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Trailer Park Boys
6 months ago

'Cosmos' Renewed For Season 2 - Neil DeGrasse Tyson Returning

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295 points · 6 months ago

Just 5 years later

342 points · 6 months ago

On the Cosmic Calendar, that is only 0.011426086956522 of the last second of the last day.

Not very long relatively speaking.

Reading this comment in NDT’s soothing voice just reminded me how much I want a season 2 of Cosmos.

Yes you got me :)

Thanks, Neil's Twitter account.

Twin Peaks
1 point · 6 months ago

just makes you realize how long the universe has existed. still in awe.

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I forgot Seth MacFarlane was attached to this. Season 1 was incredibly good, 5 years later seems like enough of a wait for season 2.

Better than 34 years!

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i love that seth is such a nerd for space. cosmos and orville are great and i dont really doubt he’ll make the second season great.

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I just assume that he has a animation team dedicated to space scenes for both Cosmos, and Orville.

2 points · 6 months ago

He's quoted as saying his work in the cosmos season 1 was what made The Orville possible. He was able to get a good special effects team together.

194 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Tyson was amazing on the Cosmos. I can’t wait till when it comes out

118 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Yeah, I can't stand NDT's online personality but he was undoubtedly a fantastic narrator for Cosmos.

You dont like his personality? why?

He can be pretty douchey on Twitter. IIRC he was telling people to calm down about the eclipse because it happens pretty often somewhere in the world.

On Star Talk he talked about how the eclipse was exciting because it went from coast to coast and was only seen from the US.

Whenever he talks about his tweets on the show, he never indicates any sort of condescending intentions or malice. Perhaps he just doesn't know how he conveys himself over social media, which I think is a fairly common thing.

He knows. He just thinks he’s playing to an incredibly dumb audience. See this thread where he implies that if you find the tweets condescending then they weren’t meant for you but for others.

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

― George Carlin

So, what he’s playing to the “To be fair, you need to be incredibly smart to understand rick and Morty” crowd?

Tweeting stuff they can go “yeah you plebs celebrating a cosmically insignificant event! I’m a person of science that’s why I’m not at a New Years party!” ????

Sorry if that seems rude but I honestly don’t know what other light to view the knowledge that New Years is cosmically insignificant.

Oh I'm with you. I think this goes deeper to the discussion about his role in public science education.

Sagan and others wanted to elevate the discussion. NDT (on twitter at least) lowers it. The best communicators give their audience the benefit of the doubt, whether it's television shows, movies, or politicians. They trust that they can lead the audience to where they want the audience to go. NDT just goes down to the lowest level and beats them over the head with how idiotic they are in his eyes.

Comment deleted6 months ago(1 child)

The NYE tweet had layered meanings. If you saw just one layer, then all you saw was a dick while the rest of us saw a man of science begging the human race to look to the skies and not at the ground.

It's weird how everybody considers him "douchey" but he's just very passionate about the subject, and on another level of understanding with it.

He seems to do a great job at conveying complex information into a very understandable and entertaining format.

I'm nuts about Cosmos and his interviews with Colbert, but Star Talk is a bit too disjointed for my taste. It jumps around too much.

23 points · 6 months ago

I love the guy but even I have to agree when other people get turned off by his douchiness. I mean, it seems douchey to me, I just accept it because I'm interested in anything new in the scientific field.

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Star talk is a disaster considering how well Neil does on other shows

Yeah it's weird. I can't even sit through it, whereas I can't get enough of his one-on-one interviews.

Exactly I love his appearances on late night shows or jre or something

Comment deleted6 months ago(1 child)

But I’ve listened to podcasts like joe rogan where Neil is on it

It’s amazing

Fair point, I don't listen to Star Talk is it any good?

I mean Bill Nye and Neil show up to talk on there pretty often so if you like them it's worth listening to.

I enjoy it quite a bit. They cover a wide-range of topics, from the cosmological heat death of the universe, to artificial intelligence in cars, to the physics of golf.

If you don't like Neil Degrasse Tyson, he only hosts 1 of the 3 shows on the network. The other two, Playing with Science, and Star Talk All Stars, don't feature him much.

Playing with Science is all about the science of sports, and All Stars features a wide rotating cast of scientists and comedians. On the main channel, Neil will often interview scientists, book authors, politicians such as Al Gore, astronauts, the list goes on. The interviews are always fascinating. Neil is a very passionate man, and sometimes has a hard time not interrupting his guests (less so during 1 on 1 interviews, more during the group podcasts), but the science is always fascinating and solid.

Bill Nye hosts occasionally. Not a fan of him on it, he plays the same jokes each time and spends a lot of time plugging the planetary society or his new show, so I recommend avoiding episodes where he hosts.

Overall, it's a great trio of science-based podcasting that I use on my daily commute. The comedians are funny, the science is entrigueing, and it's a good time. I recomend it. 8.5/10

Gee, thats a stellar qualifier for a persons doucheyness. Maybe the problem is you if you can't come up with a solid reason to think of him that way. FWIW, my favorite thing about him is just how excited he gets discussing science, I like how he gets so engrossed when he realizes he can enlighten an audience. He's a very god orator.

-10 points · 6 months ago(9 children)

If you go through his twitter feed he’s the epitome of /r/iamverysmart. Not to say he’s not smart, because he obviously is. He just comes across as super condescending and pedantic. Look up his posts about the eclips, New Years, or Leap Years. Those will give you a good idea of how he comes across and why a lot of people have stopped liking him.

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Apparently he is kind of an arsehole irl

I think I remember some college paying for him too be flown out and stay in a hotel for him to just be a jerk the whole time and only talked about his show.

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Comment deleted6 months ago(2 children)

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-6 points · 6 months ago(1 child)

My fees were already paid

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-1 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Hop off that train already my dude, you and these young try hard kids turning on NDT to be edgy need to grow up.

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Don't forget that Seth MacFarlane is a huge part of this too.

6 points · 6 months ago

He's using that family guy money and clout to good ends.

9 points · 6 months ago

Amazingly smug, maybe.

Yeah great show. Can't wait what 2018 visuals is going to add to it.

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Tyson was amazing on the Cosmos.

That's a funny way to spell "Sagan."

2 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Yeah. Only as long as he doesn't pretend to be an authority on history anymore.

Edit: To those downvoting me, here is what I'm talking about.

So the Cosmos segments re: history were inaccurate?

Gotta say, those "The Bad" points sound pretty nit-picky if you're using them to claim the show is overall inaccurate historically.

Got any more examples of historical inaccuracies in the show?

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are there many haters out there?

He lost a lot of fans when he was caught inventing George Bush's 9-11 speech. He had Bush attempting to "distinguish we from they". Which makes sense since Republicans are Arab hating xenophobes, right? Except Bush's actual speech was a call for inclusion. Tyson eventually admitted he was wrong but with some reluctance.

Turns out a lot of Tyson's stories come more from his imagination than actual history. He's turning into a frequent flyer on bad history.

Even his over simplified pop science is often made up bull shit. See this embarrassing bit on cardinality of infinite sets. The guy manages to mangle even high school math and science.

-6 points · 6 months ago(2 children)

Hate is a strong word, just not a fan of him

Who the fuck hates Neil DeGrasse Tyson?

A Frequently Asked Question. Or why do people think he's a fraud? etc. One answer.

Who hates him??

He's annoying to folks who value rigor and accuracy.

How come this took so long to finally get renewed?

Twin Peaks
27 points · 6 months ago

they saw how successful twin peaks was after taking a break

They want that Will & Grace monies.

Comment deleted6 months ago(3 children)

Isn't it all CGI anyway?

That's how they faked the moon landing.

Eh, James Webb isn't taking images in the visible spectrum anyway.

Wondering the same myself... and wondering if the move from covering terrestrial issues to "Possible Worlds" might be partially why. Which would be a shame really, their coverage of the leaded gasoline history and fallout was amazing.

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You know, I don't love Seth MacFarlane's other shows, but I really appreciate that he used his influence at Fox to get Cosmos made. It's amazing that a full-on science documentary series actually aired in primetime on an American broadcast network (other than PBS). Assuming that Seth was key in making that happen, I have to respect him for that.

Oh, if you dont mind me asking, what is it you dont like about The Orville?

  1. Mcfarlane is not a strong actor, not close enough to lead a show.

  2. The humor isn’t funny and it actively detracts.

  3. Recycled Sci Fi cliches in every way, character, premise and weekly stories.

Pretty much covers it.

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I don't want to turn this into another Orville debate, but I'll say I think the writing could be sharper, both in terms of being good Trek and being a comedy. Interesting though that the show is another example of Seth getting a type of show on Fox that no one else is doing on network TV. It's intriguing on that level alone.

Agreed, really weird how loose the writing is considering this is MacFarlane's big new expensive show. Feels like 90% of the dialog could be sharpened up, and I would rather see the show be 'naturally humorous' than full of jokes that don't land.

That said, it's made well enough for me to be able to 'escape' and ignore everything while I'm watching it, so I'm hoping the second season really pulls me in.

Poop jokes.

Comment deleted6 months ago(1 child)

I gave it two episodes. There were at least 3 vulgar MacFarlane-esque jokes.

I'm simply not interested in that. I'm sure it's a fine show, but every time that happens, it rips me out of the show and destroys my enjoyment. That's all there is to it, for me. I found myself unable to enjoy it.

awwwww yissssss

Twin Peaks
8 points · 6 months ago

i'm so excited to see the intro again, by far one my favorite parts of the series


It's so beautiful. I love this show so much.

Perfectly sums up how I felt when I read the headline.

seriously yeah. Ive been waiting years for this

mother fuckin space

Anyone else notice how he pronounces “water”? Somehow he manages to squeeze a R in the middle. WaRter

That's a Philly thing, as far as I know. Almost everyone I now from Philly says warter.

I make fun of them :)

Neil is from New York and has no background in Philly and the Philly accent pronounces it like "woulder"

Can confirm. Most annoying thing about Philly/South Jersey

Keep up the good work!

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Best news of the week! Can't wait!

16 points · 6 months ago

Good to hear, Carl Sagan would be happy.

Comment deleted6 months ago(2 children)

I’m not the biggest fan of NDT but if anyone can push forward science in the public eye the same way Sagan did it’s him.

Sagan was a "Butt-Head Astronomer"

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I really liked the Cosmos reboot. Specifically I really enjoyed the animation. The art style was really cool. Hope they bring that back. And tardigrades!

I'd rather have another carl sagan

in this moment i am euphoric...

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a fake hollywood scientist.

11 points · 6 months ago

Hopefully they put more effort into getting the history sections of the show correct this time round.

4 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Ya, there's the episode about Clair Patterson. While the episode is good I feel the interpration misrepresented things a bit, mostly involving some of the rigor, Patterson's reseasons for involment. I'm not gonna comment about the portral of his opponant (who's name is slipping my mind) as I need to do more research, but they seem to vilify him a bit.

Here is a interesting interview with Patterson.

Edit: Some words

Care to expound on that at all?

10 points · 6 months ago

I'm not an expert on the matter and it's been awhile since I watched the series, but if you search for Cosmos in /r/badhistory and /r/AskHistorians you can find several examples. There are also published articles about it from when the show aired. Essentially they ignored modern mainstream accepted accounts of history complete with sources and instead used stories citing "some historians say" and told inaccurate accounts of people like Bruno that better fit their narrative of religion in history than the actual truth.

2 points · 6 months ago

that took forever

If i recall correctly, there were similarities (and some differences of course) between the way the information was laid out as far as episodes and the stories in the episode between Sagan's and NDT's Cosmos. It will be interesting to see where they go with S2, since it seems like it would have to be all new content.

I think the first season was ok, it's unfortunate a lot people compare NDT with Carl Sagan, because there won't be another Carl Sagan.

Sagan wasn an exceptional human beeing, who was knowledgable not only in Science but also in History,Literature,Philopsophy and Politics, it's impossible to fill his shoes.

Not a big fan of NDT or his presenting style but still very excited - the content of the reboot was good and i'll happily eat up more!

-14 points · 6 months ago(38 children)
26 points · 6 months ago

I just don't find him very personable (especially compared to Carl Sagan), and he's a bit smug

Yeah well Carl Sagan is my own personal Jesus so I can't really fault Neil for that.

I think Neil is his own man(smug or not) and he really, really, sincerely believes in what he is doing and I think that's enough to certainly earn my respect, these days what with all the bullshit and bullshitting going around all over the place.

Yeah he doesn't always hit the mark but he's fighting the good fight yahknow?

...but he doesn’t have to be a smug asshole about it. I don’t really care that he’s “fighting the good fight” (whatever that’s supposed to mean).

Being a smug dick just gives the other side ammunition to take you down with. It contributes to the “bullshit and bullshitting going around all over the place”.

You like the guy. That’s fine. But don’t act aghast that others don’t like him.

don’t act aghast

I wasn't, or wasn't trying to anyways. I just don't understand it and wanted to learn more about it. Which is why I like Neil's stuff in the first place.

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So you just hate science is what your saying. Your mad that people know more about reality than you and that makes them "smug". I'm sorry that jesus does not ride dinosaurs and the earth is billions of years old. Maybe you should stop being so insecure and you will actually learn something.

If I was NDT I would be smug too.

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8 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

They literally have rule in /r/IAmVerySmart that his tweets aren't allowed anymore because he constantly says stupid things.

Also there are some posts on reddit of people that claim to have met him in person apparently he is a complete asshole. Don't remember exactly, but some story about students spending like a year organizing an event with him and he was pretty expensive and ultimately just acted like a complete douchebag and gave a very lazy presentation where he just promoted his stuff.

He’s kind of an obtuse asshole when the situations don’t call for it.

Here he is stealing something George Carlin said, then played dumb when someone called him on it with proof.

Is he legitimately confused as to why those shots weren’t in space?

He triumphantly says that BB-8 couldn’t move the way he did in the movie. Great! Good thing we’re concerned with scientific accuracy in fucking Star Wars.

He was an asshole when he triumphantly called out the rotating space station in 2001 Space Odyssey.

According to Neil the station spun three times too fast and someone would weigh triple what they do on earth. Two things wrong with that:

  1. Spin grav goes with square of rotation rate. If something rotates three times too fast, someone would weigh nine times as much.

  2. The rotating wheel is 150 meters in radius and makes 1 revolution per 61 seconds. You actually do the math and you'll find gravity is 1/6 g, just as the movie makers intended.

Clarke was a competent engineer in addition to being a great science fiction writer. He was the one who suggested communication satellites be put in geosynchronous orbit.

Both Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick were super meticulous. They got the rotating space station right, Tyson got it wrong. But you won't see Tyson admitting this. He'll be too busy crowing about the night sky in Titanic.

If anything, I'd say he's being pedantic in those situations by being that guy that needs to correct everything. However, he is correct in all three scenarios, and saying that Earth will outlive us is hardly a direct plagiarizing of Carlin. I've had the same thought since high school, does that mean I plagiarized him as well?

If anything, I’d say he’s being pedantic

So — and follow me here closely — you could say “he’s kind of an obtuse asshole when the situations don’t call for it”?

I mean you’re being pedantic about the word smug here man. Did you just skip my first sentence and kneejerk to the tweets?

However, he is correct in all three scenarios

Yep! He sure is! But in none of those scenarios did anyone honestly need to be corrected? He’s whining about scientific inaccuracy in Star Wars. Science fiction. Holy hell — why does a noted scientific figure feel the need to grace us with his scientific analysis of a fiction?

saying that Earth will outlive us is hardly a direct plagiarizing of Carlin

Wow. We’ve got pretty steep differences because I literally gave you video proof of Carlin saying the same thing NDT said, after NDT claimed to have no memory despite his supposedly superior ability to retain comedy. You’ll note NDT never replied to the video proof. Is it me or should a noted scientific figure perhaps have some response when presented with evidence that contradicts him? Even if he wants to say (to use your little assumption) that it’s “hardly a direct plagiarizing” why couldn’t he muster that?

...because he’s kind of an obtuse asshole when situations don’t call for it.

...because he’s kind of an obtuse asshole when situations don’t call for it.

Well, thanks to you, I now have a pretty good idea of what one of those looks like, so I can thank you for that perspective

Star Wars. Science fiction

Technically Star Wars isn't even science fiction but fantasy. It's not supposed to take place in the future but "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...". So his comment makes sense. I mean if he is that picky about accuracy then certainly you should at least expect him to get the genre of a movie right.

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However, he is correct in all three scenarios,

Except the BB-8 one.

Nope, turns out he was right after all

He's not nearly as bad as some people make out, but he does have a hint of condescension in his manner. Sagan - at least in Cosmos - never did: he came across as someone who understood the difficulty of understanding our complex world and was just happy to be telling you about it. NDT seems more like he's annoyed that you don't already know. At least part of that may be because there has been an anti-science movement that's turned even basic facts into political opinions, so some annoyance and frustration is warranted. But whatever the case his Cosmos feels less full-of-wonder and more smug.

Still... super glad they're making another season!

I dunno I get the feeling that if Sagan were alive today with the internet and the whatnot people would still be around calling Sagan Smug and arrogant because they would be mad that he told them jesus doesn't ride dinosaurs and that the earth is billions of years old. That's the impression that I get from all these people calling Neil Smug.

7 points · 6 months ago

Arrogant, know-it-all, and dismissive. He somehow has the mantle of science communicator to the masses without ever earning it. Compared to Sagan he is shit.

Alright. I'm going to assume you know something I don't. Care to elaborate? ELI5 Why is Neil Degrasse Tyson a dick?

I am too lazy to search it but there are some bad stories about him on reddit where he behaved like an arrogant asshole. Also he is extremely annoying on twitter and /r/iamverysmart even has a rule that his tweets isn't allowed anymore because he constantly says stupid things.

Just because you post all his stuff on /r/iamverysmart doesn't prove anything. You clearly don't like him we've established that. But why? What's arrogant about him. He says sciencey things and he's charismatic and fun. Sounds to me like you people just hate science, think jesus rode dinosaurs and you get upset when people prove you wrong and call them smug.

His over simplified pop science and history is often wrong.

He's a wannabe poser nerd's nerd.

Yep its simplified. It's for kids and stupids/non college educated folks who want to learn more about the Universe.

He's a wannabe poser nerd's nerd.

Oh and that's a super cool thiing to say about everyone who doesn't agree with you.

Yep its simplified.

And often wrong.

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Person of Interest
3 points · 6 months ago

YEEEES!!!! I am so happy!!

I find this thoroughly exciting.

Good news!

3 points · 6 months ago

Can't wait!

0 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Gotta say, I don't think I could watch him after seeing how much of an asshole he can be on twitter. He seems to delight in ruining people's fun over dumb shit and pedantics.

Well...actually, it’s the little details that can not be kept track of by definition

5 years later as opposed to 34! I don't have to be an old man to watch this again!


Twin Peaks
1 point · 6 months ago

“Cosmos: Possible Worlds” is scheduled to premiere globally in Spring 2019. In conjunction with the launch of the new season, National Geographic Books will publish a companion book of the same name, which is written by Druyan

Oh shit, i'm even more excited about a new book.

Why did this take so long, the first season was awesome!

Hell yeah he's the best!

Kinda hope they tone down the animations. Wasn't a huge fan of those in part 1.

Yeah I agree. Definitely want less of that. I honestly kind of skipped through a lot of it

I stilll think the best space doc is easily thw Alec Baldwin narrated one where they keep going further and further out. Shit is amazing.

Love it. I watched Season 1 three times. I am not college educated and I learned a lot from it. Call it Cosmos’s for dummies!

About damn time.

Best news so far this year

I wonder what this new season will be about this time (well except for that it's about space, I mean specifically)


Can’t wait

Is math related to science?

I always thought you Brits kinda removed the r, like wow-tah. And I must admit that my own grandma manages to slip a R into wash. WaRsh, and Warshington. South of Chicago btw. Luckily I don’t find any of these annoying.

About damn time.

A season 2? I thought it was just being a stand alone series. I wasn't asking for more exactly. I just thought it was summed up as one thing, and done.

Alright pack it up everyone. Science and history are finished now. No more interesting educational shows that inspire people allowed!

Neil made the earth pear shaped

One of the best shows ever created.

Boo. Carl was the King. Call it NDG 123 or something. NDG is so full of himself, it made me sick to watch it. Boo.

-8 points · 6 months ago(6 children)

Why not? I mean the sex junk song was.... Awkward. But yeah, what was the transgender thing again?

that there are 23 genders

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Fuuuuunk yeaaaaahhhh!!!

ITT: People who are confused about the speed at which science happens.

Just because it's a TV show doesn't mean there is enough new and exciting material to make a new season every year.

F*** yeah!



Can you please not air at the exact freeking same time as Game Of Thrones this time?

By the time this airs will we even believe in science anymore? /s

1 point · 6 months ago

There's something about NDT that just rubs me the wrong way. I like that he's all about educating everyone and isn't afraid to stand his ground or call out those that need it... I like him, yet somehow, he gets on my nerves. He's like that friend you have that you love, but no matter what, they just get on your nerves.

I'll never understand why Reddit doesn't like the guy. We need more people like him, making science and the universe more appealing to the everyday person.

He will study something with half his attention and then build a story around it. Which is usually entertaining but often wrong.

When he mangles high school math and science it is merely annoying. But it's a serious transgression when he invents histories to support his talking points.


I hope its more like the original Cosmos. This new one came off as a animated science history lesson. I was disappointed. Every episode i was like "more cartoons?!"

-1 points · 6 months ago(2 children)

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-3 points · 6 months ago

That's cool, dude has some cringey tweets sometimes but he did a good job on Cosmos I think


-14 points · 6 months ago(2 children)

Wait I get it, you meant 'bad' in this context

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-11 points · 6 months ago(8 children)

I believe such comments would actually encourage Tyson to produce more tbh.

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