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Attack on Titan Season 3 New Key Visual. Coming out July 2018.

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I cant wait for this. I'm so excited.

8 points · 6 months ago

After the first season with all the wait and rumors, I am glad AoT is back in production.

Not sure if you've read the manga but if you really enjoyed seasons 1 and 2 for the crazy human vs titan or titan vs titan fighting then season 3 (depending on whether it's 1 or 2 cour) might not live up to the hype for you.

The next bit is a decided change of pace for the series and focuses more on Chapter 51+ It's still good but I know quite a few people who picked up here after the anime ended (anticipating another long hiatus) and were disappointed with not just the shift in focus but also Chapter 93.

If it's 2 cour then it'll probably hit somewhere around chapter 90 which features titans really well and nicely wraps up the story set in motion in Episode 1. Right before... Chapter 90+

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I much preferred S2. The supporting characters actually had, well, character.

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The supporting characters actually had, well, character.

did you watched the OVA

you have to go out of your way to find those so its understandable why people might not have seen them

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Season 2 info learned (that I can remember);

  • The walls are made out of titans

  • Since the walls are made out of titans they want Eren to fix wall Maria so they can get to the basement

  • New "beast" titan

  • The people in Conny's village were turned into titans

  • Ymir revealed as a titan

  • Identities of Armored and Colossal revealed

  • Eren controlled pleb titans

There are definitely more questions than answers but I don't think "literally almost nothing happened" is a good summary.

They legit showed how titans were made and that there are human who turn people into titan beyond the walls LOL and they revealed 3 titan shifters but i guess that's not enough for 12 episodes...

I taught s2 was way better than season 1, and after s2 it get way better plus it will also become way different than season1 because you will get what's happening in grand picture( the reveal of colossal/armored titan is probably my fav moment in any media)

We really doing this?! Here?! Now?!

Mikasa comes flying in 😂😁

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Do we really have to post spoilers in response to a post that says he's only halfway through season two?

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That happens in every movie/anime/tv show lol

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What bridge?

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He couldn't kill them cause they ran away plus he had to use steam to defend himself from scouts. He only killed 1 scout which he grabed 😂😁

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What does that mean exactaly? 'Anime walking dead'? The next season will be very different from the previous seasons

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AoT is already set to end soon.


You say this while praising a basic ass battle shonen lol

Basic doesn’t mean bad. Also MHA isn’t basic.

This coming from the guy who's favorite anime is dbz and favorite genre most likely battle shonen

The elitism in the anime fandom is really embarrassing.

Wrong on both counts. Just because I post in /r/dbz doesn’t mean it’s my favorite.

5 points · 6 months ago

There's definitely an episode in the middle where shit hits the fan. Keep watching.

The big difference is how much shorter season two is. They both are excellent, IMO.

Each season will probably feel unique.

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Terrible in what sense? I can't see what parts you'd find badly done if you were already invested from season 1...

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It was decent up until the battle at the wall. That chase scene through the forest where everyone stopped every few trees to pontificate and fill in plot holes for a few hours was what broke it for me. After that it was just hard to get back into it.

Attack on titan has no plotholes but w/e

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I call this arc Attack on Titan: Vice.

It's the best arc

I'm really liking the arc that'll likely be the fourth season. Although each one is pretty mind-blowing in its own right, it's amazing how much the conflict is able to continue "escalating" based on how much of the mystery behind the Titans and the Walled City is uncovered. But it's always been going on. :3

Is s2 out then? Worth watching? I kind of drifted on this show since there was such a long hiatus after s1

S2 came out last year. It's great. Lots of character development, great animation, some phenomenal songs and awesome reveals about the world they're in. Was so good after season 2 ended I gave in and found the manga to read and binge-read that sucker for a couple days. Worth it.

Kind of disappointed in the use of CGI for the colossal titan. If they used even a fraction of the budget that they use to animate hair, they could've done it way better.

I watched part of s2.. I dunno if the sub was off or what, but neither the lady not myself really got into it. I remember it jumping around kind of weird from side story to side story?

its basically trying to get you to figure out whats going on by yourself before the characters do

2 points · 6 months ago

Keep watching. Seriously--if you liked Season 1, you will like the later half of Season 2 even more.

Well, the characters split up and it tells what happens with those groups. It also delves into some of the characters' pasts so you are better able to understand who they are and their relationship with the others. Through this we get the character developments, the information that each group comes across, and then bringing it altogether to tell a story, etc.

Okay, we were both busy at the time so other shows captured our attention.

I'll probably go back and give it a few more episodes. Thanks!

Can't wait to see that anti-3dmg animated!

17 points · 6 months ago

It'll be interesting to see a human enemy instead.


Didn't see info that Hulu would have it, anyone know? Watched both seasons on Hulu so far.

probably. adult swim might grab premiere rights to the dub if you're worried about that

Original Poster6 points · 6 months ago

Probably. It's too soon for simulcast announcements but it should be similar to season 2.


3 points · 6 months ago

I wonder how many will still enjoy watching this when they start covering the arc where there's like 95% politics and 5% action of action. It was a pain reading through that.

3 points · 6 months ago

I think the one week waits between episodes will be a lot less painful than the one month waits between manga chapters. But it's definitely a massive change of pace from the previous arcs. Will be interesting to see how the fanbase reacts.

The Wire
1 point · 6 months ago

95% politics and 5% action of action.

Oh this seems very interesting now.

It’s going to end right when things start to get weird if it ends where I think it does.

5 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Most of us over at /r/ShingekiNoKyojin agree that the evidence points to a two-cour season, probably covering Chapters 51-90 (The most recent chapter was 101. Season 1 covered Chapters 1-35, and Season 2 covered Chapters 36-50)

Mild-moderate spoilers below explaining why we believe this.




Oh shit will for sure be getting weird then.

This pic reminds me of this video

1 point · 6 months ago

When is season 2 coming to netflix?

season 3 im still waiting for season 2???

Attack on Titan was the first anime that my parents were interested in and would watch with me. I just told my dad about this news and he seemed really happy about it.

Does anyone know why S01 was 25 episodes and S02 was only 12?

A few reasons. WIT was already going to work on The Ancient Magus Bride a property they have a hand in funding so make more money back off of (to my knowledge they and Production IG are not are part of the funding for AoT so only get paid the commission to make the series) so they had a small gap between shows they could fit a 12 episode production into.

And with the way the arcs are structured, the first arc of this upcoming season is a slower burn and wouldn't work as well as the second half of a season, it works much better this way where it can slowly build up to the shit that goes down right after it.

By the time season 3 finishes as well they should have a good idea of how the manga will end, so they can better decide how to pace the season(s) after to work with the last few arcs.

How do the cables work?


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Season 1 was some silly fun, season 2 was a bit worse to me. I thought the production specifically was substantially worse. Those CG horses looked terrible.

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