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Easily the best version of this meme I've seen. Some may argue this post has no place in the /r/television but the editing is just so dense. Every single image has so many things going on.

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I lost it at the actual video footage of 60’s fast food workers.

I thought the part after that, where he point out they’re grilled, should have had the display from the torture scene.

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The lingering silence on the end of that clip shows such attention to detail.

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Fuck you Rick Berman!

edit: you’re not Rick Berman. What is it with Ricks?

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It's like poetry. It rhymes.

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Thanks to this video, I'm in a rabbit hole of different versions of Steamed Hams.

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Yes, it's a youtube meme of late.

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I really enjoyed Steamed Hams But It's Ace Attorney
It's so needless. I love it.

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I liked the dbz edition even more.

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Only 10 seconds of actual gameplay, absolutely accurate.

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I thought they were supposed to be playing the mode with no radar?

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Skinner: "Oh, well, this is the NEW version of Metal Gear Solid. Yeah! It has the radar built in for ALL difficulty levels. Really makes an even playing field for all players."

Chalmers: "I see."

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I played enough of the original PlayStation version of mgs1 that this feels very warmly familiar.

I also like how armin tamzarian is a good analogue for iroquois plissken