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Mortal Kombat All Fatalities Ever Made (I to XL)

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I happened to randomly skip ahead and may have found the best. Ripping their arms off and slapping them.

Speaking of ripping off limbs and beating them with it, my favourite is Quan Chi's Leg Fatality.

MK9 version.

16 points·3 months ago·edited 3 months ago

I raise you one doner kebab death.

put this in the smithsonian, this is art

i raise you MK cabinet crush

i dunno, the one right after is good too (destroying the earth)

The clap at the end.

I did this with VHS on MK and MK2. Was so proud of myself in the 90's.

Original Poster2 points·3 months ago

I always thought that people just "figured them out" by trying a million times. Then I saw my first Nintendo / Sega Power magazine.

If you watch it long enough you'll see where they started to make them PG 13 then eventually return to the blood and gore.

They did that specifically for their first console release I believe. Fatalities were quite the controversy at the time.

I think they were referring to the fatalities from the DC games.

Ok, now I'm going to watch that tiny cat video for the second time.


Honey want to watch titanic its only 3 hours long?

Nah I'm sweet, gunna watch every mortal kombat fatality instead.

31:15 scorpion turns into an actual scorpion. what the fuck? i never knew that was possible

Approved Bot4 points·3 months ago

Jump to 31:15 @ Mortal Kombat All Fatalities Ever Made (I to XL)

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Did he say mommy?

Animalities have been in since what, MK 3?


Original Poster9 points·3 months ago




You weak, pathetic fool


Memories. Are there any babalities in this video? Those were so ridiculous


TIL: there is 2 hours and 50 minutes of MK fatalities.

Man, they really ran out of ideas with Ultimate MK3. Not that I don't appreciate the nostalgia / silliness aspect of it, but it's almost like the developers brought in their children for new ideas.

How many ads are on this video? Wtf

none if you use ad blocker.

One of my favorites is Noob's Wishbone fatality from MK9. It's just fucking perfect.

closes pizza box

I remember trying to do Scorpions "Up, Up, Punch" fatality on the Genesis without a six button controller. None of those hi-punch ones seemed possible.

Is the Fatality voice and the Arby’s voice the same person?

MK vs. DC is so tame compared to the other games. I find it kind of strange that when Deathstroke (@1:52:28) and the Joker (@1:52:11) finish their victim off with a single shot to the head, the actual death happens off screen. You just see them point and shoot. While Jax (@1:49:40) juggles Lex in mid air with an SMG. I wonder why they show one and not the other.

MKvsDCU worst ones ever :)

Original Poster1 point·2 months ago

Welcome to the graveyard!

I always found Sonya Blades fatality really hard to do in MK1

I'm not gonna watch threw 3 hours of it but remembering back when watching MK streams, melena eating guts of alive opponent were hauntingly disturbing.

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