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Great song. Makes me nostalgic.

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me too! i randomly thought about it, i figure a few of us dug this in like 96

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I heard it on 120 minutes on MTV, and bought the album the next day at Sam Goody in the mall, nostalgia indeed.

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Sounds like junior year of high school.

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This and White Town

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Well... The band still tours after al these years. Sara Bettens, the lead singer, is somewhat of an idol in the lesbian scene, I guess that helps fill the room as they still sell out smaller venues. But more important, their sound is still very nice.

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If you like them, check out the Guano Apes.

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My favorite lyrics for this song will always be: "Ew ooo, Ew ooo, Ew ooo, Ew ooo, Ew ooo, Ew ooo, Ew ooo, Ew ooo, Ew ooo, Ew ooo, Ew ooo, Ew ooo, Ew ooo, Ew ooo, Ew ooo, Ew ooo"

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Love this song! Brings me back to middle school. They opened for Alanis Morissette during the Jagged Little Pill tour. It was an amazing concert for 13 year old me. Blew my mind!

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I saw that tour in Nashville in 96! My first concert.

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I saw it in Lafayette, LA. It was my first concert too! Also saw Bush that year, Garbage opened for them. Great year for shows :)

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I remember hearing about the garbage concert on the radio and wanting to go so bad as I was obsessed with them. Would have loved to see Bush as well.

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The only reason I was able to go to so many concerts at a young age is because my older cousins brought me. My parents definitely wouldn’t have let me go with my friends.

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We're so creative and so much more... We're high above but on the floor.

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Was just taking a trip down memory lane with this song a couple weeks ago.