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High school jazz band drummer gives the coolest drum solo of all time

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The way the band looks at the teacher when they start playing like "oooooh, we ain't in trouble but we in trouble".

Not gonna lie, we did shit like that when I played in Jazz band in High school. We all agreed to kick off a song the teacher didn't want to play but we did. So we played it anyway in a concert. You get the look of "You guys are total goofballs".

Of all time? you know your parents are Redditors.

Well, I know you're my cousin, always telling me I suck and shit, which in this instance, you're kinda right. Also, hi, Mike.

Not my tempo.

is this going to be a comment in every video that has drumming?

This video actually references Whiplash right at the end

I know it was you

slaps face

Man, JK Simmons sure knows how to play an absolute asshole.

Completely wasted in the Batman universe so far.

Original Poster83 points · 6 months ago

Drummer in video is /u/tamadrummer2012

Hell yeah, thanks for the shout out.

Solid skills man, great job but your going to need this

Lol! I may be decent at slamming skins, but my social skills need some work.

The battle cry is the key here

Won't need 'em if you keep playing like that.

Your drum skills are at a level that they ARE social skills.

I'll give you the best advice you'll ever get on the topic, probably...

Listen to people, don't sit and wait for your turn to speak, actually listen, ask questions, get interested. After that conversation flows naturally and you become very interesting because they eventually realize they don't know much about you but you know everything about them.

Don't really get the down votes. You're offering some decent advice for social awkwardness that I will keep in mind next time I'm in that situation. Thank you for the advice.

Probably the first sentence gettin me the downvotes, no skin off my back. The rest of it is basically just a summary of the best book I've found written on the subject. How To Make Friends and Influence People it's pretty much mandatory reading in my career.

you are a walking caricature of a douchebag

I think that's the first time I've been called a douchebag. Usually it's asshole, shithead or something of the like. So thanks for taking my douchebag cherry!


lmfao this is painful. this is like telling a depressed person they just need to smile.

"the best advice you'll ever get"... lol

If you're going to quote me how 'bout not cutting off half of the sentence. Particularly the part that indicates that the self aggrandizing is humour.

Also, telling someone who says their social skills aren't great the most effective way to do better in social situations and is literally a synopsis of one of the first methods in one of the most respected books on the subject, isn't like telling a depressed person to smile. I think you've conflated socially inept into some kind of mental illness.

Not everyone who has difficulties in social situations is mentally ill, and assuming that is far more douchey than a reply on time tested method one I use every day, as part of my career.

welcome to reddit

Sums up my weekends.

Holy shit that chick is hot.

What were the consequences of your pop-up performance?

Just being shunned, and an ignored friend request after I graduated.

Wait, that wasn’t planned?

The solo was planned, the whole sunglasses and Enter Sandman riff were known to the rhythm section only.

4 points · 6 months ago

badass. I don't know that person who didn't accept your friend request, but fuck them, they'd probably make a lame friend. This is a story to tell your grandkids, I love it.

Haha. Appreciate the kind words, bud. Much appreciated!

Small price to play for internet stardom.

I have to ask, and I know I'll most likely get buried but wtv. I know the drummer is obviously very skilled, but I just don't understand the allure or technical prowess of randomly mashing all of the drums, completely out of tempo from the rest of the band for several minutes. I can't think of another solo instrument that doesn't some how keep with some tune or tempo during a solo.

Why are the random noises considered really amazing and not the playing really well during a song part?

You make a very valid point. Tasteful drum solos should always keep with the tempo and add a more fulfilling sound that compliments the rest of the band. In this instance, I was just messing with my band teacher, playing Enter Sandman, and just kinda goofing around on the set, going as fast as I could, at the time, and just having a good time. But you're right, this solo, in a professional context, would have been horrible.

You can tell when you start playing it and he motions his hand like let's go wrap it up lol

You are hitting on a completely valid point here. Drum solos are often a bullshit competition in "how fast can i move my hands," rather than a marriage of chaotic improv with zealous adherence to rhythm. This won't fully answer your skepticism, but check this out. In my opinion, this is actually one of the greatest solos ever. Not just hyperbole like we're seeing from OP.

Well said. Awesome video! Thank you for posting. This guy knows how to do a tasteful solo.

Hey wait a second here.

11 points · 6 months ago

What a build! That was intense at the end!

Thank you

Drum solos are very different across subgenres in jazz. Big Band solos are completely different to trio ones. Listen to Paul Motian on "All of You" with the Bill Evans Trio:

The drum solo is way more subtle and doesn't devolve into "how fast can I hit as many drums as possible".

It's not a jazz drum solo and it's at a big concert but this has to be my favourite drum solo.

Thank you

Yeah this is exactly the sort of thing I think of when I think of "drum solo". The OP video is more what I'd call solo improv.

This is much better. Not that the original video posted wasn't talented, but I appreciate this guy being spontaneous while riding the beat. Much more interesting.

By the end of that all I could think is 'How is his hi-hat clutch still on and where can I buy a setup with a clutch that tanks like that?'

I've always found drum fills during songs more interesting than drum solos.

In reference to what I mean here's

5 points · 6 months ago

This is probably the best example of both.

The end is repetitious from the rest of the band, but the drums both play with the band and also play a solo that repeats but changes within genre every repetition.

I know it's not exactly a controversial statement to call Portnoy one of the best drummers of all time, but this kind of highlights it.

EDIT: Another video showing him changing up the specifics of the solo but staying "within genre" of all iterations of the solo. JFC he's talented.

Comment deleted6 months ago(1 child)

He's talented but nothing in that video came close to Portnoy.

The thing with drum solos is that drummers are the ones who keep tempo so if they solo they have the ability to change it to how they feel. Drum solos are inherently boring (as the great keith moon once said) if you had to keep tempo while soloing it would be even more boring.

Not to say that, as a band, following a drum that is soloing can be really hard to keep count of. You can see it this video this guy posted that the bass and brass are struggling at certain moments to keep on beat.

So it's usually preferable to let him do his thing, and since he's not being restricted by keeping up the tempo for the band, he can play with it.

But yeah, a good band can do amazing things for achieving a good drum solo.

I agree that a lot of drum solos are boring. Here's a great one from my favorite drummer:

When I listen to a drum solo I am not hearing random notes I am hearing notes placed precisely in the wrong spot on purpose in a musical way. If you learn more about rhythm you might be able to understand better. That being said-flailing arm attack solos are def still a thing. Thats more about conveying emotion than showcasing skill.



Comment deleted6 months ago(1 child)

Against their better judgement, they decided to let me graduate. Morons.


Whiplash 2: High School Musical

Of all time?

Yeah... no.



Coolest? Of ALL time?

This is like watching the opposite of "whiplash". Where the band and conductor are happy and supportive of the awesome crazy drummer. I feel like I can sleep at night again...

10 points · 6 months ago

I am a new redditor, whenever I see a video there are usually related links in the comments, let me add a few of my favourite drummer vids: hot singer, young drummer: still hot singer, older drummer: and mom kills it:

7 points · 6 months ago

Was he rushing or dragging? Hard for me to tell.

Better throw a cymbal at his head.

3 points · 6 months ago

I prefer a chair.

If only you could see his eyes in that moment. If he had a chair at his disposal, it would have landed me in the hospital.

Annoying fact-checking guy here: In the real story Philly Joe Jones didn't throw it at Charlie Parkers head but rather at the ground. Whiplash frames jazz as way more violent than it actually was/is...

whiplash also frames ego and narcissism as far more productive than they actually are, but it's still a great movie.

oh cool a whiplash joke in a drumming thread.

-1 points · 6 months ago

I’ll be here all week

As a previous high school jazz band drummer who is solos in smoke on the water, I feel inadequate

Lol! As long as you have the mind set of "see thing, hit thing" you're set. Well, not really, but people who aren't drummers love it.

Meh, disappointing hyperbole. Too full of himself for such a simple rythm

Right? This guy is an ass.

I know you're puttin on a show and you definitely got skills bro was just expecting more swing to a jazz solo.

In terms of how it compliments the song, it sucks ass. you'll get no argument from me. This was my last solo of my senior year, and I just wanted to screw around with my teacher one last time. Definitely not a good solo, but I'm humbled that some people think so.

Hey man it's better than all the jazz band drummers we had at my school which is saying a lot.

5 points · 6 months ago

OP said coolest, did you see those sunglasses?

He's also a high schooler. Relax. Perspective comes, and where he's at right now seems pretty normal.

Not trying to be mean, just giving honest feedback.

I know. I'm just trying to keep it in mind who it is (and where they're at in life at a musician, accordingly) we're criticizing. Some criticism is fair--he's not a kid. The criticism doesn't stick in the way it would if this were someone who knew or could do better. Kid's performance is great as it is, for what it is.

Andrew Neiman got some sick shades.

Small kit, real skill.


Lost it when the Enter Sandman intro kicked in

The name of the video is so funny

such talent! :)


If you're going to be that cocky, you'd better be the best. Keep working.


that kid front right has the most "whole body moving" laugh i have ever seen

Is this Norwell High?

very nice love hearing a good drummer.

Everybody wants to be a Whiplash

The Coolest drum solo ever!

As a drummer, that was fucking hard to watch

what are you doing man?

great video!

Jesus fucking christ!!


Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

Yeah did you see his sunglasses

"I wonder how I should start this off?"

"How bout you just fucking scream?"


thats pretty good, I enjoyed that

but thats gonna be a no from me dawg

Go do your thing.The Sax players face sais it all.

Never fails. The drummer is always the coolest member of the band.

“Were you rushing, or dragging?”

See what happened when they were using phone;cctv footage

-8 points · 6 months ago(0 children)

ok negative nancy

It's literally a performance

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