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Restaurant Name - Location - Mentionable Pizza

  1. Visa-01 0- Miami, Florida. - Star Luca Pizza
  2. Lou Malnati's - Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Deep Dish
  3. TIE Carmine & Sons - Pino's La Forchetta - Brooklyn, New York - "Coke and a slice"
  4. Speedy Romeo - Manhattan, New York - Smore Pizza?
  5. Bob & Timmy's - Providence, Rhode Island - Grilled Pizza

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Why name the video "on planet Earth" so specifically if it's actually just NA?

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Yeah I don't know either haha. I didn't include it in the title of my post for that reason. Adam himself addresses this at some point in the video and says they are all in North America or the US or something. I'm sure it's just Bro Bible being clickbait-y.

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Good list. I'll definitely attempt to try all on them.

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The only one I’ve been to is Lou Milnati’s. It has its detractors but I enjoyed it. Adam is right though - the line is ridiculous.

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I ate at Carmine's before, I'd definitely recommend it,one of the best pizzas in a city overflowing with options.