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[FRESH] New astroworld snippet from Chase B’s live.

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38 points · 26 days ago

Tbh not feeling this one, I wish trav would go back to his rodeo sound he’s dropped off since then

Alright bout to give this a listen for the first time

lmfaoooooo i deadass was about to downvote you

What a punishment

0 points · 26 days ago

Yeah look, we're handing you that punishment right now for your lousy comment

Lol you missed the point

1 point · 26 days ago

Nah I didn't I was just playing lol, downvotes mean nothing on this site.

Downvotes are dangerous and should be treated as such. They manipulate ideologies by pushing contradictory opinions out of visibility. People need to recognize the immense responsibility that comes with downvoting


Yessirrr heard it

149 points · 26 days ago

Lmfao y’all judging this song off of one listen of a low quality 30 second snippet, writing it off as trash. Y’all are funny. This sub is annoying. You Rodeo/DBR fans super pretentious for some reason looool

that's the problem bro people just expect rodeo vibes on everything he does smh

I don't EXPECT many if any Rodeo vibes from him again, I just wish for it because it's the Travis I prefer

-8 points · 26 days ago(More than 20 children)

this is based off a low quality snippet lol

Yes it's based off the snippet it sounds very underwhelming

You’re right, maybe when it comes out I’ll change my mind but you acting like this snippet doesn’t sound generic as hell

-5 points · 26 days ago(0 children)

Oh okay yeah you’re upset lmao

Nah annoyed by you damn rodeo dbr fans

-7 points · 26 days ago(0 children)

First off he’s not my favorite rapper, yes Hunch Jack for the most part was garbage. Birds was a good album and so was the single butterfly effect

You just proved my point dude, how long ago was birds and butterfly? Besides Watch, it’s been a minute since he released GREAT (not good or decent) but GREAT quality music

Birds was 2016 fall, butterfly effect was summer 2017. Be patient bruh AstroWorld will be here soon enough

2 points · 26 days ago

You act like 2016 was 5 years or a decade ago

Bruh shut the fuck up don’t call yourself fans if you hate LITERALLY and I mean literally everything he’s put out recently. Fans are supposed to be positive towards who they’re fans of you’re not a real Travis fan.

8 points · 26 days ago

just bc you’re a fan of someone doesn’t mean you have to like everything they put out. that’s the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard lol

Nah it’s one thing to admit some stuff is bad but literally everything he puts out ppl hate on and that’s kind of the opposite of a fan

Bro being a fan of an artist doesn't mean you can't be honest and express your opinion lmao smh

Look at what else I said I guess I shouldn’t have said people aren’t fans I meant more they should question themselves if they really even like his stuff if all they have to say about it is negative things.

Is being honest about wether his music is good or bad not positive? Lol


Let’s all not forget that power 106 snippet of that godly beat, that paired with stargazing’s high pitched part suggest theres gonna be a lot of creativity on astroworld

I ain’t feeling this


I fucks with it , travis with them high pitched flows made me dance jus like them lol

sounds generic and trash, ready for downvotes from dickriders

Gonna be honest I feel you on this one. Rodeo trav is long and gone

I just hope these snippets are some half assed throwaways and he’s gonna bring a completely new sound on Astro. Otherwise the lyrics about falling off from Never Catch Me are gonna turn out kinda ironic


Ite it sounds different but generic as shit lmao different doesn’t always mean good.

Well you want a new sound and here it is if you don’t like it I guess you’ll just be sitting listening to rodeo forever while other ppl enjoy his new stuff and the new sound

Nah that's on astroworld he said here's a snippet. Aha yea this sounds like some huncho jack shit

I still have hope for Astro to be good, I know Travis has that creativity in him. This is the same man that gave us dope projects such as DBR and Rodeo

Yea just think he's moved on to a different sound tbh.

Lmao because one low quality 30 second snippet is the deciding factor. Get the fuck out of here

3 points · 26 days ago · edited 26 days ago

My opinion is based off the snippet yes. And ill have another opinion once the full song is out. Gotta remember birds and huncho jack came out also. Another reason why i think rodeo style trav is long and gone

I was this mans biggest stan. When I first heard rodeo I wasn’t even a fan, that shit was a complete masterpiece. Birds was the start of his downfall (downvote me please). I’m not looking for rodeo vibes, the greatest artists always switch their music up.. the past few years he’s been very unoriginal and generic.

agreed. The true fans want the creative travis, this shits been generic and unoriginal. mad fall down since BITTSM (this album was still aight cuz it wasnt generic, just a bit on the safer side, as in less experimenting with sounds). if we get another version of huncho jack for astroworld imma be depressed, and imma carry on his legacy with music I swear..

Couldn’t have said it much better!

7 points · 26 days ago · edited 26 days ago

SoUnDs GeNeRiC aNd TrAsH, rEaDy FoR dOwNvOtEs FrOm DiCkRiDeRs.

lol. Jokes aside, your opinion is just as valid as anyone's! Honestly, I think this is... eh for a low-quality snippet.

find me another Trav song that sounds like this? since you're saying it's generic

There’s obviously no song that sounds exactly the same but this snippet reminds me of all his mediocre post birds features and all that hjjh type shit. Sounds like he recorded that in 5 minutes between smashing Kylie and paintballing with Quavo

7 points · 26 days ago

I don't know why, but your comment had me dying for like five minutes.

You're entitled your opinion I guess, but people like you just call everything generic if it doesnt sound like Rodeo. Although the sound is different, no one makes music that sounds like Travis' so I dont get the whole "Generic" criticism.

Maybe „generic” isn’t the best word to describe it but it’s not innovative or interesting in any way. It sounds effortless, not in a good way

Look this sounds like Travis has never sounded before how can you say this isn’t innovative

It sounds innovative to me tho, idk we can agree to disagree

travis was a god in music production, his shit been washed down lately, and he had amazing ear for music. like when he experimented n shit, his songs would sound crazy. this just sounds lazy, and not that good to the ear. also one argument i got for travis is that he hasnt really rapped for a couple years. mans just been singing ever since butterfly effect. I feel like when he just sings, his flows and creativeness is limited. idk man thats my opinion

Tbh it sounds like the beginning of green and purple lol

Not feeling it tbh

I’m so mixed on what to expect. He has so much potential but watch was so generic. Stargazing sounds awesome to me tho so idk what to think

Watch was generic? U heard that beat and the Godly Kanye feature?

Idk man it’s just hook verse hook verse and it’s all about watches lol

Yeah it is quite simple. But I guess it's just a sample for Astroworld

-4 points · 26 days ago

Ye verse wasn't good. I find it mostly cringeworthy. Just my opinion.

What part was cringey to you?

-2 points · 26 days ago

His flow mostly, didn't think he rode the beat very well. Also wasn't a huge fan of the actual content of the verse.

I disgaree but I guess it's just our opinions . Good day homes

watch was so generic

all of his lead singles have been generic

PUTP was the generic caribbean rap that was big at the time

3500 is the most generic song on Rodeo

don't play sounds like every other 2014 song ever

all of thsoe songs are great but his lead single has never been really indicative of the sound of the album

That’s fair but of all those u listed watch is my least favorite lol.

0 points · 26 days ago

Watch > 3500

Foh with that shit

i disagree with 3500, or even antidote. for the time it was dropped, the sound was new to the rap game

Comment deleted26 days ago(10 children)

I swear it doesn't sound like him

-13 points · 26 days ago(0 children)

How u guys gonna downvote this lmfao stargazing sounds like Travis the high pitched part? Idiots

Original Poster5 points · 26 days ago

I think it’s all trav

there's no feature


3 points · 26 days ago

hoe you asked if there was a feature

I know. But now I know because I was told there wasn't lol......


Na its trav


Travis is done

Agreed. He’s growing in the wrong direction

I just want rodeo part 2, but sounds like huncho jack huncho. Where’s the original production? I’m a trav Stan but he’s never been a talented lyricist or had a great personality. Kanye has struggled recently lyrically but has such a bombastic personality which makes it work for him. Really hope this generic sound isn’t astroworld but I know it is.

where's the original production


this is a damn near 8 bit snippet, wait till you actually hear the song

Fair, but all I’ve heard from this album including watch doesn’t have me excited and given his recent output I don’t have hope for the best.

We don’t need Rodeo 2 and we definitely don’t need HJJH 2, we need Trav to go in a different direction and make something new and innovative

Absolutely but this ain’t either.

How can you say this completely new sound isn’t a new path he’s taking in his music I swear this sub is slow

This generic ass sound

How is it generic name another song that sounds like it

Any song or feature he has done post birds

So this sounds like exactly like butterfly effect or motorcycle patches or where you from? You just straight up wrong if you think that

i hate when niggas say this

yeah, this sounds exactly like love galore, right? Dumbass

That’s the exception though. Stop stanning so hard and really listen man.

Nigga shut the fuck up he said it sounds like everything since butterfly effect so if it sounds like everything then it sounds like every single song you’re the dumbass goddamn

Trav makes music for himself and his ragers I really think he could give two fucks if daconster on reddit thinks it sounds generic

Travis knows huncho jack is not quality, he is a producer. If you know anything about producing then you'd agree Rodeo or birds is stratospheres above hj or some of his features, the beats he's using sometimes sound like they could be bought off of SoundCloud, they are literally just looped trap drums

Did I say hjjh had better production than rodeo?

This comment just gave me a stroke

Shout out to u/Louiemartin in the insta comments

My first impression is that this sounds pretty weak, but the sample is low quality and short.

Holding my judgement for an actual release, but this sample hasn’t raised any of my expectations.

Lol imagine saying the quality is bad from this snippet. Imagine being that dumb. Lmao

recorded with a potato

that sounds crazy

Trav will continue to grow stop trying to pin the past to the present

Crazy ass vibe, can’t wait to rack tf out and listen to this when it drops

That hook sounds like NAV but it might just be really distorted from phone audio. Either way I’m hype

That's exactly what I thought but when I listened again it's Trav I'm pretty sure

It's definitely Boogie.

Well, this definitely knocked my expectations down a bit.

experimentation track

Lmao “experimentation”

this shit is trash Lmfaooo

sounds fire to me

Damn this sounds weird af I can't wait. That eerie vocal distortion over the hypnotic trap beat is sweet

Carti vibes 🔥

This shit's gonna be fire.

Yooooo this shit sound fye. Y’all buggin

Idk about you guys but I think it sounds pretty dope kind of like green and purple. You cant judge a song from 20 seconds and really bad quality sound

Sounds pretty wack tbh

sounds fire

Damn wtf are you doing trav ? There is leaks that wayyy better then the shit your putting out


I know it’s short but I can still make a judgement. This isn’t too good

I feel like I might get killed for this but I actually like Birds in The Trap Sing McKnight way more than Rodeo

What album did you hear first?


The thing is to me about Rodeo is that I ended liking about every song but I only like half of the song. But with Birds in the Trap I liked the songs all the way through but Rodeo is still heat

Aight I respect it Birds production is more clean so I gotchu

This song is on the same level as Oggizery eye poo poo 💩 Hope this is not on the album

Word fuck that dude los ever since he been chillen him he's been different

Lmfao trav taking centuries on a album that so far from snippets sounds like mainstream garbage.. yea he falling off, downvote me all u want but the mainstream ate this guy up Lost all hope for astroworld

-1 points · 26 days ago

Rodeo is overrated

People talking about the "high pitch" vocals... have you thought for a second that it could be a different rapper 😂😂

It’s Travis my guy

The adlibs are definately Trav, but the main vocals are so distorted it's possible it could be a different artist entirely. Or Travis could be tag teaming the verse with another artist, like Mattress Remix style maybe

Maybe but that’s almost definitely him

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