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For those familiar with redditgifts, one of the current exchanges you can sign up for is puzzles!! Hope I get to spoil a fellow jigsaw fan!

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I'm in!! Thanks so much for posting this or else I totally would've missed it.

I'm signed up. :)

I signed up for this one last year & got the solid white puzzle that I just finished & posted.

Could someone explain a little how this works? I've never done a reddit gift exchange. This will sound like a dumb question, but are the gifts supposed to be new? Or could this work like an exchange, if I have some puzzles I've done once and would like to give them to someone else to enjoy? Do you get to specify that you're interested in jigsaw puzzles?

Original Poster2 points·2 months ago

So, I'd look through the faq on the site for more information. You should be prepared to send something new, as not everyone might appreciate secondhand items. And your giftee might want puzzles other than jigsaws (though I gifted 2 separate people last year and both were jigsaw fans). What I did was message my giftees to ask if they would be okay with getting some secondhand puzzles as part of their gift. They said yes, so I bought one new puzzle from a good brand that fit their interests and then added a bunch of other ones from my collection that I thought they would also like. When you sign up, you can list your preferences.

Awesome, thank you!!

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You like jigsaw puzzles. We like jigsaw puzzles. Drunks like Alcohol. Squirrels like nuts. Zoidberg dressed up like jesus once. Bill Murray likes us on Facebook... Sorry, I kinda dozed off there. What I am trying to say is, Jigsaw puzzles are awesome.

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