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2,001 GMN remain, pool is looking bigger

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I love it. Lol. In a year my % of that pool is going to be enormous.

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More dividend for the other 2000 GMNs 馃憤馃徎馃槵

2000 now, lol

I bet most people left because they had no idea that they were holding GMN. WTC just another coin to them and they happened to have 5000 at the time. They sold not knowing their fortune. Happens all the time like selling the Picasso at a garage sale.

1998 left. 10 left after beta wallet release. Some is to be expected. That鈥檚 a small % of them overall to leave


1992. Dropping like flies.

LMFAO why would they leave now and not when wtc was $18 ...

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life events maybe

Doubt this... just weak hands that are scared of the overall market and not really scared of WTC. $50,000 USD is a lot of money to secure so I don鈥檛 blame them.

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Please stop comparing to DASH ... that is gross misleading at the minimum. What level of competence and display of excellence from this team made you believe you are in same league with DASH????

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I don't remember where but it was Wtc who initially made the (growth trajectory) comparison to dash

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I would say just have a look at the team

A lot of people are realizing that the bubble is coming close to the end. There may not be a year left for us to grow like DASH did. I would hope there is and I鈥檓 going to gamble on it not bursting yet, but I can鈥檛 fault people for seeing the signs and wanting out.

finding better fortunes elsewhere now that the market is down.

Markets not down, BTC is. The satoshi of these alts hasn鈥檛 really gone down. It鈥檚 great for people that want to buy BTC and strictly BTC.

Most people in crypto are impatient. I'd bet we'll be down to 1500 in a few months which will make GMNs even more profitable

looking forward for it

Dash currently has 4765 MNs. I've just had a quick look on etherscan, there are 2064 addresses with 5000+ WTC. So 1998 GMN + 66 MN.

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have they released the details of the reward system?

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Where can you find the GMN count?


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anyone know how to keep track of GMNs?

Follow this post's link

very interesting, as the price increases more and more people will pull out.

Website doesn't work mate, how can it go from 1992 to 1993? When the status is gone it's gone right?

Guy in slack said that there was a bug and that one address was removed by mistake and that it was fixed now


oh if we could lose 5 a day that would be amazing!

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This link is a virus dont click on it people.

can you back this up? i don't believe you

scan the link on virustotal ya brainlet

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