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This is nonviolent, smart protesting. She’s drawing a lot of attention to her cause and keeping it peaceful. She’s standing up for the values of our country on the 4th of July. I applaud her bravery and tenacity!

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If she just had a placard, we wouldn't be reading about it.

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But many people with placards draw more and more, causing a protest, protests get media attention(usually), but this drew all attention away, and most large news agencies don’t report on that she’s protesting against ice, but correct me if I’m wrong.

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My title is the title of the news article...

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True, people typically frown upon criminal activity in a protester. I draw the line at destroying property.

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Smart? Smart would be standing up for the cause in a better way, like joining the protests that were already going on, but this one thing drew away all the attention from those protests. And yes, I do agree that is was nonviolent, but who knew?

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The point of a protest is to draw public attention. Are you even real?

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Are we all real?

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Absolutely absurd, and I’m completely okay with protesting, but climbing one of our national monuments, and then having the nypd clear the tourists there for the forth? That’s just completely childish.

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Why did they feel the need to clear everyone though?

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Idk either really, maybe thought she was trying destroy it/deface it.

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Most likely in case she jumped, had a bomb, had a gun, any number of potential dangers to onlookers. People are unpredictable so they needed to prepare for anything.

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But under the prepare for anything mindset shouldn’t they be stopping every single person on the street for a bomb?

It makes more sense to look at the facts and what they think could be a possibility. If cops always prepare for the worst than every citizen is a potential terrorist, which is kind of how they act now but that’s not the best way to “protect and serve” the community

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Here’s the thing, she was climbing a national monument. Who knew what she was going to do? There have been many terrorist attacks at national monuments/locations/events (i.e 9/11, Boston marathon bombing, etc.)

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I get what you’re saying but she has no bag on her and she was clearly there protesting ICE

Honestly, if they thought she was a terrorist they would have just shot her. I don’t think that was why they cleared the area

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I don't necessarily think they suspected she was a terrorist. It's more likely they we're concerned she would jump or fall.

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I really don't see why they felt the need to evacuate everyone. I'd say that's on the NYPD or whoever called that shot, not the climber.

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I agree, and while not extremely necessary, anything can happen.

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It sounds like you really aren't "okay with protesting".

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Protests should inconvenience people and make them pay attention. They will not produce change otherwise.

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Satire? Either way no, protest doesn’t require anything like that. Most of the Net Netraulity Protection was done online. Yea you should let people see your protest, but you should never force it on someone or be a complete ass and stop traffic or ruin someone’s trip to the Statue of Liberty.


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How has net neutrality protection panned out so far?

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Pretty okay, actually. They said it would happen in April, and 3 months later, nothing.

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The protections have been removed. The nothing you are talking about is what companies are going to do post net neutrality mostly hinging on how many states are gonna pass their own laws and if those laws hold up to being challenged in the courts.

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Go back to your yacht club.

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Actually, the last 4 numbers are from my old username, and yacht club because of random word generator.

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I was implying you sound super privileged. The gall these people have to annoy you, with their "messages". Why can't they protest another way?

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Yes, agree that because I’m white, I do have white privilege, and that people of other races struggle, and I want to end white privilege, and I’m never really annoyed by protest, and I have open ears to new ideas, and other ways of protest are perfectly fine, but climbing a national treasure is not needed at all.

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You sound like you don't want to end white privilege, or even know what it means. I'm trying to find the part where anyone was hurt or there was any violence at all. People of color don't protest to satisfy you.

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End white privilege as long as it doesn't inconvenience me /s

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Nope just because I’m a white cis male, I don’t get stopped walking down the streets, meanwhile people of other races have to deal with that shit everyday. There was no violence really, and I never think I said anything about violence, but correct me if I’m wrong.

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As others have said. How are you this dense?

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She sat on it. She didn't harm it or anyone. I think the foot of the statue can take a 140 pound person on it.

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Oh no. Those poor tourists! The children forcibly separated from their parents have nothing on them.

It's not protesting if you're doing it so quietly that no one notices or cares.

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I absolutely hate ice, but protest on the streets, and have it televised. And yes the children suffering in Texas and the areas around there are completely more important, but just why/what is the need for this?

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Why the need for the protest? For change. The most effective protests draw attention to the cause. Protesting quietly is hardly a protest at all.

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Why the need to climb the Statue of Liberty!? If you’re going to protest, join others already protesting, to draw more media, and to inform others, not distract people from the actual protests going on.

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Are you really this dense?

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Sure? I mean I’m open to new things so explain please, and if you change my mind, I’ll give you all upvotes and leave.

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Exactly! Great username!

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Can someone tell me why I’m so dense for having different views on stuff? If you do I leave and everyone gets an upvote.

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Not everyone has lost the ability to think.

GOP strategist Steve Schmidt denounces party, will vote for Democrats

There are still some of us on the Democratic side too. We focus on policy instead of party or politician. That laser focus on issues is why groups like the EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) are so effective in changing environmental law and regulations for the better/cleaner. If you compare them to other groups, they are unimaginably effective.

We are the ones who put the best immigration bill in decades forward just a few years ago. The most amazing part? It passed the Senate with an overwhelming majority.

The vote was 68-32. Fourteen Republicans crossed the aisle to vote with all Democrats in favor. Thursday’s vote now puts the onus of immigration reform on the Republican-led House, where leaders have been resistant to the Senate legislation.

68 votes passing the 67 threshold by 1 more than needed. You can compare that to the 51/49 votes today. Zero bipartisan support. There is no discussion of policy. It is all about party and politician. Fortunately, not all of us are like that.

We are capable of seeing the big picture of red state voters deciding who controls this country. We're seeing the effects of using social media as a weapon to censor certain topics of conversation. You can't discuss THAT anymore. If you do, they turn it into a holy war to get you fired from your job and the next job after that and on and on. It does not end. That hurts anyone like us who tries to reach out to their side to talk to them.

That hurts us a lot as a black man who talks to KKK members shows us. He opens a dialog instead of protesting their work places. He talks to them instead of confronting them at restaurants. How does that work out? He has dozens of robes and over 200 members have renounced the KKK. You can read his reddit AMA here: KLAN WE TALK?

The most successful campaigns against hate didn't involve climbing momunments. They involved dialog, education, and more over time. Don't forget that President Obama didn't start his Presidency coming out in favor of gay marriage. He adopted the position over time as it was politically possible to do so. The change in attitudes came from exposure via TV, kids they know "coming out", and similar. It wasn't done via a social media weapon shaming, firing, and beating people into acceptance one way or the other.

I am not trying to claim that progress can be made neat and tidy. I am here to say that we need to stop blocking the streets, blocking public spaces from use, and reboot the way we engage with the public in red states. Many of them are very sympathetic to the policies we support. That is how we were able to reach 68 votes in the Senate. Unfortunately, it became highly radioactive immediately after that vote as both sides mobilized.

We can do it. We just can't do it the way we are doing it now. We know how it can be accomplished. We did it in 2013. We just have to get back to that point in our engagement.

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Yes, but news stations in Colorado and Nebraska only report on her, not the actual protest. Idk how it is across the nation, but I’m pretty sure that it’s the same or nearly the same,