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NASA Has Developed Autonomous Space Navigation That Uses Pulsars

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2 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

So you could pinpoint a satellite's position by measuring how long the light takes to reach the satellite from various stars, and then noting how this changes according to the satellite's movements. However, the light is continuous not pulsed so this doesn't make sense. With pulsars the pulses are in phase relative to eachother, if the satellite moves the relative phases will change. Different positions around the Earth will correspond to different 'phase relations'. I think this is how it works.

Well no, the pulsars selected would have different frequencies, so compensating for dopplar is pretty much the same as a ground correction for a GPS satellite. And the proper morion of the stars themselves are know, so that's just another compensation again like a GPS satellite.

Each pulsare would have ephimetric data similar to a GPS satellite. One could treat the pulsars very similarly to a GPS constellation.

I'm trying to explain the technique. You're not contradicting that and not providing an alternative explanation. And different frequencies would make it easier!

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