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Posted byAzerbaijan1 month ago


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Next time they will show us the proper way of using aftafas

you all heard it, əlnən yeyəndə, canuva yapışır!

it is bro-science lol

Azerbaijan2 points·1 month ago

canuva yapışır

Sounds like a description of a demonic possession, LOL.

are they smoking pot or smthn wtf is this in tv

Considering it’s the south, they might be

must be a slow news day down in the south.

Azerbaijan2 points·1 month ago

Ehm... The risk of infection when eating with your hands is in my mind higher, i believe there are even studies on this.

Azerbaijan1 point·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Actually, if you read Ali and Nino, they also eat with their hands in the first chapter there. It's just that, unlike these guys they were at least using lavash.

agree, some people who eat with their hands all their life just know how to use their fingers so that it kinda looks nice. These guys in the video look like they're doing it for the first time, haha

AzerbaijanOriginal Poster1 point·1 month ago

Eating food with lavash, sanqak, barbari, or any other types of bread in general is done with hands. That is societal norm and it makes sense.

Eating rice, with chicken and getting your germs onto your food and your fingers greasy is simply disgusting.

Azerbaijan1 point·1 month ago

But do you know people who eats rise using lavash without a spoon or other utensils? Because in Ali and Nino they were eating plov using lavash.

Azerbaijan2 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

We usually eat lavash and rice together when eating grilled food, like lülə kebab etc. But usually you use the lavash as a basket/bag for the rice and kebab.

Azerbaijan2 points·1 month ago

Oh, we don't usually eat rice with grill food nowadays. But I guess, we used to. Rice civilization was destroyed in Azerbaijan by the Russian Empire.

Azerbaijan2 points·1 month ago

Really? When im in baku, nabran etc we usually eat alot a lot of rice. Do you not?

Azerbaijan2 points·1 month ago

Not with kabab. And not very casual. Feride Buyuran talked about this on her lecture. Rice isn't a casual dish in North Azerbaijan, as it used to be.

Azerbaijan2 points·1 month ago

No, I know, we eat a bit more bread and potatoes than the south but honestly did not know it was this severe.

Azerbaijan3 points·1 month ago

Well, it's not just eating. It's about producing more bread and potatoes. Before we used to call food ash, now it's more typical to call it chorek.

Azerbaijan1 point·1 month ago

Very strange, I'm goin to try to keep this in mind next time I am over there

Hey, araz95, just a quick heads-up:
alot is actually spelled a lot. You can remember it by it is one lot, 'a lot'.
Have a nice day!

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Azerbaijan3 points·1 month ago


AzerbaijanOriginal Poster1 point·1 month ago

We usually eat lavash and rice together when eating grilled food, like lülə kebab etc. But usually you use the lavash as a basket/bag for the rice and kebab.

You are right I forgot about this... My family rarely eat kabob though, we eat mostly vegetable based dishes or fish. We also eat lots of chicken, and usually when we make kabob it is chicken kabob. Rarely do we eat lamb and I personally hate beef.

Azerbaijan1 point·1 month ago

Ah I see some people are at least healthy. We usually only eat grilled food during the summer, so when we do we go allnin

AzerbaijanOriginal Poster1 point·1 month ago

I don't know anyone. We usually don't eat lavash with any food involved with rice.

It's mostly breakfast and dinners that don't have rice.

Azerbaijan2 points·1 month ago

Same. We rarely use it to eat with hands. Mostly to spread something with a knife or make a wrap.

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