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Toronto: 11-year-old Muslim girl 'terrified' after man cuts her hijab. Pressure mounts on Canadian governments to tackle Islamophobia, as police investigate ‘cowardly’ attack on girl while she was walking to school

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Yup another fucking hoax.

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The Toronto police confirmed this didn’t happen.

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This was a lie! Toronto police determined that the girl lied

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Probably a publicity stunt done by her or her mom.


Why the downvotes? Turns out that I was absolutely right!

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I'm so desensitized from these sensational news posts. Whenever I see a crazy headline I shrug and wait a few days to see if it actually happen. There was a stabbing in Oshawa school that was overshadowed by this weird grab at attention. What a waste of resources.

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Asking the government to "tackle Islamophobia" seems to be asking for trouble. Why not just prosecute people under established assault and hate crime laws?

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Couldn't that be the same thing? That's actually what I thought they meant by "tackling Islamophobia"

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Perhaps I'm reading too far into it but it seems to me that they're asking for special protection as they feel that they're being disproportionately targeted and presumably they feel that these crimes are going unpunished. But in this case for instance, the police cant magically make a suspect appear if they don't have any evidence to go on. To me this is just knee jerk reactions and sensationalist headlines. But that's what governments seem to respond to unfortunately.

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Tackling involved public relations stuff. If you tackle racism, you don't just prosecute hate crimes, you study and find solutions based on it's causes and how they can be combated.

I think importing tens of thousands of people from a culture at conflict with your own and doing nothing to make sure they're integrated into society, then wringing your hands and wondering why the locals are all suddenly racist, is the opposite of a good idea.

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Less asking for special protection, more saying "Look, this shit is not as rare as you keep insisting it is, help." The laws are there, but enforcement is spotty, both for women and visible minorities.

Yea but when I got my car stolen and I learned about how policing really works I realised they aren't really there for anyone. What are they gonna do?

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"Tackling Islamophobia" means blasphemy laws, which are abhorrent in a free society.

"Enforcing current laws" seems to be the way to go.

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Tackling any phobia, in context to this assault is as simple as employing and enforcing laws that already exist. In context to this story it is hyperbolic rhetoric that is used to separate people in my view.

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Exactly how they do it in Football. CFL, football.

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Why not just prosecute people under established assault and hate crime laws?

There are probably some hoax crimes the girl can be charged under, because now the police have investigated they say the attack simply did not happen.

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It could mean marketing and education in addition to existing laws

Which can be done under existing laws.

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Which is precisely what people are calling for. I think you are in vigorous agreement with the person you're replying to.

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Oh yeah? Well I agree too.

This seems extremely Canadian

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Which is part of trying to fix it. Are you being obtuse on purpose?

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It's like dealing with the mob. You need a strategy that goes beyond arresting the muscle one by one when you can catch them.

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Right? Let's turn everything into a crime wave.

My thoughts exactly, it's a relatively isolated incident. Not something that demands all these additional resources just standard hate crime charges

Didn't Canada have a shooting in a mosque last year?

We did, said person was prosecuted for his crimes and put in prison.

Canada does not advertise his name or glorify the crime, expedited trial and sentencing for major stuff like this.

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I knew this smelt fishy. You should have to make up hate crimes if theyre such a big of an issue.

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Jews are still the group most targeted by hate groups in Canada. Tackle racism...not any specific -ism.

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I live in Canada and as a child a stranger came over to me and knocked the yarmulka off my head. I was scared but I picked it up and continued on my way. I didn't realize that the appropriate response was to have an international news story in the Guardian about it.

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What if he had cut it with scissors? Would you not have reported it to the police since he could have easily cut you too?

Local police and international news media are two different things, I think that was his intended point.

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Maybe I would have, I can tell you for certain I wouldn't have called the press.

I can tell you for certain I wouldn't have called the press

Ehm I read in my newspaper less than two weeks ago about a jew that had the same thing happening to them (stranger knocking a kippah off)... You maybe wouldn't but some do.

What's wrong with alerting the press? Shouldn't issues like this be covered in the press so they can be discussed and hopefully done something about? I don't want anyone to be treated that way regardless of religion and I don't see how not telling anyone about it will improve the situation.

(Besides, you're still talking about it on a worldnews thread, most people here read the comments but not the article. I don't understand your reasoning)

What's wrong with alerting the press?

The girl was confirmed a liar, what if that lie caused a muslim to seek revenge...all based on a lie.


Yeah I saw the story wasn't true, it's frustrating because people doing that hurt other Muslims immensely and fuel the racism. The Guardian should've waited before posting it, I'm disappointed in them. They have at least as much responsibility in this since it's up to them what they actually publish.

That wasn't my point though, what's wrong with alerting the press if something actually happens? Of course you shouldn't if nothing has happened, making a false police report is a criminal offence in itself isn't it?

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What's wrong with alerting the press?

Its not the correct avenue, the correct people to contact are the police.

You should be more inclined to take photos and whatnot so the news is "person charged with assaulting individual" not "random asshole assaults person and gets away"

That's because there is no such thing as C.A.J.R.

You probably just forgot to include a hashtag in a post somewhere

That's cool. I've been attacked by people with knives, and I never called the police. My friend once called 911 because someone was standing too close to him at the bus stop. Everyone responds differently to traumatic incidents. Stop trying to throw shade on this attack.

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And how did the "ignore it and it'll stop" response work out for Canadian Jews?

Maybe this is the appropriate response.

Maybe not, given the backlash after this turned out to be a hoax.

Yeah but it's not about Muslims or islamophobia, it's not news worthy

Did he also try to cut your clothes off?

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If you wanted to write a fictional story about a hijab attack, cutting it with scissors (think about that realistically) is waaay more dramatic than just pulling it off. Makes great copy and is instant clickbait. Let's shine some light on this investigation and see what we find.

Today it's been confirmed as a hoax. You were right.

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This seems.. weird. First, having lived in Toronto, at this point I think most neighborhoods are more than half 'minority'. It's really not a racist place. Second, there was a crowd of people and nobody did anything about a guy running up with scissors twice over 10 min? And her brother didn't do anything?

I would not be shocked if this story is not 100% true.

My best guess: She cut/ripped her hijab in some other way, or some students did it as a mean prank in class, and she was scared of her parents getting mad.

EDIT: I was right, it did not happen.

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. Toronto's a big place and I've seen quite a few lunatics on the streets before.

Shouldn't have, let another liar playing the victim

Shitty people are everywhere.

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Well your benefit of the doubt means jack shit.

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As we've seen in the past when the culprit isn't caught at first it often times comes out later as a hoax.

So maybe let's slow down and wait for actual evidence before we start accusing people of being cowardly Islamaphobes.

Edit: Many thanks for the gold kind stranger. Today is a good day for patience and sanity.

News just came out confirming that this story is a hoax. Just thought I'd let you know.

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You're a legend.

Imagine all the people

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Good call. Just came out as a hoax


Whos gonna win the Super Bowl. By what spread?

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It wouldn't surprise me, I saw her trying not to smile a few times when the cameras were on her.

Turns out is was indeed a hoax. It's a shame you got downvoted.

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We're doing a hindsight upvote party for y'all!

It's how circle jerks work

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You say 'often times' so I assume you have a source that compares the number of times it's a hoax with the number of real occurances, can you link that source?

Edit: For everyone brigading me right now... I'm just laughing at how stupid some of you are. Like, you seriously don't know what hindsight bias, statistics, or proper sourcing is. Someone actually fucking told me that I'm biased for NOT automatically assuming she was lying. Seriously, nuts.

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my favorite was way back when Morton Downy Jr. staged an assult from a cowardly skinhead who drew a poorly drawn swastika backwards on his forehead.

An infinite amount wouldn't be enough for people like him. He's just looking to argue.

He did not ask for sources saying that hoaxes exist, he requested statistics on the comparative presence of hoaxes and non-hoaxes.

Seeing the large span chosen, in both the choice of hoaxes (general minority cases, instead of Islam), population group (all of North America instead of just Canada) and time (all of 2017), I don't think that anyone would doubt your ability to find a dozen, or even a hundred individual cases that confirm your point.

There are over a 1000 reported hate crimes in Canada, in a year.

Please find a credible source stating that a significant part of those are hoaxes.

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You're asking him for statistics that don't exist. You can't provide some credible source that says 90% are not hoaxes any more than he can provide some credible source that says 30% definitely are.

Spamming links to examples of big cases in the news that turned out fake isn't the most scientific argument in the world, but it makes his point that hoaxes are common enough to be skeptical when the news first breaks.

You're asking him for statistics that don't exist.

This is a really common tactic, I've noticed. These days everyone wants you to 'cite' even opinions and hunches. I've been a keyboard warrior since like 2004 and it has gotten a lot more noticeable here in the last 5-6 years. You used to be able to say stuff like "I suspect that..." or "I believe that..." or "It's my impression that..." without too much fuss. All the OP said was that these incidents are often proven to be hoaxes, which is of course true.

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You used to be able to say stuff like "I suspect that..." or "I believe that..." or "It's my impression that..."

There's a difference between stating opinions, or vaguely stating things as facts. OP did the latter, I do not think that's a practice to be encouraged.

I also do not believe that it is a good practice to give bad evidence in the absence of anything proper (even if proper evidence lacks on both sides.)

If it's an opinion, state it as such - if it's a fact, show it. Otherwise, don't bother. I quite despise the increasing tendency that there seems to be, for people to use individual stories to attempt to give more weight to their opinions, presented as such or not. For some reason, it's a habit that seems to have transcended every political distinction, even as everything else becomes more and more clear-cut.

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Duuude, exactly the same thoughts, I even posted something similar to this several times. People lost their ability to reason without "source"

"You can't cite your hunch? Hmph, guess my hunch was right."

This is a really common tactic, I've noticed. These days everyone wants you to 'cite' even opinions and hunches.

Well yes there's good reason for that.

Because "often times" people's opinions and hunches are wrong.

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"This is a really common tactic, I've noticed. These days everyone wants you to 'cite' even opinions and hunches"

When they're stated as facts, you're goddamn right. Skepticism is better than idiotic blind faith.

"All the OP said was that these incidents are often proven to be hoaxes, which is of course true."

So a dozen out of a thousand is "often"? And don't get me started on our situation here in the US, where the FBI is involved in over 6 to 7 thousand hate crimes a year, of which at most 20 were hoaxes.

the FBI is involved in over 6 to 7 thousand hate crimes a year, of which at most 20 were hoaxes.

source? because that sounds extremely low

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There is already a fairly exhaustive (and stupid IMO) thread about this. He's not necessarily saying that the majority of hate crime reports are false, he's saying it happens often which is true enough. I have like half a dozen people jumping down my throat right now trying to split hairs over the meaning and context of the word often.

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And of course in the end, this one turns out to be fake.

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In general, you can find sufficient statistics to determine that actual crime is more frequent than false accusations of crime (60-80% guilty charges, in most countries, and the majority of the remaining is usually not-proven, NOT not-guilty.) So I do feel that the burden of proof lies with him, in this case, though that's open to some subjectivity, of course.

I also do not state as fact that what he says is strictly false. Simply that it currently remains an unfounded opinion, and should be presented as such.

I'm reminded of shitposters who chime into discussions on sexual assault and cite instances where the claim was proved false. It's like the vast body of evidence is suddenly up for grabs because there are times women lied about being assaulted or raped. It is reprehensible.

Ok but it was a hoax

There are stats who've shown it's disproportionally the most falsely reported crime. I hate the good old ''anecdotal evidence'' trick but there are some studies behind it.

''BI reports from 1995, 1996, and 1997 consistently put the number of "unfounded" forcible rape accusations around 8%. In contrast, the average rate of unfounded reports for all "index crimes" tracked by the FBI is 2%''

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100% of this time was a hoax.

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The hoaxes tend to be the most spectacular cases by far, so they're the ones getting the most attention. That's because when somebody makes a hoax they don't half-ass it: they make the story sound scary, they make up evidence, they call the media. Meanwhile, lots of hate crimes take place that get no publicity, e.g. because the story is boring ("bob was walking home minding his own business, when some guys called him a racial slur; bob said "fuck you" and they beat him up") or because the victim doesn't want to speak to the media.

This one is quite spectacular - a man running up to an 11 year-old girl and cutting apart her veil with scissors! Now, if I understand the story correctly there should be many witnesses and so it will probably be easy to confirm the story. But for now the story seems to be based on the girl's testimony only.

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Turns out it is a hoax and you look like a dick.

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Lol you want this to be real so bad

Lol. I bet you feel foolish now

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This is from the ACLU (I just did the A states):

ALABAMA 1 or 2 anti-mosque incidents

Birmingham and Huntsville, February 2017 Both mosques received threatening emails. The Birmingham Islamic Society received an email from someone threatening to hunt “Muzlims Mexicans Blacks” until they are “dead or gone.” Sources:

ARKANSAS 1 or 2 anti-mosque incidents

Fort Smith, October 2016 Police and the FBI investigated graffiti at two mosques in the area where vandals spray painted swastikas and the words “go home.” The vandals also damaged the sign, garage, and porch at one of the mosques. Sources:

Bella Vista, September 2010 The Bella Vista City Council met to consider banning the construction of mosques and the practice of Sharia Law within city limits. Sources:

KANSAS 3 or 4 anti-mosque incidents

Wichita, December 2017 Police investigated and increased security around the Wichita Islamic Society when a picture of the building was posted on Facebook in response to a post asking for gun range recommendations. Sources:

Garden City, October 2016 Federal officials charged three men with allegedly conspiring to bomb an apartment complex that also serves as a mosque for many Somali refugees. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office complaint, the men are part of a militia group called the Crusaders, and had conducted surveillance on potential targets, stockpiled weapons, and put together a manifesto to release after the bombing, which the men planned for Nov. 9. Sources:

Wichita, March 2016 The Islamic Society of Wichita canceled a speaker fundraising event after hearing protesters’ plans to come armed. Congressman Mike Pompeo also called on the mosque to cancel the event, in part because it was planned for "Holy Friday." Sources:

Wichita, October 2011 A fire that caused more than $100,000 in damages to a mosque was declared arson. Sources:

ARIZONA 5-10 anti-mosque incidents

Tucson, March 2017 Mosque leaders reported that someone broke into their mosque in the middle of the night, ripped up copies of the Quran, and threw them on the floor of the prayer room. Sources:

Tucson, January 2016 Residents at a high-rise student housing facility have repeatedly thrown alcohol bottles and other debris from their balconies into the parking lot of a nearby mosque. Residents have also shouted racial slurs at mosque visitors. Sources:

Phoenix, December 2015 Vandals shattered windows at the Islamic Cultural Center. Sources:

Glendale, August 2010 Two men threw an “acid bomb” - a soda bottle filled with acid at a mosque - targeting mosque officials standing nearby. Sources:

Phoenix, August 2010 Vandals threw paint on the floor, shot out windows, and wrote anti-Muslim slurs on the walls of a local mosque. Sources:

Tucson, April 2007 Vandals ransacked a local mosque, writing "Bush was here" on one of the computer screens. Sources: 'Anti-Muslim rhetoric' cited after vandalism at mosque in UA area, Arizona Daily Star, Apr. 5, 2007

Why is Kansas in the A states?

Comment deleted6 months ago(1 child)

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What’s that, 20 attacks over a decade spanning 10 cities*? I think it’s safe to say it’s not a norm

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What was your point?

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September 11th, 2001. Islamists hijack and fly plans into the WTC buildings.

San Berandino.

Fort Hood.

Pulse Nightclub.

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Toronto is one of the most accepting places on earth. I hear 3 or 4 different languages on the subway everyday. Ive never seen any openly racist comments or attacks on other ethnicities/religions.

Im sure there are dicks out there who are racist but they are a tiny minority and arent the kind of people who will change because of some gov't education ect

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Or they could investigate the chauvinist pigs who compel (force) her to wear it out of "modesty". How deranged is that?

What a stupid girl. This makes people not believe real hate crimes when they happen.

And it's a hoax from her mom....

Today it's been confirmed as a hoax. You called it and you got downvoted for it.

Remember right after Trump got elected and there was a big spike in people attacking Muslim girls and pulling their hijab's off? Remember how mad everyone was?

Remember when that girl in Manhattan got attacked on the subway by MAGA-hat wearing Trump supporters screaming "Donald Trump!" at her as they pushed her down and pulled her hijab off? Remember how no one on the subway car did anything to help her? Remember how the Trump supporters called her a terrorist and told her to "Get the hell out of the country!" Remember how it was on front pages of all the the newspapers? Remember the outraged commentators? Remember the huge thread we had about it here and how furious everyone was and how it showed what Trump had done to America? Remember when it all turned out to be a hoax? -

Remember when that girl in Louisiana was beaten, robbed and had her hijab pulled off by two white males yelling "Trump! Trump!" as they attacked her? Remember how it all turned out to be a hoax? -

Remember when that girl at the University of Michigan had that a white man threatened to set her on fire if she didn't take her hijab off? Remember when it turned out to be a hoax? -

Maybe this girl really did get attacked. But until the police actually finish their investigation and until someone is in custody it might be a good idea to save getting all furious about it. Because it might be just another hijab story.

Comment deleted6 months ago(1 child)

errr, your reading comprehension must be bad. This person is literally saying 'she might be lying'

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I read about this today. She described the suspect as a young asian male which is really surprising considering that they are not known for that at all. It really is a weird one and makes me think it is not in fact a hate crime. Probably just a crazy guy trying to deal with boredom.

EDIT: It seems they have omitted that part in the article. But yes the girl did describe the suspect as an Asian male.

The police probably thought the same because we just found out it was a hoax.

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What kind of scum do you have to be to do that to someone especially a little child

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None because the cops said it didn't happen

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In this specific case, can't they just arrest him for assaulting a 11 year old girl? There has got to be a law against running up to a little girl waving scissors around her head and neck area to cut the cloth from her head. Twice.

I don't know Canadian law, but he should be charged on 2 counts of assaulting a minor with a weapon

Yes. Canadian here. There are obviously a number of crimes you can be charged for here. Assuming they catch the guy there will be zero issue prosecuting. I think people want some kind of systemic, holistic approach to solve all the world's bad feelings toward eachother which is clearly very far off, but we have a perfectly serviceable legal system capable of dealing with people who assault minors with scissors, regardless of race, creed, gender, etc.

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Their abilities are in no way limited and in fact they have a mechanism to deal with it already called laws. There is nothing special needed here at all except for assault and whatever other charges to be brought, and in my personal opinion some kind of mandatory therapy to tackle these antisocial behaviors.

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The timing of this and the lack of a suspect make this seem very convenient for the PC authoritarian Liberals in Queen's Park and Ottawa.

This is besides the point, but why is an 11 year old even wearing a hijab?

20 points · 6 months ago

Sexualization of children. Its a thing in Islam that desperately needs reforming.

This is besides the point, but why is an 11 year old even wearing a hijab?

Could be because she saw her mom, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, siblings, female relative of her friends etc. wear it and she wants to wear one as well. It's very common for children to mimic their parents, especially when it comes to what they wear.

Or it could be because her father is forcing her to wear one.

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I wore a hijab at age 11 or 12. At that age, things are very black and white. I simply saw it as a requirement of my religion, so I did it. My mom wore it. As a child, I was already imitating her sometimes and putting one on here and there at the age of 8. I didn't think much of it at the time. At age 11, you don't think about the whole picture of the world. You don't think about racism or prejudice because you haven't experienced it yet. You don't even think about 'modesty' or sex. You're just 11. At the time, my parents were surprised that I decided to do so because I was still a child, but it's not unheard of. If people around you do something, you just do it. I didn't see myself as special or different for doing so. I saw it as the norm even though I was in Chicago and at the time, Muslims weren't that common in the area.

I've worn it since then. I'm 28 now. My view of hijab has definitely evolved. It's part of my identity.

I'm sorry you were taught to hide yourself from the world.

Glad to hear this was just another in a long line of hoaxes

I dont owe the World anything and the World doesnt own me. I'm good. I'm content, happy, and do my own thing.

No one said you owed the world anything, we are just sadden that you were brainwashed from an early age to feel you had to hide yourself from the world.

You are equal to man, just like a man you should feel comfortable not hiding yourself.

We don't choose our religions, we are born into them, I'm sorry you were born into one that treats women as if they are property and not equals.

Some christens are equally disgusting with their treatment of women but luckily most sects have matured past it

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Be proud of your suppressed identity

It's part of my identity.

Well that's genuinely depressing.

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FYI this is already against several laws. We don't need to "tackle Islamophobia" any more than we just need to punish people when they do things like this. And there is also no evidence that this kind of hate related crime is any more common than, say, antisemitism, or why we should single out Islam for special protection.

Well that and it's a lie

Holy shit this thread is a mess

7 points · 6 months ago

Well now all the previously downvoted people all get a hindsight upvote!

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Resist the use of the word "islamophobia" ladies and gentleman. A word used as if it was an accusation of race-hatred or bigotry, where it is only the objection to the preachings of a very extreme and absolutist religion.

3 points · 6 months ago

Heads up guys, it's bullshit. It's another made up attack.

Guys the problem is the fact that Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne reacted on Twitter and social media within 45 minutes condemning the supposed perpetrator and spouting anti Islamophobia messages. Before the police investigation was complete. Now the hoax perpetrator was described as an Asian man. The Canadian Asian community is not very active in elections or domestic social issues but it is a big community. I expect the next election to have an increase in engagement with the Asian community.

The perpetrator was described as an Asian man. As an Asian Canadian, I found this hoax very offensive. The fact that this girl and her family thought they could get away with blaming an Asian man for a hate crime is a crime in itself. The fact that they targeted the Asian race as a executor of hate is racist in itself. Is no one else seeing this? I don't know what the family was thinking because even naming a race in this "prank" makes the case for Islamophobia worse. The people of that race are likely to side with the perpetrator if it was successful, deepening Islamophobia. And if it turned out like a hoax, as it did, it creates anger in the blamed race as it naturally does when one is purposely blamed for a crime that was not commited. What happened to being innocent until proven guilty? Are we advocating for the protection of one culture by throwing another one under the bus and into the streets?

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Oh shit! /s Show this kind of mobilisation when a person is raped by a muslim. No? Thought so.

Muslims and there oppression of women and gays and jews and atheists and non muslims and christians don't matter.

we only care about white christians ok,come on its 2018 bud get with the time

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Cutting someone’s hijab makes as much sense to me as running up to someone and knocking their baseball cap off and then jumping on it.

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Anti Christian and Catholic stuff happens everyday, what makes Islam so special?

Neither should happen.

Well good thing this actually didn’t happen

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Doesn't matter how much you try, Islamophobia isnt a thing. And I say that as an ex-muslim myself.

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Culture warriors really showing their bravery by attacking little girls.

11 points · 6 months ago

Cops say it didn't even happen now

Assuming this even actually happened.

I have personally seen a woman go into full foul-mouthed tirade at another woman with a headscarf - and a stroller. About the kindest and least crude thing said was along the lines of "go back to your own fucking country." In the middle of a crowded bus.

Who knows about this event, but things like it are certainly happening.

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And what did you or anyone else do? Hopefully someone said something. If that happens it's kind of on us to make sure minorities don't feel alone or excluded.

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Cops say now it didn't happen.

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So, do you want to retract your comment?

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I don't give a fuck who you are. Don't attack kids. You are always automatically the worst person in that situation.

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Who is the bad person in this situation now? A serious question.

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It is a piss poor argument to say women in the Western World CHOOSE to wear headscarves instead of being forced like in the middle east. These women still have religious and uptight parents, families and local communities that encourage and coerce the adoption of a hijab, regardless of exact location.
This is coming from an Arab: Hijabs were not even that popular in the ME before the 1960's-70's. They became much more widespread with the extreme-Islamization of the region following the cold war era. So to pretend its this ancient tradition that everyone undertook for centuries is just false.
PS. the arguments pertaining to the literal covering of faces with other garments are piss poor as well. Ideas and motivations behind something matter to society.

Yup. Egypt literally is fighting to ban burqas and niqabs. It has nothing to do with the religion really

There just simply is not a problem with "islamophobia" in a big city like Toronto. I live here and Muslim people are accepted as much as any other minority. Canada is one of the most diverse and ethnically inclusive societies on earth today, and to claim that it is wracked with racism and bigotry towards Muslims is not only wrong, but absurd. If the perpetrator get's caught, he will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, what isn't needed are limits on freedom of speech in my country.

He doesn't sound very phobic

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Governments can’t get anything right. How are they going to “tackle” this one?

By telling white people they are bad obviously

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The act of one crazy person is no real reflection of the community and should be views as such.

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It may be prudent to find out if this actually happened, like was it staged.

I have memories of some kid in the States claiming the clock he made was not a bomb. Even though it was made to look like one.

I have seen other reports of people claiming this type of thing only to find out it was a hoax to drum up sympathy.

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Just ban the hijabs, this is not something west civilization should support.

what you want to ban is the sexist idea behind the hijab, but the only thing you could actually ban would be every headscarf, which would be complete nonsense because the percentage of people wearing headscarves for any number of others reasons is way, way above 0%.

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Cutting off other people's clothing for non-emergency reasons is not something western civilization should support.

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this is not something west civilization should support.

Individual liberty, include freedom of religion, is one of the foundational principles of our civilization.

As our greatest Prime Minister said, "Canada is free, and freedom is its nationality". The idea that a particular religious practice ought to be banned just because some people don't approve of it is one of the least Canadian things I can think of.

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Do you also want to ban wearing a cross, or wearing a yarmulke, or wearing turbans and every other type of religious garment or symbolic dress?

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I feel like we should ban furries. That shit does not belong in western civilization.

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Just ban the hijabs, this is not something west civilization should support.

Yeah screw freedom!

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It's horrible but almost front page while Islamists behaving badly links get buried.

A comment about Reddit only - you don't fuck with a child going to school for Heaven's sake.

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This is unfortunate. I do hope they find and prosecute the man for this assault.

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