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German people - Back2Basics TBC Server is Great!

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Great server indeed, i've played there a couple of months, its very stable ans has good scripting. The thing that kept me from playing (and might keep many people from rerolling there) is that it already has an established community ans everyone running around in t6. If they were to do a full sweep or open a new realm i'd imagine lots of people would statt there

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This is basically the main problem. You -really- need to make friends and build connections somehow. So if you're the shut-in, solo, all-by-myself type of guy, you're ducked.

edit: yes i know it's an mmo and you need to make contact, but with like 90% people already established in guilds and etc. you really need to rely on their openness to new players.

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Problem is, that opening a new realm with another realm still running, that you're risking your existing player base. But yeah, i really understand your thoughts...

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Also for German Vanilla Players there is

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Which is absolutely horrible btw

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How so?

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It's pretty much stock mangos with badly scripted raids.

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-2 points · 2 years ago

we are talking about tbc servers..

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Is there a lvl 58/60 boost? I'd like to try it out but I don't trust any recommendations on this sub and I don't wanna commit that much time to find out for myself. Also, is it p2w?

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There is a "transfer" function. You need to level to 19 yourself, then you can "transfer" from another server and get your lvl 65. I put transfer in ""-Marks because you can choose the class freely and the old character will not be deleted.

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You can get some vanity items for donations (like pets and stuff). Every player can get one level 65 character with some gear and gold for skills; besides, exp rates in the old world are slightly higher and from time to time there are exp events that allow you to bring a character to level 60 in no time. If you want to try out back2basics, you should be aware of the fact that only dungeons in the outlands are scripted. All other dungeons have more or less the stock mangos scripts.

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Their community is incredibky elitist. Good luck getting into a dungeon group without full T4.

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Some are, but there are also lots of friendly people around willing to help. Trust me

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Do they even speak english in chat?

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Its german only.

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Actually it's the best community I've encountered so far in the private server scene. Maybe you were just unlucky with your groups.

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I think it's the best TBC Server in Germany. Content is playable till Zul'Aman (Released 2 months ago) They have an active community with around 800 players at peak time, daily scriptupdates and very familar community and supportteam.

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Reading all the TBC discussion here in the last few days, I thought about this server as well. I played there a few years ago and have very good memories of it. I didn't do any raids, so I can't say anything about that, but I heard they are scripted very well. Their "character transfer" service is also great, I don't really like instant or too high rate servers, but starting over without anything on a new server sucks as well.

Would be cool if they would start a new international server or share their script with people who are looking to host one, but I wouldn't count on it...

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