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Roblox, an online kids game, explains how a hack allowed a character’s virtual ‘rape’

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This says code was uploaded, but none of the pictures were loading for me...were they hacking servers and adding gangbang animations?? Or were they just crouching on someone?

Unclear as to wtf happened?

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BBC article seems a little clearer:

“The firm said the incident was caused by an attack on one of its computer servers that has been dealt with ... The BBC understands that the hacker responsible managed to subvert the California-based company's cyber-protection systems, allowing them to upload code that changed the game's rules and made customised animations appear.”

Key words “The BBC understands.” Aka, the BBC thinks this is what happened, but no one has outright said it.

This story seems a bit fishy to me, but I can’t put my finger on why. It just so perfectly fits into “danger internet hacker, hide your kids from the internet” narratives. And something like breaking into a game’s server and uploading custom animations seems beyond the ability and effort of someone who would use it to harass a kid on this generation’s club penguin. Weird.

Anyone find the original fb post? No luck, myself.

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the images in the first post. am I missing something?

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Honestly it looks like people stacked and that's it lol. They probably were pantomiming but I've seen ....creative use of in game animation in lots of stuff...seems like a misunderstanding on what they were looking at...

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Actual insight from the roblox subreddit:

For people who haven’t used roblox like me, It turns out that what happened was the kid joined a game that did not have “filtering enabled.” Aka a brand new, not yet moderated game with custom objects.

This narrative makes a lot more sense.

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Accounts with a DOB that says they are under 13 can't join games without FilteringEnabled so I don't want to push the blame on the parent because she was probably unaware but she should have sorted out the age properly for her kid's account.

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Tbh, I think this was why she walked back her story so much in the second update.

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I use roblox's scripting environment, I know how the exploiting kinda works. Roblox uses a client-server system, and there are local scripts which are scripts that run on the client and the server just accepts them and replicates it to everyone else in the game. Exploiters sort of implant fake local scripts to do stuff because it replicates to everyone else. Nowadays there is an option to not allow the server to accept changes directly from the client. Recently, they stopped people with account ages under 13 from playing games with this feature disabled and they stopped games with this feature disabled from showing up on the games page. So the only way this happened is by the kids account age being over 13 even if the kid isn't.

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