buffs such as Demon powder, drug, pill ?

Horn of Love
4 points2 months ago

It does. It stacks with EVERYTHING. Attack Up L (which is actually XL when you encore it) is godly.

2 points2 months ago

My next weapon will be HH lol.

Horn of Love
4 points2 months ago

Welcome to the Band!

Thank youu

Completed game with bow, quickly switched to HH and haven鈥檛 turned back

Niceeee !!! Elemental is not good for HH right? So one build should be perfect fine. I have 5 sets for each weapon. But for HH i can attack all monsters with just one build? correct?

Pretty much. There are horns with niche songs that are very useful against certain monsters, and many HH players keep an arsenal for that reason, but you can get by just fine with a standard, generally offensive focused build.

Horn of Love
1 point2 months ago

Not if you want to be any use to your party. Hunting Horn is a support weapon, but only because the best dooters build a set that uses the horns that best counter each individual monster. By taking away an individual monster's biggest attack, the horn player can strap the party on his/her back and carry them though the quest.

If you want to solo the game a sure, one build will work. But this game is easy enough to make that true for every weapon. If you want to real master the horn, however, each monster has a unique build that will best he suited.

Can you give me an example of two different monsters and two different sets? Very briefly, don't have to get into details I'm just confused. and what are "dooters"

Horn of Love
1 point2 months agoedited 2 months ago

Dooters are Hunting Horn mains. Our motto is "doot doot". It's a Hunting Horn thing. :)

Check out this spreadsheet:

In the equipment tab, there is a link to a build in the final column for each monster.

Will do , Attack up L only lasts 6 seconds ? :o

1 point2 months ago

A horn with attack up XL basically always has 5 ranks in attack.

Horn of Love
3 points2 months ago

Doots are life.

2 points2 months ago

I see a rockstar in the making!

2 points2 months ago

Extremely underused and underrated weapon. If you're new to it be sure to watch one of the tutorials on YouTube, especially the ones that explain the finer details like inserting notes for free and quickly adding a 'jab' note at the end of combos by pulling back and hitting a note.

I can find you some links if you have trouble finding stuff.

I just find it so slow. I can appreciate the strategy of having to plan your songs, but the game play is lackluster for me

One you know your songs, it鈥檚 very fluid and can end hunts just as fast. It鈥檚 like the hammer but with buffs

I think the DPS is there if you're using correct gear and hammer, just feels slow compared to SA and SNS and a bit slower than hammer

It is slow, there's no question about that. Attack-wise, it's kind of a cross between the Hammer and the Greatsword, but it's nice that you have high movement speed while unsheathed.

Don't forget that every movement of the HH can be roll-canceled pretty early, which makes the overall feel of the weapon quite fast and angle (sort of like draw sniping with a GS, except you don't have to sheath).

This is exactly what I tell any first time HH using hunter - just get used to rolling to the side of the monster's head after every swing until you get the timing down for entire moveset. Being able to roll cancel combined with the stupid amount of reach makes the horn a surprisingly mobile and effective weapon, especially when you're dealing out 100+ damage per triangle swing (or 200+ on triangle+circle).

Horn of Love
2 points2 months agoedited 2 months ago

Not quite "every movement". You can't dodge cancel out of an eighth-note flourish or a quarter-note forward swing. There are some long animations that you have to commit to...but knowing when to dodge cancel is a big part of mastering the doots.

1 point2 months agoedited 2 months ago

I mean that you can roll early after every attack to save significant frames on recovery animations, including the two-hit attacks (you can't cancel them mid-attack though)

Thats why I compared it to draw GS - your actual swings are fairly slow, but you can roll out of them early and be quite mobile in between attacks.

Horn of Love
1 point2 months ago

Yeah...I should have been more precise with my descriptions (I fixed them above). The slams can be dodge-roll cancelled, as can the encores, but the swings that don't end up in a slam can't be cancelled.

The speed at which you attack is a little slower, but you鈥檙e getting bigger hits more often plus if you can add KO or exhaust, you鈥檙e just doing what doots do, smash the face all day long with songs

With we will rock you playing in the background?

1 point2 months ago

Well like most heavy hitters it is slow but that is a given due to the way damage is calculated.

That being said, there are many ways to speed up you song buffs such as flourishes, quick jabs and using the last note of one song to start as the first note of the next. You could have 3 songs lined up in about 6 to 7 seconds. If you are able to encore it is the effect of 6 songs in one performance. Making use of such techniques is what separates a rockstar from newbie dooter.

I cannot bring myself to use the HH. Not because its bad. It actually awesome. I just cannot get this scenario out of my head of the guys at Capcom deciding what the thing should look like.

So.... Bob. Whats this thing gonna look like?

Well Jim...I thought we would hook a bagpipe up to a whoopee cushion and then put that on the end of a stick so players can hit the monsters with it.

Hmm. Any other ideas Bob?

Tambourines with razor blades? Harmonica nunchucks? Guitar battleaxes?

Bob. Those are obviously not ridiculous enough. Please refer to your Capcom employee guidelines on "normie" weapons design... Whoopie cushion bagpipe it is!

4 points2 months ago

Teostra鈥榮 Horn is an exploding cello of death!

Queen vespid Horn is a glass flower

Desolation鈥檚 overture is all spikes on a drum

Deep Vero is deviljho鈥檚 head on a stick. It even sings!

I鈥檇 say the designs for the later horns are pretty great.

I see you have read your Capcom employees handbook...

Bob. We need an HH for Deviljho...give me ideas.

Cut off its head and put it on a stick, Jim.

Perfect. Oh and make it sing like its gargling marbles...

I'm kinda partial to lumu.

How do you cope with any weapon slower and seemingly immobile in comparison to IG?

How do you cope with any weapon after IG?

As a person who started maining IG and then moved on to gunlance and then moved on to HH I will say that it can be done. It's difficult but I have no regrets.

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