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Posted this a month earlier, but it is a great video. So interesting

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too bad they didn't use a PVM or BVM

Stupid question. why don't we see black lines between the scanlines? The way I see it is that the CRT draws every line, but if my understanding is correct, 240p is actually 480i which uses the trick of just drawing every second line. can someone please explain this to me?

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I can explain that one.

So the visible scanline effect (being able to see the black missing spaces in between scanlines) is caused by the scanlines being so thin that they're easilly visible. The width of the scanlines depends on a few factors, but most importantly the screen size and the TVL (or max horizontal resolution). The higher the TVL and/or the bigger the display is, the thinner the scanlines are. Compare a 20" 600 TVL PVM to a 20L5 or a 14L5 to a 20L5 for example, and you will see the difference.

I'm personally more of a fan of lower TVL, which is why I prefer the look of my RGB modded consumer CRTs (TVs) to the PVM look.

You are correct about 240p, although it is also possible to have 240p with only every odd field.

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That is weird. Didn't notice that till you pointed it out. They're playing on an NES too.

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yeah exactly. That's why i'm wondering why the screen draws every line...

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When they do the super-slow super-zoom-in, you can see faint scan lines. It's just that the TV is very blurry.

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That's mostly just how a typical slot mask set looks.