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Quote from the student involve:

These are organic, they don’t harbour any toxicity that you may get from industrialised antibiotics.

Do you know what's also "organic"? Botulinum toxin, the deadliest substance ever discovered. This experiment only demonstrated that the isolated substances are toxic to bacteria, not that they're safe for humans. There are lots of chemicals that kill bacteria. What makes antibiotics special is that they don't kill humans (or at least, aren't as effective at doing so).

Also, the vast majority of "industrial" antibiotics we currently have were isolated from nature, and so are just as "organic" as the compounds from the berries.

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Exactly. He's proven its use as a disinfectant. And we already have tons of safe, effective disinfectants.

Penicillin (which is also organic) is administered via IV. It works by inhibiting cell wall formation in bacteria, thus preventing them from reproducing. It's safe for human use because we do not have cell walls around our cells.

I doubt this stuff would be safe to our cells if it's unsafe to bacteria.

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In before a pharma company buys the research and buries it because it is to organic and that means less profit.

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Vast majority of antibiotics are organic in origin. Snake venom is organic as long with a never-ending list of shit that will fuck you up in the worst of ways. Being organic doesn't really add nothing to the table

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Well it's not a profitable organic for them if it's easily manufactured. Antibiotics are semi-synthetic, which means a natural product is further manufactured.

If this is as simple as making a tincture of a plant then evaporating the alcohol off, Big Pharma would like this buried.

I'm pretty sure this will not be an effective antibiotic, however. It's toxic to bacteria and it will also be toxic to us.

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He's from Ireland, the overseas pharma companies don't get to our political leaders without leaving a trail , as all lobbying must be reported quarterly and made public. from lunch with a Shell oil executive to even a unscheduled chance encounter.

The 16 year olds story is also national news in all the papers here, it would be very difficult to take this away I believe.

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In before DEA classifies blueberries as a category A restricted substance

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Yes, organic is less profit because it requires more resources and provides no benefits; it literally doesn’t matter where an antibiotic came from or what it’s made of, it’s still an antibiotic.

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Actually the antibiotic is more resistant to mutations in the thing it is trying to cure

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No that is not true, the “organicness” of something has nothing to do with resistance. The resistance is a result of the effectiveness of the specific antibiotic to the specific bacteria.

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It wasn't to do with he organicness it was to do with his bioengineering of the extracts, I don't want to go too much into it as I'm not knowledgeable enough but I can say that I spoke to the guy and learnt from him first hand.

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Ok.. but OP was arguing “big pharma” would suppress it because it’s organic. It’s just a bad argument.

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Wow - this is the type of stories I want to read more of. The type that highlight the kind of people / teenagers leading for positive change and those I want to role model for my children!!

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This is terrific on his part. But where did he complete this work, as the article says he achieved this independently? A 15 year old having access to MRSA doesn't sound like too hot of an idea.

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We need laws that protect this bullshit from happening. How is humanity going to progress in a positive direction if money and greed overpower the progress of science and other things.

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I was a competitor in this competition and in the fine print there is a clause you have to agree to which makes any form of previous patents void.