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12-1 odds that the Cards sign Arrieta

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Kolten Wong is my fun uncle
53 points · 4 months ago

3 year 60 mil who says no?

probably Arrieta

I'd rather have him for 2 years at 60 just to keep the door open for the flood of kids. There's reason to believe that Flaherty, Reyes, and Weaver can be front of the rotation type pitchers along with Martinez. That only leaves one spot in a rotation

Kolten Wong is my fun uncle
8 points · 4 months ago

This is Waino’s last year and I don’t really trust the Lizard King but I think Arrieta has 5 good years left. 2 or 3 years for him doesn’t make a huge difference to me, but a rotation of CarMart, Arrieta, Reyes, Weaver, and Flaherty for a couple years has my pants fitting funny

I literally burst out laughing while driving to work. I veered off the road and killed a family of four. I’ll show the relatives your post at the funeral... I think they’ll understand

3 years max. Too much young talent coming up to have him blocking a rotation spot 4 years from now

It seems rather doubtful that we'll be so crammed to the gills with starters four years from now that we wouldn't be able to find a spot for Arrieta. Take a picture of any five starting pitching prospects--somebody will just flame out, somebody will tear up his elbow, somebody will get moved to the bullpen.

I agree. Martinez, Reyes, Flaherty, Weaver all seem like they are 1-3 type guys in an MLB rotation. That leaves one spot open and we haven't even discussed Hudson, Hicks, Helsley

Fuck Chicago
36 points · 4 months ago

I wouldn't mind him short term. 5+ years would be not great

I like how they make up odds like they have some idea.

3-1 odds that Arrieta has a steak dinner tonight

4-1. We're betting with crypto right?

Who spends crypto tho

Haha. That's the problem. No one uses it. It's all get rich quick ploy until we see real world use cases.

I sold the couple bitcoins I mined years ago and forgot about and it paid for new siding on my house...

most likely drunk
4 points · 4 months ago

1:3 I am getting drunk tonight

big guy
3 points · 4 months ago

6-9 odds I got drunk last night after reading your comment

2 points · 4 months ago

Plus it’s Jon Heyman, who is so out of the loop on everything these days

Why not just go apeshit on a one year deal? Something like 1 year, $35 million. A crazy high salary for one year seems like the kind of thing that would get him. Maybe even tack on a player option for another year to make it more enticing.

Do we need him that badly for one year?

13 points · 4 months ago

Maybe. Maybe not. Ask me again in three months or so. But if the choice is either they sign him for 1 yr @ 35 mil or we don't spend that 35 mil at all then I'd rather have Arrieta.

You can never have enough starting pitchers

You can at 35M a pop.

Not if your team prints money

doesn't he have a qo too?

He does but now it only costs a 2nd and 500k of international money.

Arrieta could be the cockiest pitcher in the world and he still wouldn't take 3 years. Someone will give him more years, and he'll hold out for it.

Sierra Mist
4 points · 4 months ago

I really don't see it happening.

You think we go after arreita instead of Lynn? I'd rather have Lynn. Lynn is consistent. Arrieta has to show me consistency. He had 1 very good half of a year. Aside from the outlier he is a solid pitcher don't get me wrong. Every other day of the week arreita is just a B level pitcher. The only sound reasoning in making this happen is to steal a piece from the cubbies. But then we risk losing Lynn. We won't sign both, at least I doubt John and Mike and the boys will want to swing that

Lynn is not coming back. The Cardinals have made that clear over and over.

most likely drunk
2 points · 4 months ago

I thought your GM literally said "Lynn is not coming back".

Did he? Was it recent? I got get with the program seeing how as spring training starts tomorrow

big guy
1 point · 4 months ago

He did.

God I hope not

1 point · 4 months ago

I'm with you, his fastball took a significant step back last year. I was so hoping the Cubs would re-sign him.

Goddammit, this is the "get my hopes up" part of the free agent cycle. Gah.

most likely drunk
2 points · 4 months ago

You don't want him on any kind of long term deal. That cross body delivery is not sustainable and I'm convinced that's why we let him go. He's an awesome guy, a great competitor and teammate... I just don't trust that arm much longer.

4 year deal plz. Anything more than that and I don’t want him.

I’d be cool with it without an overpay but he is going to get waaaaayyyy overpaid

So you’re saying we have a chance!

Born in Missouri

Saw it was Heyman... Didn't read

Never tell me the odds!

he's getting older and already in decline. based on his past two seasons and age i'd view him as very high risk. better to accept that we have missed the boat on Arrieta and to spend money on younger pitchers. if we give him a contract it should be very short and that's probably not what he's looking for.

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