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Ricky Gervais: Hosting The 2018 Golden Globes Would've Ended My Career

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Have he and Merchant fallen out? They don't do much together these days?

They just have creative differences. Gervais is still doing comedy series while Merchant is doing more dramatic work. Karl talked a bit about it in his AMA a few years ago.

I really liked Hello Ladies. Glad he got to end it with the movie.

I think Merchant was an underrated part of that duo. The Office and Extras was far better than anything Gervais has done since.

I think they work great together but Merchant has the potential for a longer/broader career

Ricky Gervais is such a great guest

He's the best. Talk about no filter. I honestly can't tell if Colbert is uncomfortable at some point or not, maybe that isn't the right word, but it seems he has to switch gears a bit to handle him compared to the more "traditional" guests. Not sure how to put it!

If you want uncomfortable, look up the 2 interviews where they discuss religion and Lord of the Rings. Gervais gives Colbert a bunch of crap for being catholic and you can tell at one point that Colbert is over playing along

really? which one are you referring too? At the end of this one Colbert seems to be really cool with Gervais' answers and literally tells him "please come back and discuss something more important".

I think the next time they talk about Lord of the Rings.

and that one is just good bantering back and forth.

I'm at work where we can't access youtube. I think it's called "Ricky Gervais and Stephen disagree on Lord of the Rings." They banter about relgion a bit and Ricky calls it fake. There's a moment where Stephen stops and just gives him this look like he's slightly miffed but they move on.

Nothing is as bad as the interview with Chicago's mayor.

Holy shit hadn't seen that till now.

God lord that was uncomfortable.

Initially they did not seem all that happy to be in the same room.

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Comment deleted4 months ago(7 children)

wha? you think Colbert has "right wing fans"?

Comment deleted4 months ago(0 children)

Ricky has a very "different" way of being funny and takes lots of pauses in weird places while talking so I could see that as being hard to know when he's done talking and it's your turn

I’ll help you out then. Stephen Colbert has no right wing fans. But he is beloved by his left wing fans.

I’m fairly conservative and I love Colbert.

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Oh. Well then. I suppose I don’t? I’m not sure if this would count as r/gatekeeping or not.

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They are taped previously but they don't do many takes. Very rarely they might do a do over of a joke if the host breaks too much. That was back when Colbert had to maintain character. Now that he doesn't they don't really do it at all.

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It's not a serious misinfo...cause I have been to multiple tapings of these shows. Believe what you want bud.

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I mean I live in new england, I go to NYC pretty regularly, these shows are free and the tickets are given away on twitter (or sometimes their own website). Why is it so hard to believe I got to go to a few.

Seems like an idiotic thing to argue really...

Live in NYC, been to tapings when doing the family in town thing, can confirm. They just keep rolling, a bunch of retapes makes for a disjointed terrible segment no decent host does it.

What state do you live in NE?


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Puppet of whom?

the jews obvi! /s

Oh yeah, duh.

I think that show Child Support will end it for him.

Seems like his role is only interacting with the kids, which doesn't seem too bad.

2 points·4 months ago

what the fuck is he doing lol

Oof, that was bad.

Nice see Ricky sporting track pants like another famous Ricky from Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

I love how uncomfortable Ricky makes Stephen.

Original Poster0 points·4 months ago


They blurred the finger??

seriously...he wasn't even talking about the 'middle finger', just a doctor using their god.

Yeah, it would have offended someone ...

Ricky is savage....... And I love it

Original Poster2 points·4 months ago

Me to imagine what he would have said lol i was watching his golden globes bits he has balls

I love it when they make each other laugh.

-43 points·4 months ago(17 children)

He just sold out a worldwide arena tour and made a multi million dollar deal with Netflix. He's doing alright.

How so? He does different things. He writes series, movies, stand up. Directs the series and movies. He does radio shows, writes books +++. If you only follow one of those and not the person you might think hes not doing anything but the man keeps busy.

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I like how you ignored the other response, which gave you concrete examples of how you're wrong


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Fair enough

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People down voting you clearly have no understanding of the Gervais/Merchant dynamic.

Enlighten us? I've actually never hung out with either of them.

Well there's no need to. There's about 100 hours, if not more, of their various podcasts and radio shows. There's another load of hours of interviews with them on YouTube, and as well as The Office, Extras, and Life's Too Short, they have their own solo projects, which are the most telling of all.

Since Extras, Gervais has written: -The Invention of Lying. Just a mess of a film with none of the subtlety of The Office and Extras. Tonally all over the place. -Special Correspondents. A Netflix film that is somehow worse than the content they commissioned Adam Sandler to make for them.

Merchant has written no feature films except for the upcoming Fighting With My Family, so judgement must be reserved for that.

But the most telling detail of all is their solo ventures in television. Gervais with Derek, and Merchant with Hello Ladies.

It's clear from watching Derek that Gervais is a lot poorer without Merchant by his side. It's overly sentimental, melodramatic, and Gervais plays a mentally disabled character with an absolutely shocking performance that only consists of him sticking out his lower jaw and gelling his hair down. Again, it's tonally all over the place and tries to be a comedy-drama, failing at both. Derek was almost certainly written as a response to "Mong-gate", an incident where Gervais caused some controversy in the U.K. for using the derogatory term for a mentally disabled person. Derek was originally a character Gervais had made a short film around in the early 2000's, much more comedic and much more laughing at Derek than anything else.

Hello Ladies was Merchant's venture on HBO. Not perfect, but in terms of writing, it was streets ahead of Derek. The signature cringe humour of The Office and Extras was evident throughout, and when the series did get dramatic, it managed to carry the weight of the drama.

Hello Ladies was far more refined than Derek and it's by no means perfect, and there are a few places where Gervais' comedic influence could have benefitted it, but in comparison to Derek, it just shows that Merchant had all the strength in writing. That's not to say Gervais added nothing to the partnership, but I'm saying Merchant refined took what was raw comedic or drama from Gervais and refined it.

Another telling example is the completely unnecessary David Brent movie, Life on the Road, solely written and directed by Gervais. Merchant stayed away from the project, a needless film which almost tarnishes the incredible ending of The Office. In fact, the only character from the show to return in the film is Gervais' Brent. Many believe Merchant blocked him from using the rest of the characters. Again, it's silly, all over the place, and Brent as a character is dialled up to 11. In The Office he was a prat, but making a genuine attempt to be loved. In Life on the Road, Gervais is the prat, turning the character into a caricature.

What I'm saying is they both need each to be at their very best, but Gervais needs Merchant far more than Merchant needs Gervais.

Also, notice in interviews, Gervais is always credited as "creator" of The Office and Extras, refusing to even mention Merchant or Karl Pilkington in the last few years. Merchant is always introduced as "co-creator" and will willingly talk about Gervais and Pilkington.

Merchant's cameo was the best part of The Invention of Lying.

Btw, I've never listened to any of the podcast/radio stuff. Is there any organized collection of them or just an overview?

Poor lumps. They don’t have a clue. The good Gervais died years before he ever hosted an awards show for Americans.

Spot on. He's turned into Andy Millman. It's like that quote Merchant once mentioned on the podcasts. "Fame is a mask that eats into the face."

Yeah, Merchant blew me away with his talent on the Big Bang Theory......

Nice try. He's also shit without Ricky. Only Pilkington comes out unscathed.

It was sarcasm

-21 points·4 months ago(0 children)

It's not I don't think Karl's done anything with Ricky for some years now

9 points·4 months ago

The long prank. He actually injected his prawn sandwich back in '05 with a deadly substance that takes 13 years to activate. #soon

Well, this hasnt been true for some time.

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