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That ended way too soon

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imagine how hard filming that cat must be.

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I just wanted to see the cat playing with another cat, or a human or something.

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reminds me of the ocelot that hung out with Coyote


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Or a banana for scale

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Why was the narrator pillow talking to me?

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Don't get fooled by this. The huge leafs make the cat look smaller than it actually is. Wikipedia mentions a body length between 35 to 48 cm (14 to 19 in), with a 15 to 30 cm (5.9 to 11.8 in) tail. Which is close to the size of an average house cat at 46 cm (18 in) length.

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True. Adult Rusty Spotted cats have the average size of regular house cats. They're not close to being the smallest cat, but they are one of the smallest wild cats.

The Singapura may be the smallest cat breed in the world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2arjynd1tIA

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That's what I thought. I was looking for a reference size the whole video.

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Now i'm more interested in those gigantic leaves.

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I'm assuming there is some reason why it would be a terrible decision to get one as a pet.

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I went a read up on them a bit. A few have domesticated themselves. But for the most part they are small in number restricted to parts of India and Sri Lanka.

They are protected by law in both countries and are banned from been hunted or traded. They were and sadly still are hunted for food despite it been illegal.

It seems like they would be fine as pets, it is just they are small in number and protected. I few zoos around the world have them. No doubt some locals would have them as pets.

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How the hell do you eat something so cute?

Is what I asked myself until your mom presented herself

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Ooh! Me next! Eat me next :)

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Lol... Well your username checks out as someone that gives as good as they get XD

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With your mouth.

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Probably the whole "black market, cramped cages, cutting certain body parts off to make them nicer" kind of thing that always ends up happening to the next cute exotic animal that we fall in love with.

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Why can't people just appreciate a beautiful wild animal without being obsessed with owning it?

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The section of this video starting around 0:48 looks like 3d animation to me. Am i wrong? Is it possible they would fake some of this footage?

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The audio is faked, but the footage is real. The BBC got in trouble a few years back by shooting in a zoo and subsequently became very conservative about faking footage. If they were using CGI the tabloids would have a field day.

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Have you see Blue Planet II? Half of it looks like Finding Nemo. I don't know whether it's real or not, but it's obvious that they've gone to town on the colour grading and turned it all to 11 so much that it just doesn't look real any more.

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A lot of it is CGI unfortunately. The animal is real, but the backdrop is likely fabricated in many areas. Some of the land/props themselves are put there on purpose (they have the cat climb the log for the shot).

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interesting.. so they'd shoot at a zoo or something and composite the shot afterwards?? do you know of any online resources that talk about this?

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99% Invisible did an episode on faking things in docs and this exact thing happened in a doc called Wolves. They also discuss faking the audio that can't be recorded during filming with foley (recreation of sound) since there's no way to get a mic close enough to the animals and there would be a ton of background noise.


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they shoot in a studio and lay natural foilage/logs etc on the floor. they sometimes don't even use live sounds since its a studio (they record on site sounds and splice them in).

I saw a video of behind the scenes stuff for planet earth I believe but unfortunately can't find the video.

I think this happens a lot more for insects/smaller animal shots. The larger animal stuff filmed from a helicopter/drone/etc are obviously real and on-location for the most part.

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That's not what CGI is. Do you even know what CGI stands for? Computer Generated Image, so how are real props computer-generated? The reason it looks like it's CGI is it's shot in a high framerate and most people aren't used to seeing motion captured that way.

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Do you even know what CGI stands for? Computer Generated Image, so how are real props computer-generated?

the background is CGI in some cases - props are used in the foreground, obviously real props are not CGI, but my point was CGI is used in some cases for these shots.

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There is zero evidence that that’s the case and the BBC has vehemently refuted any claims that cgi is used. They’ve admitted to setting up the ‘plot’ of shots and using enclosures etc, but they have never used CGI.

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they have never used CGI.


"CGI can show things that it is impossible to visualise with a camera, but are important to understanding the behaviour of particular animals. Life in Cold Blood used this technique to show the changes that take place inside a python when it is digesting a large meal."

"Frozen Planet used CGI to animate the data from satellite imagery to show changes in sea ice cover for the polar regions."

"This footage is then composited onto a background, or "backplate", which might be an entirely computer generated image, or one shot at another location.This technique is not widely used in most BBC wildlife programmes, but the unusually stylised Hidden Kingdoms series made much of this technique while dramatising the lives of its little animal characters."

"There are rare occasions in classic wildlife films when plant or animal action also has to be filmed in highly controlled settings, against blue screen, because it would be impossible to film them on location. But to make the point that this activity is natural, filmmakers still want to indicate how it would look in the wild. The Plants episode of Life was one of these rare occasions."

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vv smol

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Why does it look like CGI?

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Cats aren’t real lol

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cats are made up by the chinese to make their dogs more competitive in the global market.

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I'm with you, it looks like some clips are part CGI. not the face of the cat, but the body

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Framerate. We're not used to things being filmed above 24fps and this is pretty obviously well above that so the motion is much more fluid. Most people's reference for higher fps motion is CGI, so your brain thinks that's what's happening.

This is not CGI, to be clear.

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why is this in a "Big Cat" documentary

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big personalities

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Banana for scale?

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Metric or imperial banana?

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Why the hell haven't we domesticated these yet?

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we havent domesticated regular cats yet

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They domesticated us.

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My first thought as well. teacup, chihuahuas were a huge hit. you and I should into business

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This reminds me of the House Hippo commercial

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As a Canadian, let me say, House Hippos have become a serious problem up here.

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Bastards keep stealing my toque!

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"They feed mainly on rodents and birds, but may also hunt lizards, frogs, and insects."

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Good on those Rusty-spotted cats

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Like a child, one of the best parts of owning a cat is when they're kittens, I wish they didn't grow.

If domesticated, this cat would be immensely popular.

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A had to double check this wasn't the onion with that tiny adorable mew on that full grown cat. Still skeptical.

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yeah but as a poster stated above, the leaves are a lot bigger than the video lets on. The cat isn't THAT much smaller than the average house cat if you look at average measurements.

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Cats are cool.

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Am I the only one upset at the lack of something to compare it's size with?

For god's sake, throw a banana beside it or something...

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Such a frustrating video. The whole point is the size of the cat and there's nothing to show a sense of scale. The cat will go near a massive leaf and make you think it's tiny, then walk past a tree that makes you think it's a normal sized cat. Why don't they have a few bananas?

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I like my cat

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Why did that cat meow if meowing is for humans?

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I was thinking the same thing.

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Yes, cats meow to communicate with humans but that doesn't mean they don't meow for other reasons.

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Waoo it's beautiful

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oh no now i have to worry about this cat out in nature too

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Kittens gone wild

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Now I want to see the kitten version of this cat...

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Fuck you I was gonna post this

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If I was a fan of this show I'd probably be pissed and feel deceived at the content.

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This is the most elaborate hoax I've seen in my life. The thing is even listed in an 80 year old book. I am impressed.

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Then there was the story of the carpenter that saw a bump in the middle of his newly laid Carpet, and a faint mew....

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Why have we not domesticated these?