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Have he and Merchant fallen out? They don't do much together these days?

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They just have creative differences. Gervais is still doing comedy series while Merchant is doing more dramatic work. Karl talked a bit about it in his AMA a few years ago.

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I really liked Hello Ladies. Glad he got to end it with the movie.

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I think Merchant was an underrated part of that duo. The Office and Extras was far better than anything Gervais has done since.

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I think they work great together but Merchant has the potential for a longer/broader career

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Ricky Gervais is such a great guest

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He's the best. Talk about no filter. I honestly can't tell if Colbert is uncomfortable at some point or not, maybe that isn't the right word, but it seems he has to switch gears a bit to handle him compared to the more "traditional" guests. Not sure how to put it!

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If you want uncomfortable, look up the 2 interviews where they discuss religion and Lord of the Rings. Gervais gives Colbert a bunch of crap for being catholic and you can tell at one point that Colbert is over playing along

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really? which one are you referring too? At the end of this one Colbert seems to be really cool with Gervais' answers and literally tells him "please come back and discuss something more important".


I think the next time they talk about Lord of the Rings.

and that one is just good bantering back and forth.

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I'm at work where we can't access youtube. I think it's called "Ricky Gervais and Stephen disagree on Lord of the Rings." They banter about relgion a bit and Ricky calls it fake. There's a moment where Stephen stops and just gives him this look like he's slightly miffed but they move on.

Nothing is as bad as the interview with Chicago's mayor.

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Holy shit hadn't seen that till now.

God lord that was uncomfortable.

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Initially they did not seem all that happy to be in the same room.

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I think that show Child Support will end it for him.

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Seems like his role is only interacting with the kids, which doesn't seem too bad.

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what the fuck is he doing lol

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Oof, that was bad.

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Nice see Ricky sporting track pants like another famous Ricky from Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

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I love how uncomfortable Ricky makes Stephen.

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They blurred the finger??

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seriously...he wasn't even talking about the 'middle finger', just a doctor using their fingers....my god.

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Yeah, it would have offended someone ...

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Ricky is savage....... And I love it

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Me to imagine what he would have said lol i was watching his golden globes bits he has balls

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I love it when they make each other laugh.