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Here's the kicker:

"Records show more than 1,300 Trump condos were purchased through shell companies, which allow buyers to shield their finances and identities, and without a mortgage, which protects buyers from lender inquiries."

It's the money laundering y'all. He's been doing it for Russian oligarchs for decades.

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Let's extradite Trump to Haiti for trial. Heh heh.

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Oh how the turn tables

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What kind of shithole country launders money for mass-murdering dictators?

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Not country, what kind of shithole New York real estate Mogul laundered the money for him through Manhattan properties?

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That’s particularly true in the US, where surveys by the National Association of Realtors show that 21% of homebuyers were LLCs in 2016, up from 5% in 2007. For sales over $3 million, LLCs bought 42% of the homes in 2016, the Realtors found. The association doesn’t know how many of those purchases were cash.

Gascoigne calls the United States “the easiest place to set up an anonymous company to potentially launder your money.”

Maybe among the future Trump Laws that codify all those norms that previous presidents had never considered violating, there should also be some anti-laundering reform.

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Also laws codifying the conduct of Senate majority leaders, and Supreme Court Justices. In particular Clarence Thomas, whose corruption is blatant, and Neil Gorsuch who may prove on investigation not to be an insane ideologue, but a paid plant.

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Neil Gorsuch who may prove on investigation not to be an insane ideologue, but a paid plant.

Trump always finds the best swamp people.

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Man. I don't know why, but this is what's really making it hit home that America might be irrevocably fucked. So many secret billionaires playing games with the most important of institutions for pointless financial gains.

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the financial gains aren't pointless.

Most of these people have so much money they couldn't spend it in 20 lifetimes, but how else are they gonna keep score and prove they're better than their other billionaire peers?

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By scalping poor people and comparing who got the most black scalps.

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cmon now, we're not quite at the dystopian sci fi novel stage yet. a lot of collapse has to happen first.

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the dystopian sci-fi novel stage is here, it just isn't very evenly distributed

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Edit: people like Trump accuse the Clinton foundation of being corrupt like the false claim they failed to deliver aid to Haiti, when they(Trump) themselves are party to corrupt practices like laundering the very aid money stolen the by corrupt dictators responsible.

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Rephrased for clarity.

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Yeah didn't catch the sarcasm. Poes law and all that now a days.

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That is so cool! how'd you do that?

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There's a sticky on how to do it :)

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I'm confused, his comment is entirely blank

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Are you looking at the desktop site?

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I'm on mobile

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That's your reason.

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On desktop it looks like a monopoly card called the "Hillary Card."

The text on it says, "Deflect bad news away from Trimp. Switch to Hillary. Use Hillary Card when you lack any actual argument."

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it's a picture of a monopoly card except it says stuff about trump supporters using hillary as an excuse for everything intead of actually talking about what they think trump does well.

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Don't feel bad. Just an example of how jaded everyone has become. Getting hard to distinguish sarcasm from zealotry these days. I got you an upvote!

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Hundreds of millions of dollars raised for a hospital that was never built, lead lawyer in the investigation found dead before getting to testify.

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Crazy how people shoot themselves twice in the back of the head sometimes.

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Without a gun!

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lead lawyer in the investigation found dead before getting to testify.

link to the story pls

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Love it. Call them a shithole and face retaliation.

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I'd hope it's common criminal courtesy to not publicly speak ill of your clients' countries. Seems quid pro quo, that you call me and my peoples homeland a shithole yet earn off those folks is scummy.

I also want to point out that [IMO] Trump has no clue of the level of people he's gotten involved with. I doubt he could acquire qualified hitters himself, even the CIA might rebuff his requests after all the bullshit. I mean from top KGB agent to African villager; all could kick his ass in the real world.

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Ive read of people who have bought condos there that Trump Tower is quite the cheap shithole.

It is as if the entire shithole wasn’t built to actually be lived in, but for laundering foreign money.

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“That’s just smart business”

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And lost it all!

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Whoa whoa whoa nelly! let's remember this isn't a big deal, I mean, it wasn't HILLARY CLINTON who did this so it can't be bad.

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Through shithole Trump tower*

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baby doc probably laundered money through every channel he could, just like the Russian kleptocrats-i-mean-oligarchs and African warlords. I was more than mildly surprised that some enterprising republican primary opponent did not hoist him on a mafia-money petard in spring 2016.

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Because the whole Republican party is in on it.

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Why was there a never Trump movement?

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A desperate attempt by the few remaining (relatively) honest and/or smart Republicans to keep the worst of the worst away. Not necessarily out of decency, although there might be some honestly offended by his <pick a disgusting trait>; but because they could foresee that this is what would happen.

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Why do you think they chose Trump

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I think you are thinking a bit small, but I do not disagree.

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A few questions

They accounted for 21% of the 6,400 Trump condos sold in the US. Those figures include condos that Trump developed as well as condos that others developed in his name under licensing deals that pay Trump a fee or a percentage of sales.

Couldn't this be just a show of how Russia or perhaps other shady figures have their fingers in everything, without directly targeting trump? His company might just gave an international reputation for being able to be abused for thus sort of thing and he's a complacent idiot taking his cut.

Also the article mentions that the companies being based in Delaware is potentially suspicious for 'transparency'. IANAL, but Delaware is extremely popular to almost any company because of low corporate tax and business laws that are extremely efficient and beneficial to the companies or something like that. It is really unfair to me to not mention that for context -

More than half of U.S. publicly-traded companies and fully 64 percent of the Fortune 500 were among that number, according to the state’s Division of Corporations. In 2012, more than 90 percent of IPOs were from Delaware legal entities, including Facebook and Yelp. That same year, the tiny 1209 North Orange Street in Wilmington was the legal home to 285,000 businesses.


I think they article is still valid, I just wish it wouldn't misrepresent things like this, or at least give full context.

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Playing stupid is his defence strategy. So yes of course it’s possible, just not plausible.

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I get that, but in the interest of actually getting him held accountable I wish the presented arguments for evidence were more convincing. As a layman, I feel like much of this can be explained away- at least to other laymen. Particularly those with a bias. I might be completely wrong about the reality of what this evidence means, but to me the parts I was pointing out just aren't particularly convincing. Fingers crossed there is more to it than what I can currently wrap my head around.

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Whether or not a random stranger on the internet can convince you is irrelevant. The question is whether or not Mueller can convince a grand jury. With the evidence that he has and we do not.

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True, and I get that. I'm not saying this because I think of myself as an important person to convince. I'm saying more in the vein of public opinion and continues support for the investigation. Public pressure could in theory convince 'real' (moderate? I dont know the rules anymore) republican reps to not cave and spew neocon rhetoric on trumps behalf to ensure their seats. It could keep general media from being so partisan that every story is a 'breaking news' on the investigation that isn't actually news and just takes air time and discussion time away from other issues.

I personally think the parts I pointed out before don't necessarily lend credibility to the article that could help generate that support or sway the opinions of moderates, who I believe are the real people we need to be catering this news too. Not the 'lock him up' crowd who have read the same information from 6 different sources.

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Yep the Delaware thing is a non starter. Everybody locates their companies in Delaware.

The shady shits do their dirty work through in Grand Cayman or Panama.

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Pretty sure they need to investigate Trump tower separately, it's a big money laundering scheme that's in that building. If it's ever found connected to the Russian investigation then it's gonna turn into something big. But for now that beast (while it needs to be taken down) should be left up to another FBI team. Let Mueller investigate Trump and his family.

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When running for president, be sure not to have laundered multiple countries money. It may be a bit of a roadblock in the future.

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There is a delusion of immunity created by privilege at work here.

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Yet another foreign tyrant whose money Trump wanted to get his grubby mitts on. Don't forget: Trump also tried shacking up with Muammar Qaddafi before the Libyan Revolution.

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It's instructive that as with people, Trump attacks countries he has fucked up, or helped fuck up as the case may be.