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Aww man, I still remember in 8th grade when I borrowed my player to my friends for a bus trip and they were all like "wtf is this girly shit on playlist 3 lol" and I denied the Cranberries like st. Peter denied Jesus and lied about sharing the player with my sister as an explanation.

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I always liked her...and she's 3 years older then me, so I really liked her...

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On a side note: Sharleen Spiteri was my favourite back then...she did not age too well. Jennifer Connely though!

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hahaha I had almost the same experience one time :D btw, I know you didn't ask for English advice but here it is anyway: it should be "lent to" and "borrowed from" and they're not interchangeable :D

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Since we are writing about memories, I still remember how I got my grade reduced because of this mistake.

Btw. Since we are writing about memories = Since we are with memories ?

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"Since we are writing about memories" is correct, but "While we're on the topic of memories" sounds a bit more natural. "Since we are with memories" is incorrect.

I studied French and German in school and was absolutely awful at both of them lol. Learning languages is hard. I'm astounded by how well many non-native speakers can speak English.

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Now this is very unexpected. Their music is iconic for the 90's. RIP.

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RIP, I will play the entire The Cranberries discography to honour her.

One of my favourite female singer.

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I've been playing Cranberries all night too, many memories.

RIP Dolores

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Omg i loved her strong voice always.It doesn't say anything about her death reason.I hope it's not suicide.

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Polish article mention she gave an interview few days ago saying she doesn't feel good (physically, not mentally)

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I don't wanna think the possibility that she might be using drugs but she is celebrity in the end.

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She was known to suffer from bipolar

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EDIT: I love Cranberries despite me being born after their time. I don't even want to read the article.

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There's no need to argue anymore. RIP.

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Sad. That is no age to die. Did she have some ongoing health conditions, like cancer to die at such an early age?

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Not unless they kept it secret. They did have to cancel most of their tour dates last year, but cited her nagging back problems as a reason.

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she had bi polar disorder IIRC and severe depression. She cancelled her last tour for some back pain problems, so painkillers might also be in the equation

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I can’t find anything other than it was sudden and unexpected. She had to pull out of some shows due to her back, but that could be cover for something else.

How unexpected.

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Yeah, the age to die is 27.

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This comment is only controversial to morons who don't know about the 27 club.

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I guess those morons didn't have the balls to join the club and are now bitter about it.

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Well Not too late for some to join the Jesus club at 33.

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Or the Methuselah club at 969. come on, the guy must be a bit lonely by now.

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Okay, so because you're don't follow when celebrities kill themselves, you're a straight up 'moron', now that is a moronic statement.

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Most of them were murders or accidents. And the list is rather large. You don't even have to love pop culture to know about the 27 club. It's just interesting how quickly some people will downvote something without thinking through what is meant by it. That is the moronic behavior.

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James Dean, Anton Yelchin, Amy Winehouse etc....

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I had no idea that she or the band were well known outside Ireland and Britain.

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Zombie has 600million+ views on youtube?

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I'd be lying if I said I was aware of that.

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Cranberries was a very iconic sound and song.

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They indeed are, and how.

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Heard them all the time growing up in Mexico, yeah she will be missed.

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I'd put them into the Manic Street Preacher (Welsh, yes I know) category. Globally well known by an entire generation. And somewhat political among a flood of pop drivel.

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No one knows Manic Street Preachers like they do Cranberries here. I couldn't name even one of their songs.

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Yeah it's not even a competition, most people know atleast the zooooombie eh eh eh song, never heard of Manic Street Preachers

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never heard of Manic Street Preachers

She's from sweden, you must have heard this at least: Not Enough.

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Oh it's the cardigans girl yeah?

I like them, never heard this song though, it was pretty good

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Oh it's the cardigans girl yeah?

Nina the Godess Persson. Sure she is. Now I have this song in the loop. Look what you guys made me do, what you made me do, ...

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Then I guess I can officially tell your generation to fuck the fuck off.

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Well... you weren't told about a lot of things to be fair.

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Don't be a trump. :)

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The '90s Brit Pop were a big thing all over Europe, I guess mostly because of MTV (yeah, I do include Irish singers under "Brit pop", even though I guess that's not technically true).

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And Euro pop was more popular here too. I miss some of those amazing, yet cancerous tunes.

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I wouldn't include the Cranberries under Britpop just by their sound alone, rather than just geography.

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yey we made it 15 days without a celebrity death...

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Stop it, 2018! Don't even think about trying to be like 2016! Don't you fucking dare!

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Oh god, can we not do this? OMG 2017 WAS SOO BAD! Like, literally, 2018, can't be any worse omg!

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What, why? Wow. RIP.

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I should not had read newspapers today...

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So sorry, not everybody was a fan of her voice but she was great and unique artist. Some songs from the band are forever glued on my favorites list since they belong to my younger time.

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I am not a big Cranberries fan only know them from their hits but man this makes me sad. She was such a talented singer, 46 is way too young.

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I used to listen to her songs as a kid with my sister explaining to me the lyrics. Very sad she's gone.

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I'm in shock... That is no age to die. RIP :*(

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One of the greatest musical talents to come out of Ireland

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Can't believe she's gone. Rest in peace.

My favorite song

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RIP. I didn't realise until this morning that the song Zombie was written as a tribute to two boys, aged 12 and 3, who were killed by the IRA bombing at Warrington in 93. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-42701421

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Such sad news, she had a unique voice.

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What a wonderful woman. We owe her so much thanks. Rest peacefully.

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RIP Dolores :(

"Dreams" is the song that got me into music. She'll be missed.

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I met her back when they were starting out in the early 90s and I was very impressed with her professionalism. She took gigging very seriously and I wasn't surprised the band became successful. Requiescat in pace.

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Ooof. I wasn't a fan of The Cranberries when they showed up back in the day but she was an amazing singer. Rest in peace.

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Your voice will live forever Dolores, rest in peace.

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rip :(

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Is it too soon for zombie jokes?

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sorry, but that would be ridiculous thoughts