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is already known when it will be tested exactly? will there be a live stream? Thank you in advance.

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I would say just check in at 4PM. Because they’ll start the tests, then it’ll probably last until 10pm

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Ok thank you. I am from germany, that means test can be from 10pm to 4am ( German Time). Hope they start early, i dont want to stay awake longer then 12pm.

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There's no official live stream- this could take hours, could get delayed and will last a grand total of 12 seconds, but Chris G from Nasa Space Flight will be streaming it https://twitter.com/ChrisG_NSF so watch his twitter feed for the latest updates...

The good news is that earlier today, they appear to have done a WDR (Wet Dress Rehearsal) so that's a very good sign that they're probably ready for tomorrow. If tomorrow goes well, we'll get an official launch date. If not, they'll do more testings before we get the launch date.