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If you want to see how we’ll handle nuclear apocalypse, watch Miracle Mile

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I love these type of movies. Can't wait to watch it.

It's a great film but shot on a very tight budget. It's mostly about how people would react vs big special effects. That being said, you'll probably love it.

I'm glad to see a post about this underrated film. I watched this with my cousins when I was 12 or so, and it terrified me. The phone call at the beginning is chilling, and then everything after is fairly realistic. You don't get the typical hollywood ending.

This movie has always stuck with me, and has a superb soundtrack by Tangerine Dream.

Best ending ever.

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I think The Road is how the apocalypse would go down. Everything is awful.

I don't think the apocalypse in The Road is a nuclear war. No one ever talks about radiation or fallout danger. I think it was either a super volcano or an asteroid impact.

This movie is awesome and a bit ahead of its time. Darkly funny at times but also extremely bleak. I bet when the end comes it’ll be like in this movie… some dude busting into a diner yelling that his buddy at NORAD says we’re launching the bombs

nah, it'll be on twitter, taken as a joke until it suddenly vanishes along with the account it's attached to.

There’s also a theory that the entire film is Anthony Edwards nightmare. Or at least the majority of it.

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It’s not really if you examine the film.

Very poignant in light of events in hawaii. Great movie. Great ending.

what events in hawaii

The false ICBM missile alert. Happened yesterday.

Let me add my voice to the chorus of people saying this is a sleeper. Really enjoyable.

Wow, this is cool. I watched this recently totally out of nowhere. I had never heard of it. I really enjoyed it. It was so good I couldn’t believe it was NEVER on my radar at all.

Loved this movie. The entire time I wondered, “Is there really a nuclear war breaking out or is it a mistake?” Such a good film.

Alternatively try "Threads" and be depressed for months on end. Truly terrifying.

I watched this as a kid and it fucked me up. So this recommend is endorsed.

Because I remember nobody talked about it, it wasn't popular--but it really was impactful, to me.

I remember watching this movie in my early teens and it really stuck with me. Great movie but god damn was it depressing. I watched it again years later and it had the exact same effect.

I watched this movie a few years ago on YouTube. Surprisingly captivating. I also literally lived on Wilshire Blvd. (the Miracle Mile) at the time so that made it even more interesting.

I watched this movie years ago and I'll never watch it again. Gave me nightmares.

so I've seen the first minutes of this and the selection of the female lead seems puzzling to me. She looks a little odd to play the love interest in a movie and also doesn't seem to be a charismatic actress

For whatever it's worth the director of the film is a friend of mine and we've been spamming his Facebook with memes about Hawaii and his movie for the past twenty-four hours.

Watch 'Fail Safe'.

You'll need an anti-depresent.

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