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Tonsillectomy. Electrocautery. Performed during anesthesia.

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Someone who reassured me the patient is not awake! Thank you!

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Also, this is two different patients combined. Up until 4mins you have a conscious patient with large stones (possibly removing the stones herself) then it switches to an unconscious patient with lots of small stones having a tonsillectomy.

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Seems like they're removing the tonsil using a cautery instrument

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I'm assuming (and hoping...) that the patient would be put under for something like this? Looks super painful the way they grabbed it and what not.

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They are. Last thing the doc would want is for a muscle twitch or the patient to involuntarily gag, numbed or not, in the middle of using tools that could do nasty damage to the wrong places.

Being under light anesthesia makes the procedure go much faster and the patient would wake up pretty quickly afterwards with minimal grogginess.

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Is that how they do it? Just rip the thing wide open? Geesh. No wonder it has such a painful recovery! Thanks for the reply lol

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It's a burning tool.

They used to do cuts back in the day but the amount of bleeding was ridiculous. They currently burn them off because it seals the blood vessels as they remove the tonsils.

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Wow! That's really interesting. Would the patient typically be put under, or at least numbed, when a procedure like this is done?

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They're out for the procedure.

The only example I had ever seen of an awake tonsillectomy was a video that surfaced online a few years ago. This little kid in Russia was sat in a chair and the doctors literally shoved tools into the back of his throat and snipped his tonsils out.

It looked like something out of a Hostel gore flick.

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Can confirm. Got my tonsils removed at age 6. Went home the next day. Late that night I went into my mums room, woke her up, said "Mommy I don't feel good" and threw up blood all over her bed. Stitches had opened and I'd been swallowing blood in my sleep.

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Oh no no no. You poor thing. Yuck

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Due to the fact that I no longer wish to participate in the "war of the wits," I've deleted my comments in this particular area. I won't say I'm right. I won't say I'm wrong. I will say that I research little known subjects BEFORE posting, because I want to pass along the best information I know. However, I will NOT have someone berate me as if I just came in off the turnip truck, as one particular person has. A simple and kind correction or "I believe that" is all that is necessary. This is supposed to be a friendly board. Unfortunately, this exchange was NOT friendly.

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3:10 was a separate video from 4:40

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Thanks! I meant 4:10 .. a simple slip of the index finger .... thanks for catching that.

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Oh, sorry.

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It is absolutely not infected. That "white goop" is not goop, it is a cluster of tonsil stones.

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    Tonsilloliths can be pretty soft and easily squished, depending on what they're made of and how long they've been there. There's no erythema to indicate infection.

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    It was a cluster of tiny stones.

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    Except the tonsil was not cut. Those white clumps were on the exterior of the tonsil.

    If you've never actually seen a tonsillectomy in real life, then maybe you shouldn't comment on the medicine.

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      It's white because it's cauterised.

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      You are joking, right? That is where the tonsil is being burned.

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      Looks sooooo painful