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Congrats crypto world.

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Great name for a president: Moon ;)

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There are no reputable news sources to support this. I fear it may be fabricated. When searching for news on Moon Jae-in and Cryptocurrency I can see lots of recent articles about his low approval rating due to the potential ban and also a large petition to leave crypto alone. Nothing to say he’s confirmed there is no ban.

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now they can buy it cheap.

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There was a public hearing at national assembly. Ban was withdrawn. So, no need to worry about Korean Ban Issue anymore.

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Things about to get bullish

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Its so easy..

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Nice one, keep hodling

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Well...still there was not any firm polocy on the crypto from the goverment. But they said that they will allow the exchanges to have new users..so we can expect no ban. BTW,...80% of last 24h trade volume is made in Korea...

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Iron hands over here. Convinced government leaders announce stuff like this just to buy in cheap.

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Great news for crypto.

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And South Korean officials were caught insider trading before the cryptoban news which caused prices to decline worldwide: https://news.bitcoin.com/south-korean-officials-caught-trading-on-insider-knowledge-of-crypto-regulations/