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Great job! Waltonchain should just do a 301 Redirect from their main English website to this site.

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Pretty much. It’s 10x better.

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Better than official one, needs to add more details like, Team, Road map, social media links and resources. Initiative highly appreciated. Up voted.

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Wow. This is very impressive. Members of this community never fail to amaze me in their knowledge and dedication.

Having a core base of investors that are not only extremely intelligent but committed to bettering Walton in it's pursuit of integration is inspiring.

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Actually, I'm very doubtful about this being a "fan"-website...

Of course it wouldn't be a surprise to anyone if it wasn't... so it probably doesn't matter at all. As long as the investors are doped with it, everything is alright. "Faith and believe is the only thing we need if we want to change the world."

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To be completely honest, I don't really care who made the website, lol. It looks great. If community or fans did it, that's great! if not... who cares. It's a great looking Walton site ;)

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Hire this person.

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Lol for sure. It just goes to show you how much better it would be to hire from the community.

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Give him a follow on twitter too, https://twitter.com/WaltonchainTech

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Awesome design! Overall love the look and feel. Definitely better than the official site and does the brand justice.

Just critiquing it a bit looking at it on mobile:

The information hierarchy/architecture needs some work. Having the latest articles front and centre as the first bit of content you see after the hero banner is great for investors who already know the product. But for someone wanting to find out more before investing, it doesn’t tell you much.

  1. Branding is about story telling. You want to tell the audience about who you are and why they should care. Content about who Waltonchain is, and what problem they’re trying to solve should come first under the hero banner.

  2. Showing some sort of infographic with an explanation about the process of the solution Waltonchain is employing (eg icons with paragraphs/ bullet pints) can come under the story. This helps the audience understand the moving parts to the solution in a simple visual way. This could include the roadmap etc.

After that can come the latest articles content area etc. If you’ve captured the audiences attention and made them care by that point, they’ll be interested to read what the team/company is up to.

Hope that helps!

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Second this, really a great site in the making. Want it official badly, maybe move some of the official site content over and revise / edit it even.

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Great feedback!

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Looks fantastic!

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Great job.

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You have lots of good info, just wondering if you will make a page for the team, partnerships, tech etc. well done friend

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Good stuff, i second this!

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Great job! Take your well deserved unvaluable upvote!

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To whoever made this.. top class! Great effort!

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Love it love it love it.

Smooth, simple, and gets the point across!

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This is actually better than the real Waltonchain website. Kudos, man.

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And its actually operational, unlike their official one. Amazing.

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Nice, that's a really good start!

One thing: the site says "Merging blockchain with internet of things", whereas the Reddit banner is the more grammatically correct "Merging blockchain with THE internet of things". Do you think the website could be changed so that it's the same (and correct)?

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Wow thats impressing website, I never get disappointed by WTC community cause they are all friendly and nice to each other.

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One thing, on mobile the articles come first, I feel the welcome to the future part should be at the top

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Good job!

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