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Can we at least argue that since grandpa Joe was a subhuman parasite, this rule can't apply to him?

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Grandpa Joe isn't a person. Not really. Well be fine.

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Pretty sure the actor that portrayed him is a goner too.

But while I'm at it, you know who else was a jerk? Chico's boss, the Man

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Either way, we can still talk SHIT about grandpa joe right? I mean... we aren't calling for violence we're just saying grandpa joe doesn't deserve to be around anymore

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Fuck it, I'll test the waters for us.

I am formally advocating for violence to be done to the fictional person of Grandpa Joe. (Who does not exist)

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How dare you.

Of course he exists.

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Ol' Joe's greased his way up the Reddit ladder!

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Grandpa joe can suck 2 bonars

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Laffed so hard had to put down phone. Thanks.

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He's a fictional character, we should be fine.

Doesn't make him any less of a scumbag, though.

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Awwww :( and I just joined this sub and was looking forward to encouraging, glorifying, and inciting violence against Grandpa Joe

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And grandpa joe watched how many kids die without lifting a dirty long nailed coke finger?

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I blame Grandpa Joe.

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Grandpa joe is a real piece of shit

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We're hating on a fictional character...I think we're fine.

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Individual or group of people

Grandpa joe is not a human so I think we are clear.