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Walking Dead Renewed for Season 9 With New Showrunner

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So I was looking through the episode list just see what she's written in the past and I came across an interesting question...What ever happened to writer Seth Hoffman?

He disappeared from the writing staff after season 6 but he's written some of the series best episodes such as Too Far Gone, The Distance, JSS, No Way Out, and Not Tomorrow Yet. He's also co-wrote Claimed, Self Help, and Conquer.

It may sound crazy but I almost wonder if not having his voice in the writers room these past two seasons has been a part of the quality downslide. I never even realized he was gone. Pretty underrated IMO.

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Good point. I wonder this too.

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Yup, he was one of the best writers. He's gone, though. :(

Thank God someone else noticed this. In recent years, Matthew Negrete and Kang have become Gimple’s right hand men, but they were never able to fill the void Hoffman left. From the very second he left the writer’s room the show became something else (and yeah, I’d argue Not Tomorrow Yet was the last great episode of this show).

That's a really great point. The last episode he wrote was the assault on the Savior satellite base ("Not Tomorrow Yet") in Season 6. Even though I have my gripes with Season 6, there are plenty of great episodes like that in there. Season 7 onward is where the show took a very steep drop in quality.

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.

(drinks green slug milk)

From big alien cow tiddies

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Apparantly gimple is overseeing both shows now.

Rip fear

That’s what I’m saying. I wanted him out but by that I meant pushed to the side or dropped completely... now they have this bitch promoted AND showrunning FTWD? Hot diggity dog!

The only thing I'm praying for is that Angela Kang brings something new to the table with this show, and that she makes it GOOD! Look, any idea that you bring can be good as long as it's executed well. Go back and look at Season 4 and Season 5 for proof of this, you can run a show competently if you know what the fuck you're doing.

I bash the show’s recent seasons but it’s not like I WANT the show to be as shitty as it is now. I wish her the best of luck. Eight years in, there’s no shame in having some fatigue but it’s not like the show can’t be fixed up. We’ll see what happens.

Apparently she's written some of the worst episodes and is a huge Darryl fangirl.

Lord. 2018 was supposed to be great :(

True, but how many shitty episodes has Gimple written? She also wrote great episodes like Four Walls and a Roof, A, Big Scary U, Infected, Judge Jury Executioner and Try.

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Nah, man. This wasn't a real position before today. It was a bullshit position made to respect the effort and time Gimple has put in TWD universe. It was a way of firing him, but not needing to sever ties. They already have done so with Kirkman and it looks bad to do that with Gimple too. Fake position that means nothing.

It does have a very assistant to the regional manager sound to it lmao

Right?! This position was almost created specifically for Gimple. It seems like they just shifted him around due to everything that has happened. If this was done back in November before 8x08, then I would consider it as legitimate. The timing is important.

I think you're overlooking somethings.
Gimple now is sitting above ALL things TWD. TWD, FTWD, Games etc etc... and never forget the # 1 rule: follow the money:

"The renewal comes as AMC — which recently hired former Fox exec David Madden as programming president — continues to battle former showrunners Darabont and Mazzara and current EPs Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert in a potentially $1 billion lawsuit over profits from The Walking Dead. (Gimple is not involved in a lawsuit.)"

Gimple is being moved out of the show-runner position due to backlash from the fan base, on that I agree, but he is indeed being promoted, and I'm sure it's because he's not suing the network!

So we can certainly hope that Kang will restore something to the show, since she's done some of the more impressive single episodes.....but.....Gimple will still be there ABOVE her so to speak, and his influence will likely continue is my main point.

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More like assistant to the traveling secretary of the Yankees. Props if you get the reference.

It's what they did to Gene Roddenberry when they got tired of his shit. Kicked him upstairs and out of the writer's room.

This is good news.

Exactly. It could be that he still had time left on his contract and rather deal with the legal implications of that, give him a meaningless busywork job until they can let him go properly.

Yes, yes, yes. People don't understand the TIMING of this change is important. If this was done in November or October, then I would think it was a true promotion. This came after 8x08 and the backlash it caused, as well as the petition to fire him with 81,000 signatures.

It's too coincidental. They probably felt it was the right move to remove Gimple from the heat, as well as respect his effort and time put into TWD.

They were hemmoraging viewers before the MSF - which was largely gimple's fault, and that certainly isn't going to fix itself after it. the show used to be must-watch for me the morning after it aired, now I'll just get it on catch up when I can be bothered and I think a LOT of viewers are the same. I just wonder if it's a case of too little too late. Personally, I would have ditched gimple after s7 (which basically ditched character development for endless misery and dumb action sequences) maybe then the ratings wouldn't be sliding down the toilet right now. Unfortunately as it is, we've got to suffer through a gimpled s8 and will just have to cross our fingers that he hasn't completely fucked the rest of the season so that there's nobody left to watch s9.

I, personally, am really happy because I was one episode away from quitting the show. Everything had led up to it for me. For seasons it had been slowly building on itself. This 8x08 was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Hearing this was amazing to me. I felt as though a TRUE change was being made to TWD. Gimple WAS once a great showrunner, but now has gotten complacent in his position.

Angela Kang will be a breathe of fresh air for the show. Her entrance could not come at a better time, as the next arc literally will be a new beginning for the audience, the direction of the show, and the source material. I do hope 8B won't be much of the same crap. :/

Me too - I was more or less done and thinking 'eh, maybe i'll watch it on box sets when i've got nothing else to do' - which is a mighty plummet from staying up until 4am to watch 7x01 as it aired here.

I really, really hope you're right. I love the show but the past couple of seasons between the MSF fuckery, the insane amount of filler (the first half of season 7 could have been condensed into half the episodes and would have lost nothing) and turning my favourite character into a grunting mute with no character development except being tortured and doing really idiotic, out of character things, they've make it really fucking hard to even like it, let alone love it.

I know how you felt. I learned of TWD right before Season 7 aired. I binged all 6 seasons to prepare. I fell on love with a television show! I didn't know I could do that!

Season 7 and 8 have been hard on me. It doesn't feel like the show I knew. However, with this new change in showrunners I try to think of it like this: we're basically at rock bottom right now. If the show gets worse, then we aren't losing much. If it gets better then we only benefit from it.

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What happened with Kirkman?

I'm not very in the loop, but i remember sometime in maybe late 2016 (around Negan intro) he mentioned he was working closer than ever with the TV people to get the Negan plot and other story beats perfect moving forward (mentioned in one of his letter column things at the end of a comic issue).

'creative officer' seems like one of those roles you give to someone you're not allowed to fire but makes him sound important enough that he won't bitch about being removed as showrunner. I feel like it's one of those 'in name only' jobs like when they add cast members as EPs when they do no production but it's an easy way to give them more money if they're demanding it and the show wants to keep them sweet.

He already was last season, who came in and pissed all over the show runner's ideas and fired him, i.e. why Troy died.

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Depends what "overseeing" consists of. He's not showrunner for either.

and from what i know from fallout, most overseers only have the illusion of power.

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This is where the fun begins

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Yousa bring the r/prequelmemes and r/thewalkingdead together

All we need now is r/raimimemes and we are complete.

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"Angela Kang"

Sounds like Rick trying to say "Angela King".

Angela Kang got me doing stuff and thangs that Gimple never made me do

But the world is like that now, Coral.

those 2 comments are funny

Kang Ezekiel

I always think of that every time i see her name in the credits

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Don't want to sound like a cynic but I don't think changing show runners is going to do much. AMC is the biggest offender when it comes to the walking dead's problems.

Bingo. AMC is usually responsible for the show's big problems (Season 6 cliffhanger) whereas the source material also gets kinda "meh" around this part of the story anyway so it's a bad combination.

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The cable network has renewed The Walking Dead for a ninth season and signed now-former showrunner Scott M. Gimple to an overall deal in which he will now serve as chief content officer. In his new role, Gimple will oversee The Walking Dead's vast TV universe, including both the flagship and spinoff Fear the Walking Dead, as well as gaming and future brand extensions on a variety of platforms, among other areas. Writer/co-exec producer Angela Kang (pictured below) has been promoted to executive producer and showrunner, replacing Gimple in the latter role, of The Walking Dead. Kang has been with The Walking Dead since 2011, writing some 20 episodes of the show, including critically praised hours including "Coda" and "Still." Kang will take over as showrunner starting with season nine, which will premiere in late 2018.

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Look, I've always been a fan of Angela Kang and her writing. I have no problem with her stepping in.

I'm back to being optimistic, but only cautiously though. I really hope that she will be competent in her new position. This is the fourth showrunner this show has had step in, and I REALLY want the cycle to completely end now. I think one reason why this show has been so up and down is because there's been too many showrunners coming in and out, with one vision conflicting with another vision. Darabont was cut off too soon because AMC is shady, but he seemed to.hage a strong vision. Mazarra nearly destroyed this show, but left at the right time. Gimple seemed like he knew what he was doing, but a walker ate his brains, so he lost his mind and has caused so much damage that can't be repaired (Carl).

At this point, I just hope Angela Kang can turn this show into something NEW again, something.thats GOOD - that is ALL I ask. I can move on from Carl dying if she can deliver that!

If you look at Kang’s work. Whether you liked it or not. Most of her episodes are heavily character driven and focus on contained storylines between characters.

Which is something I think this show really needs to go back to. So I’m kinda excited to see what she’ll do

I'm a complete geek for character driven stories when they're done well. This show started out as one, and should stay as one, that was always the quota with me. I don't want them to stray from that.

Granted, you need good characters with good character development and good dialogue to make a character driven story work. I don't ask for much, all I ask is that they bring that back into the show again. I'm sick of looking at those shitty ass gun fights, and all those hollow conversations about morality that go in circles where they never really talk about anything, let alone TO each other. A great character driven story requires that, characters should drive the plot, not the other way around, and that's a fundamental rule that the earlier seasons nailed down (Season 2 in particular).

I hope she understands the importance of a character driven story. If she can make me care as much about Tara, Rosita, Eugene, Gabe, Aaron, Paul, Ezikeal and Henry as I did for our original family, I'll worship her and call her Jesus!!!!

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Everyone's hoping she will do a great job. But it's so new and it's incredibly and ironically predictable. Part of me wishes the producers, directors and writers got 'killed off" at the same pace as the actors.

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Mazarra actually constructed the best and most coherent TWD imo. Yes, S2 was slow due to budget cuts, but a lot of character building was done, and season 3 has some of the strongest/most emotional character moments. S4, Gimple's first season as showrunner, saw every character started again from scratch and introduced ridiculous filler storylines like the swine flu and Carol randomly murdering two people in her group. It also made pointless redshirts out of the Woodbury residents and began to just introduce characters and plots for barely any reason before killing them off. You can see the show coming undone with Gimple. He was good at smaller plots, terrible at the bigger picture.

He was good at smaller plots, terrible at the bigger picture.

And him getting promoted to overseeing this franchise (for some fucking insane reason, chalk that up to AMC's complete and utter incompetence), that worries me.

Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad that he's getting booted from being showrunner, I would have been fine if he just been cut entirely. I really don't know what his new position entails. Look at how far he fucked the show up, who the hell would trust him to oversee this franchise? I really don't want to be pessimistic, I REALLY don't, but can you blame me when the proof is in the piss?

Right now, I'll just hope Angela Kang can do better with the show for next season.

Honestly his position sounds almost...fake? Like what the heck is a creative content officer? Like they don't want to fire him entirely but they don't want him running the show anymore. That says it all to me. He was causing them way too much bad publicity.

I believe the term is "Kicked Upstairs". When you want to fire someone without actually firing them, you instead promote them to a position where they can do less harm.

Yeah thinking about it now, considering Kirkman and Mazzara sued AMC recently, and the Darabont lawsuit is ongoing, they were probably trying to fire him without firing him to avoid a fourth showrunner taking them to court.

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Yeah, I really don't get it at all.

He's done more than enough damage to the show. What the hell makes them think he would benefit this franchise as a "creative content creator"? You're talking about the guy who came up with that stupid fucking dumbass garbage cult (oooh, so fucking creative...kiss my ass and blow shit in my ear for crying out loud). His overall influence on the franchise? I don't see anything positive about that. It's really a shame I have come to hate on this guy that I used to praise every second of the day back in the Season 4 and 5 days. But I have too much resentment for how he's shit on one of my favorite shows (and one of my favorite characters) to just let shit go. I'm not.gonna forgive him or his dumbass short sighted decision. Getting rid of him ensures this franchise can be rid of one less weak link to worry about (and Fear TWD fans don't have to worry about the looming dark cloud he casts over that show).

But whatever. Angela Kang could be the next best thing IF she plays her cards right. I.just hope Gimple has as little creative control in the show as possible.

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I just want to know what retard thought an old shitty jeep could reflect point blank 50 cal machnine fun fire for 5 minutes. This show is constantly insulting the audiences intelligence and patience.

Kang has been with The Walking Dead since 2011, writing some 20 episodes of the show

There's your answer really.

This is very interesting. It could appease the critics and fans like for the moment, however, doesn't Chief Creative Officer imply that he is basically now the person in charge of all creative decisions? The article notes "elevated" to this new position.

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critically praised hours including "Coda" and "Still"

Anyone else lelling? Just me?

No, I vomited. This show has no future. There is no one left who's competent enough to run this show.

She wrote Still, the single worst episode of the entire series. The episode that marked the beginning of the end for me. The episode that introduced us to Daryl's man pain.

Really? I thought that was one of the best episodes of season 4. Actually giving Daryl character development was great. Also you cannot say Still is the worst episode when trash like Swear and Say Yes exist.

Comment deleted6 months ago

This woman is the person responsible for Beths absurdly constructed death.

The Walking Dead is dead.

Any season 4 to season 8 story decisions would've come down to what Gimple wants. Kang would've just written the episode in which Beth's death happens.

Gimple was the showrunner during that time, do you really think Angela would’ve had the power to kill off a character like that? That was Gimple’s decision all the way, Angela probably thought it was a dumbass idea too and just said fuck it and killed her off quick in the script .

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It's just a shame it took killing off Carl to make this change happen. Should've happened a long time ago. Good luck, Angela. You have a lot of cleaning up to do.

Considering that they hadn't yet officially renewed the show for season 9 when they usually do it much earlier, they've probably been considering this or even known about it for quite a while. So I wonder if they were just waiting for the fan response or what?

They renewed the show for a 9th season a while ago.

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The damage has been done though, unless Rick was just having a dream and Carl actually is immune...which would be a cheap fix and change the whole story. But hey! If that means I can have Carl back, then I'll be okay with it. lol

I mean a showrunner change is nice and all, but I feel that a lot of the damage has been done with what they’ve done in regards to Season 7/8 and what they did with Carl. I’m hopeful the show can improve in quality because of this decision, but who knows at this point. The only thing consistent about the quality of this show is that it’s inconsistent.

She's written some great episodes like: I Ain't a Judas (3x11), Infected (4x02), A (4x16), Four Walls and a Roof (5x03), Thank You (6x03) and The Big Scary U (8x05). I welcome this change A LOT.

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She co-wrote 4X16, 8X05 and 5X03 with other people.

She co-wrote 4x16 with Gimple, 5x03, 6x10, 7x07 with Corey Reed (Reed also wrote 5x13, 6x05) And 8x05 with Gimple and David Leslie Johnson (writer of the Orphan)

The rest she wrote by herself, including my favorites 5x06 (Coda), 4x12 (Still), 4x02 (Infected) and about 9 more episodes.

A (4x16)

Fucking masterpiece. It's literally my favorite season finale out of all the finales. It was gripping from start to finish, and NOTHING about it dragged. Most importantly, it was the definition of payoff. A season finale should always bring closure. I really feel like Season 4 was as close to a completely satisfying season as it could possibly be...and it had a proper cliffhanger, not whatever the fuck they forced in Season 6.

Four Walls and a Roof (5x03)

The only thing I need to say is that this episode is a goddamn masterpiece in nearly every category. I really can't stress that anymore than I can right now. It's the first episode I go back to during every Season 5 rewatch.

I think 4x8 was the definition of a “no filler” finale but 4x16 was good too

She wrote Thank You?

Wow, I feel alright about this, I think.

Dumpster fiasco aside, its one of my favorite episodes.

And don't forget the dumpster fiasco was a Gimple decision. Not something Kang wrote on the fly. If Glenn had actually died there it'd be remembered as one of the series strongest episodes.

I've always wished Glenn died at the dumpster, only to be found as Zombie Glenn by Maggie when she goes to find him.

I also would have been perfectly happy if he had just been torn apart so much that there was nothing to be reanimated as a zombie.

Nobody would ever really know what happened to him. It would be awful, depressing and definitely plausible. In zombie apocalypses, stuff like that would happen.

Don't be so quick to throw Kang out of the bus and blame it all under Gimple. Lower your expectations, you guys are riding the hype train it seems, and you might end up severely disappointed.

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Seriously. After that episode I really thought that the show was back on track, and was going to be really good again. And then they showed Glenn actually alive, and then they didnt show who Negan killed, and at that point, the show was dead. I powered through season 7, but by the end was done.

IF Glen would've really died right there, that would've been a totally different episode rather than a nominee for "Episode Where TWD Jumped the Shark"

Yeah, totally. Honestly, dumpster fiasco aside, everything about the show was fine right up until the Negan lineup “cliffhanger”.

What makes the whole cliffhanger even worse, is the fact that they then killed of 2 people. They could have had 1 die in the finale, and then when everyone thinks negan is done for the premier have him kill the 2nd.

My same thought exactly. It would have put to good use all the suspense built up in the episode, then delivered a true shock in the premier. They wasted a wonderful opportunity and have been choosing style over substance since.

I do wonder how that could have gone over. I’m not sure!

Either that or just have him murder both. No bullshit cliffhangers.

Agreed. I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode. Heart still races on repeated viewings.

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Gimple said before in an article that he wanted all season 6 episodes to end with a mini cliffhanger, so that’s his fault not Angelas’

Shit. She seems to have helped some really strong episodes of the show. This could actually breathe new life into the show!

So she is the genius who wrote Infected. The most depressing and sorrowful episode of the entire show. I love her

I Ain’t A Judas, Infected and Four Walls ESPECIALLY are some of the most amazing episodes to be written. I am looking forward to this, as all these episodes were written with character development and MEANINGFUL conversations, something Gimple hasn’t done in a LONG time.

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New showrunner, same old cheap as shit AMC. It'll be nice to have a fresh take on what the show can be, but she'll be fighting the exact same battles as everyone else who had this job.

<she'll be fighting the exact same battles as everyone else who had this job.

And the additional battle of winning back viewers, so let's hope AMC finally admits there's a bit of a problem there and gives her the resources to deal with it.

The fact they gave her the showrunners position shows that they’re at least starting to realize the problem. Even if they don’t admit it.

but its far too late now. Based on current events (which I won't explain because of our temp ban happy mods) the show is beyond recovery.

If and when the show finally implodes, Kang is going to take the fall. I really do wonder if they hired her to be the scapegoat.

Not really sure about that since Gimple is still on the payroll and doesn't sound like he's been given a ceremonial title with no actual creative input. It sounds the opposite to be honest. Hopefully, it was a way to not admit defeat with Gimple but in reality put someone else in creative control. Which is at least the fist step in fixing the show.

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Gimple still fucked the show beyond repair. I’m honestly not that excited. Nobody is reading the article. Gimple wasn’t removed, he was promoted to oversee the entire Walking Dead franchise at AMC. This is the final nail in its coffin.

With who he killed off in the MSF, the damage is done. He fucked over the show HARD. He chose Negan over Carl.

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It didn't even have to come down to choosing Carl over Negan - it was just about NOT. KILLING. CARL.

Gee wonder why

$cott Gimple.

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Sorry. Unless the do a 180 on Carl, I won’t be back as a viewer. It’s too late for me. I’m just not into the series after this half of the season.

RemindMe! 6 weeks

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Nah, man. This wasn't a real position before today. It was a bullshit position made to respect the effort and time Gimple has put in TWD universe. It was a way of firing him, but not needing to sever ties. They already have done so with Kirkman and it looks bad to do that with Gimple too. Fake position that means nothing.

Agree with you there. They promoted the imbecile instead of firing him. And now he may be forcing his stupid ideas down everyone's throat and ruining things at a higher level.

well he won't be the showrunner and he won't be writing. He failed upwards

Walking Dead' Renewed With New Showrunner


as Scott Gimple Elevated to Oversee Franchise


Scott Gimple gets promoted

Nah, man. As I said up above, this wasn't a real position before today. It was a bullshit position made to respect the effort and time Gimple has put in TWD universe. It was a way of firing him, but not needing to sever ties. They already have done so with Kirkman and it looks bad to do that with Gimple too. Fake position that means nothing.

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As they say, in TV you fail upwards.

Season 9 opens with season 8 being revealed as Carl’s fever dream.

Let’s just make the midseason finale a dream sequence or something and all will be well

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Isn’t this called “failing upwards”?

If she doesn’t work out, can we collectively nominate Rark as showrunner?

I feel for her, since she's coming into the show at the most difficult time imaginable due to the events of the mid-season finale, which has probably caused irreversable damage to the show. We'll see. I think it's positive that AMC seem to be acknowledging that changes are needed, so hopefully the quality will pick up.

Once Kang becomes show runner I expect things to feel more like a season. Season 7 and Season 8 do NOT feel like seasons. They feel like mini-series with no progression or end achievement.

Season One: The group has survived their first step in the apocalypse and are heading to Fort Benning

Season Two: The farm has been left for and the group now need a new safe haven

Season Three: Rick and co. have managed to scare off The Governor and brought back the Woodbury survivors

Season Four: The group has reunited and now are ready to escape Terminus

Season Five: The group have resolved the main issue in Alexandria

Season Six: Cliffhanger — and a bad one at that (S4 cliffhanger was good and at least had achieved its main goal) Season Seven: Something that should have happened in the MSF.

Angela Kang’s episodes are more character-driven and focus heavily on developing relationships and making us care about these characters. The episode Still (a rather mixed episode in TWD community) made me care about Beth and was one of the last episodes to give Daryl any morality and humanity.

Unfortunately for Kang, she has a lot of rebuilding and constructing to do because of Gimple, but hopefully she can raise the viewership to what it once was. Her strong point in writing is character development so perhaps she can hook me on to more than 4 characters now (Carol — losing interest, Michonne — losing interest, Rosita — Probably one of few to like her, Gabriel — barely, but he’s stepping up).

Had the show followed the comics a little more closely this season, I’d probably be interested in Jesus, Ezekiel, Negan and Dwight. But that’s just not the case. Please don’t screw us Angela. PLEASE.

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Not sure it will help. They already ruined ftwd with that stupid crossover.

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Season 8 is fucked nonetheless

Thank god someone at AMC had the sense to kick Gimple upstairs and give him a lot of projects to juggle.

Honestly, AMC is probably worse for TWD than Gimple was.

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The New Showrunner will have to do some serious work to turn this around. The show is so boring now.

12 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Lol he wasn’t fired but promoted! What crap! 💩

Now he just can't kill the show, he can kill the whole damn franchise!

They already did that with the whole "Bring morgan to ftwd, and just do a time jump." bullshit that theyre pulling. That show had just gotten good, and now theyve done something that the entire fanbase is pissed about and hates.

FTWD was gaining some good momentum and gradually it could become as popular than The Walking Dead if it was given time to, especially with the greater quality of Season 3.

However, then someone had the bright idea to try and speed this all along by throwing in a main series character to gain quick viewership.

This all makes me wonder if Dave Erickson, the Fear showrunner for Seasons 1-3, didn't want to go along with this plan and so that is why he was taken off the project and it was given to two showrunners who now run it.

This all makes me wonder if Dave Erickson, the Fear showrunner for Seasons 1-3, didn't want to go along with this plan and so that is why he was taken off the project

100% Guaranteed this is what happened. If I had been working on something for 3 seasons, had just had a great, fan loved season, and then AMC comes in and tells me that I have to work in Morgan, and do a time jump to match it up with the main show, I would have asked them if they had lost their minds, and would have fought it tooth and nail. Lmao this show was supposed to be about the very begining of the ZA, and now they are doing another time skip over the important stuff.

Okay, let's be objective and unbiased here. Scott Gimple can create good content sometimes. S4 and S5 were pretty great. Moving Gimple out of the showrunner position was the key thing that needed to be done. Gimple has potential that can be tapped into, and this new "position" might do so. Angela Kang is not terrible. She has had some great episodes. Since this is a new promotion for her, she will put a lot of effort into it. Gimple was probably complacent after a few years of being there.

Fuck gimple

This is a way for Gimple to save face by not being outright fired. Hopefully they will restructure story and get this show back to where it once was.

And I hope AMC thinks a little longer before they kill off another huge character or else they'll have Walking Dead fans riot in the streets.

"writing some 20 episodes of the show, including critically praised hours including "Coda" and "Still."


Not particularly excited by the news. She's been in the writing team for a long time now, it's actually very likely there will be very little change in the direction of the show, especially considering Gimple actually got promoted....

What this show needed was actual fresh talent, that can approach the show from a different, new perspective.

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A new showrunner is good, but the damage is already done. With what happened in in MSF. Gimple fucked over a lot.

That poor lady is going to have to struggle with amc being greedy and working around what Gimple and others have done with the show. I’m not concerned, but....I’m not hopeful? At the very least now there’s a better chance at the quality of the show improving though.

For those interested, she’s been involved in a lot of episodes that focus on character development - specifically pairings. If you look at the episodes she’s done, that includes Andrea/Michonne, Rick/Daryl, Gabriel/Negan, Beth/Daryl, Rosita/Sasha, etc... could be a great change if they go back to making characters we actually care about. I’m at the very least curious. Not sure how I feel about watching after this fiasco with Carl/Chandler, but we’ll see.

They'll need her to give us Rick/Negan.

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Does AMC have some type of Aversion to finding outside (TWD writing room/amc) talent?

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but Im in the camp that believes carl dying was a network decision and not a purely Gimple decision. I think they offered him this promotion if he went along with all their bullshit.

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Gimple oversees even the games too?! Now he's going to turn character death cop-outs into DLC. "Did Clem survive the attack?! purchase episode 3.5 extended DLC to find out!"

AMC/Gimple dont have anything to do with the telltale games. It's stuff like Survival Instinct and mobile games.

Goodbye, American Moffat.

Lol so true!

Gimple need to get fired not promoted. Still hoping for the best however.

Ah Hollywood, where you fail upward

So Robert Kirkman goes on record saying that he's okay with the latest big death, because Scott Gimple told him what he had planned for the future, and now Gimple is gone and the death is as meaningless as everyone thought?

Gimple isn’t gone, did you even read the article? Obviously what he structured is still there to be followed

"New showrunner."


Read the article. Gimple is still in charge.

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Congratulations, you were a squeaky wheel and your constant screeching got your boogeyman promoted. Bravo.

mother dick 😮

I'm not sure this changes much. Gimple is still going to be heavily involved in TWD universe. Also, Angela Kang doesn't seem all that much better of a writer. She wrote some lackluster episodes from what I recall. They should have hired someone outside of AMC. But any change is good I guess.

9 points · 6 months ago

thank fucking god. if this means gimple will have less of an impact on the direction of the tv show, then i welcome this change

Read the article. He’s been promoted to the top seat of the walking dead franchise at amc.

5 points · 6 months ago

I read the article

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6 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

I actually hope Gimple sticks around as a writer though. I know his skills as a show-runner have greatly declined but he's still written some of the best individual episodes of the series.

Though I'm happy for the shake-up. AMC has clearly heard the criticism. Though I'm not sure how I feel about Kang taking over. I know writing and show-running are entirely different things. But her episodes have been rather hit and miss for me. I'd have preferred some fresh blood for a new show-runner but I'm happy to give her a chance. It's better than keeping things stale.

EDIT: I now fully read the article and see that Gimple has actually somehow earned a...promotion? I'm concerned about him "overseeing" the franchise. Does this mean he'll still be calling the shots and Kang is show-runner in name only? Or is he just there to maintain continuity? Dunno how I feel about that.

Scott Gimple can create good content sometimes. S4 and S5 were pretty great. Moving Gimple out of the showrunner position was the key thing that needed to be done. Gimple has potential that can be tapped into, and this new "position" might do so. Angela Kang is not terrible either. She has had some great episodes. Since this is a new promotion for her, she will put a lot of effort into it. Gimple was probably complacent after a few years of being there.

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Comment deleted6 months ago

I know it's divisive but I'm on the side that thought Still was really good. Not to mention it's just about the last time it felt like Daryl had anything resembling character development.

By the same logic, Scott Gimple wrote Clear, The Grove, Here's Not Here as well as several others that were loved by the audience, and here we are. Let's wait and see

She's written 20 episodes, including Infected, The Cell (my favorite season 7 episode), Secrets, Four Walls and a Roof.

Plus the showrunner doesn't write every episode and like the other guy mentioned, Gimple has written amazing episodes. Clear, The Grove and Here's Not Here are my all time favorite episodes but the direction he's gone has completely ruined the show.

Your writing ability hasn't nothing to do with how well of a showrunner you'll be, that's been clearly established lol

You've got to understand that writing those episodes doesn't mean she's to blame for what happens in them, for example, "Still." She gets told by Gimple, "This is an episode in which Daryl and Beth are at a cabin and blah blah..." It's not as if the episode was her idea, she was just assigned to write it.

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4 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Well, I wish her luck sorting out the mess Gimple has made. The biggest screw-up (Carl) she won't be able to put back and I don't see it working out put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig as the saying goes. And Gimple is still around.

Basically, she's been brought in (or Gimple has gone) at least a season and a major decision too late. It's certainly too late as far as I'm concerned. I've had enough and it's just going to be the comics from now on for me.

7 points · 6 months ago

I was ready to call it quits after AOW ended. Now I’ll have to watch Season 9 to see how this new show runner can do. Damn you AMC!

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I have hopes for Angela Kang. She’s written some pretty good episodes

What a great news, holy shit. And before you'll jump on me with "Gimple was actually promoted and he has the main word now" I want to remind you everyone including me wanted change so let's see positive side of things for once.

And I'm also happy he's not in charge of FTWD too. Again, I also know everything has to go trough his hands too, but we'll definitely see big changes, that's for sure.

I don't agree with people here who are thinking TWD shouldn't have another season. I'm so happy we'll get season 9 with big new arc (also my favourite arc) from the comics with new showrunner.

Only thing that won't be fixed is Carl, sadly.

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Fresh Blood! Fresh Blood!

I'm actually excited for this! I'm going to give her a chance and trust her.

I'm watching this interview of her and I love the way she speaks, and how she explains unraveling story arcs and honest writing. I can't wait to see how she does! Hopefully Scott stays out of her way as much as possible.

Good luck Angela. I'll be tuning in for you!

Angela Kang, at worst, will tank the overall quality of the show; and at best, allow the show to continue its gradual decline of quality with outstanding episodes thrown in to keep our proverbial dicks hard.

And Gimple got a...promotion?

Holy shit. I don't know how to feel about this.

Neat. Now please kill off Tara! She's been on the show for too many years now she's probably due a pay raise. That would be a wasteful use of resources wouldn't you agree?

I am crying out of joy. Honestly they actually can keep Gimple cause he writes some good episodes, but Angela Kang as showrunner is really getting me excited. I personnaly enjoyed Still (1st time while binging though) and loved Coda

Just when I lost all hope for this show, I hear THIS news. I already said before that if they got rid of Gimple, that would be the first step towards getting me back into the show. A fresh mind with a fresh vision could gain whatever goodwill this show has left back in my book.

I yelled for a fucking miracle, and I guess god heard me. This is GOOD news.

They didn't "get rid of Gimple", they actually promoted him. He's now in charge of both TWD and FTWD. Overall though, this change should mean he has less influence on TWD.

Dude he has more power over the(se) show(s) than ever before. No one should be celebrating or thanking God just yet.

Seriously, I'm confused by the reactions. He controls all Walking Dead media right now aside from the graphic novel lol. TWD, FTWD, games, all of it.

Well not any games that we already know about, they have their own teams/companies that he can't just take over. And the telltale games are in the comic universe, so certainly not those.

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4 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

More power over more projects should equate to him having less direct influence though.

No one should be celebrating or thanking God just yet.

I absolutely agree. I think this is the right move for The Walking Dead, but it's far too soon to be celebrating.

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But they didn't get rid of him. Gimple will be chief content officer for the whole franchise, meaning that the big, major plot lines will still come from him.

Yes and no. Kang will now be in charge of the storyline, but will most likely have to pass it by Gimple first. He’s still involved but he’s not going to be in charge of the bulk of what happens. It’s a good change.

Exactly. Executive producer is a very prestigious title. A TV or movie producer makes the decisions about every look and sound filmed and released. They control everything from hair styles to clothes, to words, to music, to locations, to storylines - every single thing. The executive producer overseas that person's work and tells them what to do. What do you think the executive, executive producer is going to do? EDIT:At least the phrase Cheif Content Officer is new.

Glorious news and awful news. They promoted the bitch that wrote the most retarded death in the shows history...Beths. This is also the woman who wrote the Beth episode where she is looking to drink alcohol the entire time.

This show is dead.

The drinking episode was great tho. Not the best episode the show has ever had, but good character building for Beth and Daryl.

Beth’s death was all Gimple’s. She just had to write the script.

I’m a lapsed Walking Dead fan. The show has just become too repetitive with the same formula and frankly competition has just progressed pass the level the show is at now. I’m afraid anything at this point is a shot in a dead corpse but anything is worth a try I suppose.

I was so excited to hear that Gimple isn't showrunner antmore, and then I find out it's Angela Kang taking over... every episode Kang has written has been awful.

2 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

It's the best thing to do! New showrunner for a new beginning (if AOW ends with season 8). But I still hope Gimple will write one or two episodes because they are really good, regardless of his work as showrunner since s6.

Gimple’s a great writer. And he was the showrunner that did get TWD to its peak. But with anything’, you have to change it or it gets old. As we’ve all seen

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