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While the content doesn’t look bad, can’t say that I’m excited about the direction they are taking this show in

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Because they are making the supernatural elements more explicit? I agree.

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That and I was down for Eddie to be on the outside of the movement, not necessarily trying to take it down but trying to get his family out.

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Well that looks absolutely epic! I can't wait! The standout for me is the scene with all the dead meyerists in the forest. An Eddie vision or a Jonestown ending?

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Probably a vision. Definitely Jonestown vibes though

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I only watched 4/10ths of it before clicking way the fuck out due to spoilers, but from what I saw, I'm interested in the direction. Although season 2 was an abomination, this at least seems like a pretty natural extension from where everything was seemed to be headed, for the most part.

I'm hoping that the plot now gains some focus and stabilizes. It doesn't need to shake the fuck up out of the direction over and over and over again to be riveting, which is what season 2 did with reckless abandon. They need to be logical with their characters, their motives, and how their environment impacts them. It seems from this trailer that it may go that way. But admittedly, again, I watched less than half of it. Perhaps the rest of it totally destroys my interpretation.

Bottom line is that I will be watching it (with a totally blind eye, as always), and I'll be reserving all judgments until I become a viewer.

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Season 2 was so disappointing I was leaning toward giving up on the show. This trailer has me more on the fence, but I'm still not sure. Is it the final season? If so, I'd probably be more in.

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Is that Cal and Sarah doing bondage? 🤤

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I was debating giving up on this show. After this trailer, I'm all the way out.