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Italy's deputy PM called for 'mass cleansing, street by street, quarter by quarter', newly resurfaced footage reveals: Footage has re-emerged of Italy’s new interior minister calling for a “mass cleansing” of migrants from “entire parts” of the country

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When I read the first part I was hoping he wanted a mass clean up of the streets. You know protecting the environment, reducing plastic waste etc. Alas when I read the second part I realised he’s probably someone who doesn’t care much for the environment either...

I was hoping he was talking about the mafia infestation that is omnipresent in Italy.


They're supporting him

Ayyy I'm walking here.

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Me too lol I clicked on it thinking “ a big city clean up! What a spirited way to build unity and do something good”...and then SURPRISE

SURPRISE! It’s fascism!

...worst surprise ever.

"We've got to clean up these streets! We need to implement a robust recycling plan, and a strong public works program to pick up litter. Also, we should do something about these dirty foreigners breathing up all the air."

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associates cleansing with actual cleaning

I envy your innocence.

Wait a minute... employ the immigrants to be litter pickers - win win!

Your comment reminded me so much of a scene in the book "Er ist wieder da" (He is back/returned), in which Hitler wakes up in modern day Berlin and everyone basically thinks he's some method actor or comedian really committed to not breaking character, while he is utterly confused by how well the country is doing and that the war is over. Funny enough the party he finds most resembles the old Nazi agenda are the Greens, what with protecting the precious environment and animals, welfare programs and focusing on people's well-being, etc.

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He’s gonna want to take over Ethiopia after this.

120 points · 22 days ago

And 'assist' the greeks with their debt.

Original Poster47 points · 22 days ago

And 'assist' the greeks with their debt.

21 points · 22 days ago

Mussolini invades greece

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Visio, Published on May 30, 2018

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Mamma Mia!

Genuine Italian confirmed

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47 points · 22 days ago

"mass cleaning" is pretty bad rhetoric. Sounds like something they would have said in WW2 when they were sending people to the "showers"

Ok, before I'm called a racist cunt, I haven't voted Salvini, never voted a right wing party in my life and I would chop my hand before I put my cross over a right wing candidate on the ballot.

That being sad, ILLEGAL immigrants are a huge problem in Italy.

Without going into "they steal Italian's jobs", which clearly doesn't happen, the streets are indeed crowded with illegals.

You just have to park your car in any car park to get surrounded by a dozen asking for money. When you don't give them anything (you don't always have change on you), it's not unlikely to have your car keyed when you're back.

Same outside any supermarket.

Same outside any train station.

Hell, I went to take my son to the station in Lecce last week and I was actually scared by the large groups of drunk Africans I had to walk though, some of them just loitering, some of them clearly dealing drugs, others doing god knows what.

I'm not a racist in any way whatsoever, and I despise Salvini in every way I can, but to be honest "cleaning up the streets" (which is a better translation of what he said than "cleansing") doesn't sound like racism to me, considering the throngs that are just around sustaining themselves with mostly illegal activities.

Fucking hell, no one should be be scared to walk into a station or a car park.

I'm 100% for helping who is running from a war zone. Just having thousands of unproductive, illegal people hanging about is kind of the opposite side of the spectrum and it has to be dealt with somehow.

Hey man, I appreciate reading unfiltered personal experiences from people directly affected by the issues. You shouldn't feel the need to qualify or front-load your political bona fides either; your opinions are valid regardless.

I know I don't, but you know, reddit :)

It is actually necessary if you want to get you your point across, and not get buried with downvotes. Which you did well and added to my understanding of the problem without triggering too many idiots that think sensible immigration laws = racism. So thanks.

You’re describing a valid issue. However, the thing with complicated topics like this is how they are politicized and distorted for the sake of highly regressive agendas. Salvini (a leading figure of the extremist rightwing Lega Nord party) is purposefully using language that dog-whistles to xenophobia and bigotry. Because he is a neo-fascist. And even when people like Salvini have a kernel of validity to their argument, one cannot ignore the wider context of that argument, and it’s motivation.

There is a multitude of other ways a person could address the problem of ghettoized immigrants, just as there are a multitude of ways of solving the problem. You can acknowledge the problem exists, but you also have to be honest about the prevalence and the goals of the resurging far-Right in Europe, or else you risk going down a very dark path.

Oh by all means, as I said I loathe the guy.

I was just pointing out, to the risk of sounding like I'm trying to justify him, that his statement was translated to make it sound like nazi ethnic cleansing, when it was not (despite everything).

As a matter of fact, EVERYONE would like to see streets, stations, car parks, undergrounds, to be rid of what are, under all definitions, criminals.

Unfortunately the left hasn't provided viable solutions yet, so we're left with Salvini's populist rethoric.

I'm well aware, and horrified, of the rise of the far rights in Europe.

Still, Italians are cornered by illegal immigrants multiple times a day, so I can understand people going "oh, someone is proposing to start asking them to produce valid paperwork, and to expel them when they fall to do so, let's try that".

I don't see anything like the raise of fascism in the 20s. There's no "let's bring Italy back to the glory of Rome" or "Italy is better" or shit like that.

Just normal people tired to elbow their way through drunk loiterers, drug dealers, muggers and such every time they have to catch a train.

I don't see anything racist in that, that fuck is just taking advantage of it.

It's sad you feel the need to justify your non racism every 2 sentences when describing how your city is apparently turning out :(

I think it's because of excessive polarisation of politics, really.

Even in Liberal environments there's a "if you're not with me you're against me" attitude, and we all know only the Sith deal in absolutes:)

Even when talking to like minded people, if your position isn't "the other guy is a fascist and he's wrong all the time" then you're called a racist and the conversation is over.

I'd love to have a conversation with left leaning people about this issue at some point.

In this particular case, it pains me to admit that Salvini's intentions didn't sound that racist to me, and the word "cleansing" was intentionally used by foreign media instead of the proper translation of "cleaning up", which was referred to the throngs loitering, begging, dealing and so on.

As in, in this case they happen to be Africans, it would be exactly the same problem if they were undocumented Italians, Norwegians or whatever.

Again, though, the language he uses is purposefully inflammatory against immigrants, just as it has been with Roma. There are ways to talk about these problems with humanity and productive solutions. Salvini is only interested in “cleansing” unwanted populations, and the parallels to actual fascism do exist.

It s also used as a guilt inducing weapon. I ve yet to hear about undocumented italians or norwegians tho.. so it would mean the truth is inherently racist ! it is impossible to speak about imported cultural differences bringing in insecurity, poverty and crime without being labeled racist nowadays.

It's not sad at all. It's bourne out of neccesity due to actual racists.

It needs to be done because of actual racist people who use one person of colour doing something wrong to justify their racist views, from which they make mass exaggerations off of that. At least by this person repeatedly stating their non-racism, they are highlighting that ACTUAL problems TRULY exist and they aren't one of those racist fucktards that think "one PoC doing something wrong = all PoC are trash".

My truth is i'm 29 and i've yet to meet a truly racist person (supremacy of any kind). And yes i've travelled a bit. In France we even had a PM who was presidential candidate (Jospin in 2007) stating that there never was any racist or fascist dangee in France, and that the whole antiracist subjet was fabricated (during the 80s) to fight the nationalist party.And this dude was in the highest circles of french power. Racism (and antisemitism) are weapons used to induce guilt and lock people's mind. So when i read someone justifying himself like that, I see someone still in mental shakles, in a way.

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not before going bald

He might first wanna bring in Durerte, the Phillipine prez, as a consultant...

We are wayyy over due for a Punic war

Carthago delenda est.

Hey At least Ethiopia gets a bonus against civs with more cities.

Third round win it all? I wouldn't mind, we're dealing with the Italians mess at our borders for decades now.

Someone should send him the last photo of Mussolini.

The one where he was just “hanging out"?

They could actually use most photos. The one after Italy was defeated by Greece. The one after the axis was defeated at El Alamein. The one after Italy voted him out of power and locked him up. The one after he was reinstalled as a German puppet.

He was a man of many fuck ups.

What about the one where the Italians themselves hung him

69 points · 22 days ago

What about the one where the Italians themselves hanged him


45 points · 22 days ago

No need to get so hung up on grammar.

... yeah, he shouldn't be such a grammar nazi

.. haha

No need to be a Duce about it

No need to get so hanged up on grammar.

11 points · 22 days ago

Not need to get so hung up on hanging.

No need to get so hung up on being hanged.

No need to get so hung up on being hung

One could say he’s a grammar....nazis.

He wasn't hanged. He was shot dead and had his corpse hung upside down for public display.

Hanged is for people, hung is for meat. I think hung works here.

Is it still hanged if the rope isn't around the neck? They were shot to death and then hung / hanged up?

Pedantry, but I kinda want to know.

I pride myself on pretty decent grammar. Is ‘hanged’ the right word to use here?

12 points · 22 days ago

It is not. "Hanged" is the past tense of the verb "hang" in the sense connoting execution by hanging. Mussolini was not executed by hanging. He was killed by firearm. Some time later, his body was put on display, hung upside down. In this context, it would not be accurate to use the term (hanged) which connotes death by hanging, as this was not the instrument of his demise.

<sigh of relief> This is a most satisfying and proper comment.



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The one where he failed to take back Ethiopia, and the one where he did it again

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I like the one with him relaxing with his girlfriend.

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When I first read the headline of this I thought it was a public clean streets initiative... What the absolute fuck is going on in Italy.

Country is turning into 3rd world fast.

the same as in the US it seems. it feels like we're on the verge of WWIII

calm down we aren't on the verge of ww3 and trump isn't the anti christ.

We are experiencing the a resurgence of far right parties in Europe though. Why that is happening I will leave up to you.

32 points · 22 days ago

That's the same societal sentiment that created the opportunity for fascism in the past.

Politics have become a soup of compromise and short-sighted infighting, while far-right can deliver "strong voices" with straightforward answers (that flies in the face of reality, but works rhetorically).

Many won't talk seriously about or face the darker side of immigration because they're afraid to trigger special interest groups and suffer the public humiliation of not being PC. This tabooization of a real social, international crisis creates a political vacuum in which the extreme right gains traction. (The reality is that in socio-economic terms, immigrants and far right wingers are both vulnerable and often represent the same living conditions. See e.g. Axel Honneth.)

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When did Trump call for literal ethnic cleansing?

He didn't say explicitly that we need to 'cleanse' anything, but he did just say that illegal migrants are 'infesting' our country. Think about that

thinks about that

He's right

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He's rhetorically where Italy was around 2008. The GOP will get there eventually. You have to ease into these things.

In one side there's USA, Russia, China, UK, Japan, Italy, Turkey etc for the nationalists. On the other there's Germany and Sweden?

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hopefully you just misread cleanse as clean, because I really don't see how anybody would think "mass cleansing" could ever mean anything other than genocide

Italy is starting it's "Bosnia 2: Electric Boogaloo" Campaign

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175 points · 22 days ago

A mass cleaning of Italy sounds cool. A mass cleansing is some fascist bullshit

49 points · 22 days ago

Would be nice if they finally cleaned all the bird shit all over Rome.

27 points · 22 days ago · edited 22 days ago

Bird shit can be dealt with later, they should start with removing all the graffiti. Absolute blight on otherwise gorgeous cities.

11 points · 22 days ago

You'd have to cut the hands off a shitton of 13-to-17 hip-hop loving kids. These are the taggers, the worst. They don't even care to make nice graffiti, just low-effort tagging shit.

Each time a shop decides to clean their outside walls and doors, the day after here's a stupid tag again.

Source: I watched them, night after night. Groups of noisy junior high kids pretending to be ghetto. What the heck they're doing at 2am on the streets at that age, God only knows. And their dealer, maybe.

Well it's no surprise considering Italy is literally the birthplace of fascism.

And fashionism.

And espressoism.

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122 points · 22 days ago

Noooo italy, what is you doing?!!

Comment deleted22 days ago(1 child)

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Lived there for 4 years. Italy has a huge amount of racists and pro-facism ideals.

It's not that bad up north, but the further south you go, the worse it gets... And then you hit Sicily, which makes West Virginia look like a liberal bastion

Today I learned Lega Nord is a southern party

21 points · 22 days ago

When they were Lega Nord and wanted independence from the rest of Italy, they got no votes from the centre and the south. A few years ago they changed some political chiefs, wiped the Nord in the name and wiped independence from their ideology. Then the electoral national exploit.

Wait but the league IS a northern party that's their strongest support base.

Shit, really? How am i supposed to justify my seething hatred of poor people now?

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It's amazing that people upvote things that are blatantly false.

2018 election results show that Lega is popular in the North, not in the South of Italy

I mean, the South voted for another party whose immigration politics are questionable at best...

Sure, but the most recent results suggest The League are encroaching in central Italy. If The League are still to be described as a Northern party then you have to admit the North got a whole lot bigger geographically in the last Italian election.

Makes me think you've never been there at all, if anything it's the other way around

Makes me think neither of you have ever been there, it's actually East to West.

And yet no one in Sicily voted for the League

11 points · 22 days ago

...Except it's just the opposite of what you said? Lega Nord, "North Party" is the fascist one. Guess where the fascists are...

Really? Because when I was there, that wasn’t true, like at all. I was only there for 9 months but enough to get a good idea of political climate.

I don’t know what you saw but that’s absolutely wrong. La Lega is a northern party who has the biggest support base in the north. But hey, keep spreading false information based on observations you made.

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20 points · 22 days ago

So, it's Italy again, right?

I knew that would happen, after the big bailout of the banks. I knew that this bailout would cost us so much more, than just money and now we have it. This huge mess started with greedy banks that made the world economy tumble, so the governments were forced to bailout the the greedy banksters. So this gigantic relocation of money, from the many to the few created a huge unbalance in the world. Add climate change to calculation and the destabilzation of the arabic world, mostly through military intervention in iraq and afghanistan with no plan what so ever, what to do afterwards, and you have the giant mess we are in right now. And some how the refugees are the blame for everything. I honestly thought we are over this kind of thinking... I really thought " Nah, we are not going to make the same mistakes that we did before and while WW 2. We have learned from our mistakes." BOOM.. 2018....100 years after WW 1.. and we are doing exactly the same...

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newly resurfaced footage reveals

John Oliver used that same footage in his piece about italian elections in february. I wouldn't call it "resurfaced". While it's more than fair to call Salvini out for those words, that headline is very very shitty.

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115 points · 22 days ago · edited 22 days ago

I don't support radicalism, but I agree that in case of illegal immigration, those people should be deported. Legal immigrants have to jump through all sorts of hoops to get in, prove they would benefit the society they are trying to join, adapt to the new culture, not commit crimes and so on. Those people have every right to remain.

The issue with illegal immigrants is they start their journey into the country by breaking the law in the first place, without any form of verification of their intent, skills, contribution or the promise to adapt. I'm not saying I condone mistreating those people by placing them into camps/splitting families and so on. My best guess is they want them to have a real bad time, so that when they are deported they'll spread the word and be less likely to attempt an illegal return.

Any form of criticism to my reasoning will be appreciated.

These are Romani we are talking about

Romani Eunt Domus

"People called Romani they go the house"??

I’m happy you got it...

“It says Romans go home!”

I'll just leave this here for those who need a refresher.

So you don't want to hurt these people, don't want to put them into camps, don't want to split the families. But you do want them to have a bad time and get deported. The main question is... How?

Like, seriously. Can you describe to me a policy that handles illegal immigration in a humane way? How would you do it? No budget constraints, no legal issues, assume everything goes like you want it to in the Parliament. Can you do something that doesn't result in internment camps?

10 points · 22 days ago · edited 22 days ago

The smart way would be not to call them “internment” camps :>

at least that’s what my govt (GER) plans to do as of now, issue is that it’s just another populist’s move (6 camps are about to established, with ~3,000 each{maximum}, =18,000 of so many that we got in here).

They should change weird policies instead, because as of now, in many states immigrants are receiving a letter when they will be deported, guess what... there’s a sheer number of them disappearing before that very moment.

That’s why those camps are being brought up, inside which there are Bureau of Immigration, DSWD, DoE and such, so that there is centralized, straight- forward assistance up until they know whether they are subject to stay or will be brought back (wherever to it is, EU law sees to it that you deport to the last registered state, whilst that doesn’t help the issue)

Or that you as the immigrant are allowed to fight, the legal way, against the decision that you are not being accepted, which is clogging law courts and as an effect of that many people are overstaying and keep doing whatever they want.

You can rinse and repeat, and there’s lawyers/ attorneys specialized exactly on that, you’re alleged to fight your way up to the highest court with that one.

Another one is the terminology of the “refugees”: imo you stop being a refugee once you reach a safe place. If you’re from Afghanistan, and got time and money to travel half way through the world, I don’t think that you’re a refugee, but you’re breaking laws by not applying to local visas.

They’re simply illegal immigrants, I travel a lot for work, and my company always got to apply my working visas, which can be a pain regarding all the documents.

Sorry for my rant.... feel free to leave your ideas and feedback ! And have a great day :)

Edit: zhe spelling

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9 points · 22 days ago

I never said I had the solutions. However, there are cases where the illegal immigrants are treated with an unreasonable lack of respect for another human being.

Reading back on my comment my position on the camps is somewhat ambiguous and suggests I may be against their existence. Camps may be a necessity - my concern is how things are handled within them, which are another matter. If the 'how' were an easy answer, there wouldn't be an issue would there? There have been far too many cases globally where the internment camps stayed hidden from the public eye just to reveal gross misconduct.

While I don't support illegal immigration, my suggestion would be to increase the budget. If there is one thing worth fighting over in this it's maintaining our values towards one another.

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Legal immigrants have to jump through all sorts of hoops to get in

Of course, if it was easy then no one would enter illegally...

20 points · 22 days ago

Lol, what kind of logic is that ?

"Let's make exams easier so people don't feel the need to cheat ! Yay, cheating problem solved ! We're going to have the best students (statiscally) !"

8 points · 22 days ago

You are arguing against yourself bro. He never said anyone should make immigration easier or anything. He just stated his observation, which funnily you seem to agree with. Its just that for some reason you think he is saying countries should make immigration easier. Maybe he would say that or maybe he won't but he didn't say it in his reply.

So yes, according to him(and I also think that) if you make exams easier then less people would cheat. Though whether you should do it or not is up for debate.

Maybe you should take a deep breath before replying and calm down a bit.

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My best guess is they want them to have a real bad time, so that when they are deported they'll spread the word and be less likely to attempt an illegal return.

Sadly, this is hard from what happens in immigration. One thing that we constantly forget is that some third world countries are the greatest receivers of refugees and economic migrants in the world. I mean, if you think Italy doesn't treat their migrants well, you can imagine how Kenya or Uganda does t.

In fact, right now Brazil is dealing with a huge influx of Venezuelans in northern Brazil. Conditions there are appalling, people are literally in the middle of the street, there have been several cases of violent xenophobia from the part of us brazilians, including burning down an asylum shelter with people's entire stuff inside.

Immigration is an economic choice. The vast majority of migrants calculate that living a life as a second class citizen in Europe or in the US is better than live in wherever they live now. Hell, I'm a migrant in the Netherlands (legal, tough) and I'd rather live my life doing non specialized jobs here than go on being an attorney in Brazil. This means that people are not gonna be deterred by violent treatment. Only a substantial change in national context will change that. This means that while north africa, africa and the middle east are plagued by unemployment, corruption, political violence and stunted political growth, immigrants will go on pouring in to their neighbours, regardless if they build a fortress in their borders or not.

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What exactly is wrong with finding people who are illegally in Italy and dealing with them lawfully?

This sort of rhetoric has been used in the past to dupe people into allowing dictators to gain power.

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You're trying to get sympathy for a campaign that targets specific racial groups and you go with the term "cleansing" for it? Really man?!

26 points · 22 days ago

He said it in italien so I'm not sure he used the same word but if he did then bad choice but it might be translated that way for effect.

No no sounds just as horrific in the original

7 points · 21 days ago · edited 21 days ago

No it doesn't. He said he wants to clean the streets (talking about migrants that do make streets worse). Not cleanse ethnic groups.


18 points · 22 days ago(1 child)
4 points · 22 days ago

This isn't even about migrants it's about roma, most of whom are italian citizens.

13 points · 22 days ago

Just judging by the video and being someone who speaks Italian if i were to hear this without context i would think this is about a police sergeant whos tired of crime and dismay running a muck in his precinct and trying to restore order and control. Maybe the people in Italy, who struggle to take care of themselves, are tired and depleted of dumping resources into things that they feel arnt their problem (aka migrants that wander in or refugees that show up and legally are entitled to stay)

I am ashamed of salvini but I want to tell to everyone that the majority of italians, and also many voters of the lega nord, are not really racists. Many people is worried and angered by the current socio-economic situation and they pick on the most obvious of the boogey-man:the foreigner. Many right-wing voters are still nice and gentle to foreigners. Well maybe my perception is twisted because i live in the most left-leaning region of Italy, but almost anyone I know doesn't hate immigrants, they hate the situation, and they see immigrants itself victims of a policy that put them here without the possibility of living a decent and dignifying life. I know we are talking about rom but they are perceived as immigrants because many of them are not integrated for a number of reasons.

What is the distinction between "is a racist" and "blames their problems on and victimizes minorities"?

The reasons. The Kulaks were target for reasons that weren't racist (mostly), but still specifically targeted and killed nonetheless.

Half and Italian and have been to Italy many times, - Italians are racists

Been to italy where? Veneto? South tirol? Some backward village in Sardinia or in Calabria? You can't have seen racism here in Tuscany or in Emilia. Remember people Italy is not a monolith

30 points · 22 days ago

many voters of the lega nord, are not really racists.

The same could be said for many voters of the Nazi Party, but that doesn't absolve them of responsibility.

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Nope, if we're not getting a pass for Trump here in America, you're not getting a pass for Lega Nord.

1 point · 22 days ago · edited 22 days ago

Well maybe my perception is twisted because i live in the most left-leaning region of Italy


Regarding this story, is this a big scandal in Italy, or are people shrugging their shoulders at what he said?

Livorno indeed! I knew of this history by this reddit thread by the way

One would imagine that the ridiculos nominal gdp growth in Italy in the last 20 years have hardly anything to do with immigrants.

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New Roman Empire?

Reddit titles annoy the fuck out of me. How hard is it to just use the title from the article?

Nahhh, instead you use the title, then add another part that says the exact same thing

Going full fascist, huh Italy?

21 points · 22 days ago

I mean, they literally invented it.

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He is calling for ethnic cleansing here. Some people in this thread are claiming that it is just a mistranslation. No. It is the correct translation. "Pulizia" means cleansing / cleaning. When you use it to refer to people, the connotation is that some people are intrinsically dirty (Gricean implicature) and that violently expelling them from their homes / from public spaces counts as an act of cleaning. So: "Cleansing" is absolutely the correct translation. Pulizia Etnica is the correct Italian term for ethnic cleansing. Same as "Säuberung" in German or "Chistka" in Russian. No need get into Quine's theories of the impossibility of translation here - there is a sufficient lexical and pragmatic equivalence to confirm that this is absolutely the correct translation. Any minor variation in connotations across languages is insignificant compared to this clear, unequivocal call to "cleanse" Italian cities of "dirty" ethinicities. Source: I am a linguist specializing in pragmatics and translation studies, I live in Italy and I speak C1 level Italian.

Whatever about the Independent website being a car crash - the translation is right in this video.

TL;DR This guy is calling for ethnic cleansing. Do not fall for the trolls trying to explain it away as a mistranslation.

Word choice is poor but sentiment is valid.

4 points · 22 days ago

Where do you think these people should go? We're not talking about recent immigrants, the Roma have been in Italy for a long time.

According to Wikipedia, In 2015 in Italy there are at about 150,000 (70,000 Italian citizens) of Romani people origins. A 2015 poll conducted by Pew Research found that 86% of Italians have unfavourable views of Romani people.

Why should it be Italy's responsibility to handle it?

If your neighbor is constantly flinging his dog's feces onto your property, is it YOUR responsibility to clean it up?

I think calling entire populations dogshit is a good reveal of mindset.

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Good for them. Finally a European country with the balls to take their country back. Say what you will about human rights issues, but taking in too many migrants really hurts the host country.

Comment deleted22 days ago(2 children)

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8 points · 22 days ago(8 children)
14 points · 22 days ago

As an Italian, I can just agree, and it's tremendously sad, but really, like in everything, avoid generalizing

Italians are basically citizens of a first world country with a third world mindset

Two stereotypes in one sentence. Good job.

If you think people from third world countries display the regressive mentality you accuse Italians of, then it says more about your own prejudices.

23 points · 22 days ago

I'm from a third world country, and have lived in at least three other third world countries. Poverty and a lack of certain structural and/or economic developments definitely promotes certain "mindsets" that are civically unhealthy and undesirable. Italians have no excuse for tolerating them. I have never seen such rampant anti-intellectualism in a first world country...and I spent an entire summer doing volunteer work in bumfucknowhere West Virginia, mind you.

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So what you're saying is "I don't want that statement to be true, therefore it's false!"

Go find an actual italian who disagrees first.

Disappointing ...

maybe he just wanted more street sweepers?

4 points · 22 days ago(14 children)
23 points · 22 days ago · edited 22 days ago

I'm Italian and I don't agree with him on many of his policies, especially economics, but on this thing I'm with him, somebody got to stop these people

Italy has an economic policy?

Seriously though, what is Italy's plan to fix the highest youth unemployment in Europe, the highest level of corruption in Western Europe and one of the most inefficient and fragile banking systems - problems which have all been around for DECADES? Other than blaming the migrants of course.

Other than blaming the migrants of course.

What is definitely NOT going to fix the problem is importing even more unemployable young men.

Getting rid of them is also not a bad strategy.

Why should italy care about people outside italy?

Why should italy care about people outside italy?

These people are already inside Italy. Apparently, many of these Roma people have Italian passports as well. Do you even know who or what we are talking about?

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Why should italy care about people outside italy?

Yeah, that whole "World" thing is just a myth. Italy exists entirely in a bubble, and the rest of us are figments of Italian imaginations.

The entire world is just part of greater italy


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I've heard this translation isn't quite right. Can a native Italian speaker confirm?

He said "pulizia di massa" which is a mass cleaning. Still pretty bad but they went with cleansing because it makes a better headline

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Yeah its just like "big cleaning effort" not such a bad connotation like cleansing

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Yes, we must cleanse the Roma because... Africans.

It seems like you and I are the only ones in this entire thread who know that the article is about the Roma people.

I really shouldn't be as irritated by that as I am. It's the same damn talking points regurgitated over and over again, on-topic or not. It could be me but this place is starting to feel less like a space for discussing and more of a place for shooting hail and hoping something sticks. Keep on repeating the same bullshit and somebody will eventually buy into it.

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The thread would be totally different if people knew it was about Roma. I've never read so much unanimity of hatred on reddit against a group of people as when a Roma woman grabbed another woman's infant and used him as a weapon.

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Yeah, that poor man was forced into his genocidal beliefs.

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At first I thought he was calling to literally clean the streets, with like street sweepers and shit.

And here I am watching Hotel Rwanda....

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