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Can't wait for Postmodern Family!

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I thought that Amazon made it and called it TransParent.

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Nah it's definitely Mama June: From Not To Hot.

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i don't get it

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With music from Postmodern Jukebox!

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This is one of those shows that I enjoy watching but if it suddenly ended I would not care

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Same here. I used to watch it religiously but I've fallen off.

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I stopped watching maybe 3-4 years ago when they kept doing the Andy Haylie will they wont they plot line. I dont hate the show, I just stopped caring about it.

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I did that so I haven't watched any episode after 7th season. Can anybody tell me if it's worth keeping up, or what are the best episodes to watch?

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Season 9 genuinely has picked up a lot for what it's worth!

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This is my attitude towards most network comedies, if I'm being honest

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All things considered, I think they have not done too badly in maintaining it as a 'quality' show, but it does have the air of running on fumes and its a good decision to end it.

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Yeah, it's probably best to not jump the shark.

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wow that gif is terrible.

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Henry Winkler did it in Arrested Development too.

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Isn't that where the phrase comes from

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I completely agree. It's maintained a pretty impressive consistency but the last few years have definitely made it seem like they're running out of ideas, not to mention they clearly have no idea what to do with the post Graduation kids.

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It’s one of my weekly “put it on as background noise” shows

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I feel the same. The early seasons are the best, but it hasn't quite veered into awful territory. Going into season ten knowing it's the last one could let them have a strong final season, which is deserved. I will miss the show; it helped me a lot when it first started. I am glad it will be ending how it wants to.

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I'm disappointed, but only because that means Ed O'Neill won't get a second show to run 11 seasons.

Otherwise, it's not that unexpected for it to be ending after 10. That's kind of what everyone figured after ABC gave it a two season renewal.

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Hard to imagine he has had two, very long, very successful shows. Not many actors or actresses get that chance.

Dude is probably loaded by now.

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Modern Family is also syndication gold now. He'll be loaded forever.

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That's not bad for a high school football player who scored 4 touchdowns in one game.

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Shoes and closets are where the money is. It's all about vertical integration

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So... Are we supposed to forget about the old family? I mean it worked out for him but what about his kids? Peggy?

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Four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds.

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Him, Katey Sagal, Patricia Heaton, Neil Flynn, Kelsey Grammer, Buddy Ebsen, Raymond Burr... it's not a very long list. There are probably more, but those are the ones I can remember that hit at least 8 seasons on two separate shows.

And, of course, Lucille Ball, who was on TV from 1951 to 1974 in three and a half different shows.

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I still can't believe Grammer played the same character for twenty years. That is insane.

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Him and James Arness in Gunsmoke.

Actually, I think Mariska Hargitay will hit 20 years next season on SVU.

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And Richard Belzer. He has played Munch for 25 years and on 4 different shows.

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He has played Sideshow Bob for even longer.

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Bill Cosby, Andy Griffith, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus too.

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Good catch on Andy.

I dismissed him because The New Andy Griffith Show only lasted three seasons, while completely forgetting Matlock.


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Veep and Old Christine were both less than 8 seasons.

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Yup, looks like Veep is packing their bags after seven seasons.

David Duchovny deserves a special mention too though. Ten plus seasons of X-files, and seven seasons of Californication. Add to that, these weren't half hour comedy ensembles like nearly all the others. Add to That, he also did five season of Red Shoe Diaries while he was doing X-Files. Very unique.

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theyre all rich and still wanting to do work, even if it doesnt pay much. i mean katey still tries to get futurama back and i cant imagine it would give her that big of a check.

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Well I'm glad she does, whatever her reasons.

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how about people with two separate 10 season shows?

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Dont forget david boreanz or alison hannigan.

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Yeah, Boreanaz has had, what, one season off since the late 90s?

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He didn't make it quite as long as those guys, but Tim Allen gave it a decent run.

Home Improvement lasted eight seasons, and Last Man Standing made it six.

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Last Man Standing made it to SIX seasons?! That show was god awful

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Ed O'Neill is so great and a perfect fit for the show. His character was originally going to be played by Craig T Nelson and that probably would have sucked.

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It would be funny if Ted McGinley made an appearance as a nod to Married With Children, and his "show-killer" curse.

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I didn’t appreciate him on Married with Children as a child/teenager. Ed O’Neill will be missed in my household.

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That's probably good. I don't think it's nearly as bad as everyone else makes it out to be, but it's definitely past its prime.

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Do people say it's bad?

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as someone who doesn't like it anymore, i just find it a hard watch. I don't find it funny really and the characters have become annoying. (not phil probably but it's been a while).

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Keep in mind, it's been quite a while since I've watched the show regularly:

Like a lot of long-running family-centric sitcoms, the complaints of Modern Family growing stale started as the kids began aging. And most of them seem to stem from the show being afraid of change.

The show started out with the Phil and Claire having three middle-aged kids (I don't think Hayley even had her license yet), Jay and Gloria having a precocious ten-year-old Manny, and Cam and Mitch raising a baby.

In short, three basic sitcom kid dynamics for the price of one.

As the show aged, and the kids aged, the dynamics didn't shift all that much, at least with one another. Their development didn't deviate.

Hayley was the airhead older sister. Alex was smart and snarky. Luke was a cuckoolander. Manny was old in a little boy's body. Lily was a baby.

By keeping these basic dynamics in place for a decade, you actually limit characterization.

The characters become flanderized: Luke has gone from being imaginatively absent-minded to mind-numbling stupid; Alex's sarcasm is far harsher and her desire to learn understated; Manny's dynamics with his parents were charming in an odd way as a child, but after ten years are rather unsettling (which is actually a more recent development--around Season Six or so, his friendship with Jay was arguably the best part of the show); Lily is a spoiled brat badly in need of discipline.

Oh, and there's a new baby now. Er, well, he was new five seasons ago. Joe is small. So far as I know, that's his character.

The dynamics of the kids' interactions aren't often explored either--with the exception of Luke's interactions with Manny (and that's just as much to do with their being classmates as it is family), the kids rarely have storylines with anyone other than immediate family--and even then, I don't think I remember an episode where a major plot was Alex interacting with Luke one-on-one.

Another problem is the adult dynamics in themselves. Despite the ensemble cast, potentially interesting dynamics weren't explored very often.

To use one example, Jay is a hard-ass who came of age in another time, and his interactions with mild-mannered Phil have been a near-constant of the show. While this is understandable, it makes for weary watching. Jay almost never interacts with Cam, the farmboy.

That's the gist of it, I guess. Modern Family is a show that is not willing to change. And thus, it has grown old.

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The show started out with the Phil and Claire having three middle-aged kids

I'm picturing Phil and Claire raising three 40-year-old children.

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Eh, mostly the usual "BUT IT'S NOT WHAT I LIKED 10 SEASONS AGO!!!" complaining.

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The heart seems to not be in it. All the actors except Ty seem to just be going through the motions.

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My buddy worked on the show for a few episodes, I think one of the episodes where they take Alex to see colleges. He said basically everyone but Ty seemed miserable and jaded and Ty made a point to come introduce himself as he noticed he was new on set. Based on that I want a Phil spin off

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Phil is too good of a person for Claire.

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But at the same time, Phil loves Claire and would be sad without her. He doesn't deserve that kind of loss.

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Phil is too good for any of us, the purest of men.

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Yeah it's still decent compared to the other sitcoms that are out there, but I think people say it's bad because it used to be so good for the first few seasons. I still laugh out loud to old reruns.

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Alright, place your bets for the spin-off. My money's on Manny's college days.

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I find Manny annoying now. His character fit better as a kid.

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He was incredibly annoying as a kid

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Alex buys a trampoline store.

ABC has an immediate hit on their hands.

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ABC Freeform has an immediate hit on their hands.

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Trampolines, tiddies, fun for the whole family.

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this guy gets it

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Nah she’s quitting to do porn.

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Philsosiphy. Phil becomes a philosophy teacher.

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I'd rather a spin-off involving Phil and his magic, or a show about Jay before Gloria.

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Sort of like Young Sheldon. That could work you know. A young Claire and Mitchell would be interesting and also their crazy mother. The stories they tell about their childhood and such really has potential to be plot for a prequel.

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That show already exists

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I always felt like Modern Family was a more realistic take on Married... With Children.

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But Shelly Long is their mom on Modern Family, not Katey Sagal.

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And people wonder why there's only reboots and sequels anymore

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Some say he scored 4 touchdowns... in a single game!

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In 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, Bubba "Spare Tire" Dixon.

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This was just on a couple weeks ago... Awesome episode!

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I really hope they somehow get Andy back and it’s a spin off of Haley and Andy together.

Sarah is a better actor and some of her best acting was during seasons 5-7.

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She's also a straight up smoke show, which never hurts.

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Ariel Winter and porn.

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Still prefer Sarah Hyland.

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Then google is your friend

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Same. I'd love to get my lezzie on with her

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Beat me to it...

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Manny gets hooked on drugs and involved with the cartel. Shenanigans ensue.

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No doubt it will be a haley spin off. something like the bitch from apartment 23 something. I can really see that type of spin off for her.

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There's nothing interesting or different about Haley (compared to Cam or Phil or Gloria or Manny who were all breakout popular characters), which fortunately might work out for a sequel since she has nothing distinctive and the new show can just build on it as it goes.

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Best characters were Jay, Gloria, Phil and Cam. The rest were mediocre or very bland (e.g. Haley and Alex). I’m unsure how they’d pull a successful spin-off based on the young cast.

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The blandness is what might actually be in their favour. It'll be basically like a new sitcom but with the brand tag of ex-Modern Family. Plus 20-something women is prime sitcom material.

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Hard pass.

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I think it'll be the country club with Luke and Haley. It'll last one season.

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I just want more of Phil tbh

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Cam and Mitch move to Missouri and live on a farm.

Hilarity ensues

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Not a fan and haven't watched it in a while, but damn it; Phil is one of the best tv characters ever.

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Oh ya. I love the episodes where Phil and his wife do the conference visitor role playing. Are those Halloween or Valentine ones? Anyway, whenever there's a re-run of one of those I'll tune in. Their son is always fun to watch as well.

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Valentine's episodes, and they are some of the best ones for those two. :)

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As much as most people on this sub hate this show. It was a pleasure to watch this show since the pilot. I am mainly happy for Ty Burrell, He has always been on so many cancelled sitcoms but finally found his success in career of a premium show like MF. Thank you Modern Family.

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I'll miss it. I won't be sorry to see the end of the passsive aggressive Cameron.

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passsive aggressive Cameron.

Amen. Cameron is so insufferable that he's not fun to watch.

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I used to hate Cameron, but then I started to like him and now I’m kind of back to hating him again.

For some reason I really started to like Cameron around season 7.

He kind of reminds me of Peggy Hill. He’s one of the most annoying characters ever but he also has some of the best lines on the show.

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I never made that connection but you're exactly right. I like both character because they're flawed.

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Oh my lanta! That's who he reminds me of! Peggy Hill! Thank you.

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If they don't bring back Adam DeVine as Andy and he doesn't marry Haley then they fucking suck. His casting and his subsequent relationship with Haley really improved the show and advanced Haley's character, but as soon as he left she went back to being....well.....a massive bitch. Sarah Hyland is great in the role but they really took 100 steps back with her in season 8.

In fact it's something that has been a problem with the show for a while, most of the characters have been "stuck" and haven't evolved.

I do like Modern Family a lot though, it's not as funny as it was but i do enjoy watching the characters.

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most of the characters have been "stuck" and haven't evolved.

Except for Lily. She's gone from being an annoying little kid to an annoying pre-teen.

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rolls eyes

stares directly into camera

takes deep breath

"Wow, dad. You're so cool."

[–]chuckdooley 3 points4 points  (0 children)

"Lily, stop 'Jimming' the camera"

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In their defense, they offered him a position to be a regular character on the show and Adam turned them down to finish out Workaholics. That still doesn't mean they had to revert Haley's character back to season 1 Haley.

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Yeah that relationship was the last thing I genuinely enjoyed watching in the show. Once he went it became even clearer how little I was caring about the rest of it.

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most of the characters have been "stuck" and haven't evolved.

That's how long-running sitcoms work

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Then Ariel Winter can claim her rightful spot on Cinemax After Dark.

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With that dress she's wearing in the thumbnail, she's on the right track.

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Heard an interview with Stonestreet about a year ago and he said he thought 10 would be it. All their contracts were up and he said how expensive the show is because of the cost of the talent.

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The show is not what it was and should stop but I am really sad that I won't get to see Ed O'Neill on TV every week

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Seems fitting, it's had a really good run and the show is drawing to a natural conclusion anyways

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I really do like this show and have watched every episode so far, but I can definitely see it growing stale eventually

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kind of has to, the kids are all around 20+ now, would just be weird to continue

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postmodern family

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It had a good run.

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I honestly didn't know it was still airing. I remember loving the first few seasons, but I lost track of it somehow.

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The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family both started out really good and dragged on for too long. Both ending together next season.

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What a disappointment, I really loved this show.

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Make a spinoff about Dylan

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Operating a pot show with Cathy Bates..

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Kind of surprised considering any sitcoms that carry a decent stable viewership are dragged out to high hell. If nothing else, this has made Sarah Hyland a star.

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The middle leaves this year (one of the underrates comedies of ABC.) Next year Modern Family leaves. Does ABC have an established breakout comedy in their current lineup that could be the next long runner, maybe Black-ish?

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The Middle is serious GOLD. It's one of the most consistent, funniest, interesting shows that has managed to keep storylines fresh even with the kids growing up (something which most sitcoms fail at). With The Middle and MF ending next year, i don't know what's gonna be my marathon show

[–]really_thirsty_lemon 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I think both Blackish and Fresh Off The Boat could both do 6-7 seasons at least (currently in 4th)

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Good. I like the show but once the kids got older the storylines got stale.

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I’ve seen a few tweets from Ariel saying how she doesn’t like how women are treated as objects. If that’s the case, then she really needs to stop dressing as if she’s the world’s cheapest fucking hooker. As far as I’m concerned, you either get to dress like a whore or you get to stand up for women. Don’t show up to every red carpet with your fucking tits out then demand and I give a fuck about your mind

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Never found any of it to be funny

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Does Ariel have bigger boobs then Sofia now?

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Fucking finally

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Probably about time, I hope they make a spinoff about Phil magic shop.

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Finally, another mediocre show can now fill its spot in the Emmy nominations every year!