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Outward Bound: Evacuating Earth (2018) - "This episode will look at many of the potential ways the world might be destroyed, from supernova to asteroid strike, as well as looking at how we might survive such disasters and go about saving civilization."

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I love his videos and this one is no exception. One seriously smart dude with an interesting take on science and tech. Do not let the mild speech impediment put you off. You stop noticing it pretty quickly and can just enjoy the topic.

His voice and speech pattern immediately caused me to pause the video and seek out the reason i was feeling so uncomfortable. A quality narrator is well within reach of even amateur Videographers these days.

He says doing the narration helps him get over his speech impediment. If you listen to his earlier videos he's gotten a lot better.

wish it were true... great video. But why not just hire a narrator? There's really no shame. Even if a person didn't have a mild speech impediment, if he just had a soft voice or a heavy accent. His narration detracts from the points he's trying to make.

Only if you're letting yourself be distracted. It's really not that hard to get over it.

So is it a documentary or a video?

They are usually sort of in between. They have aspects of documentaries but are little more casual. Definitely worth a look though.

Topic of dying horrible death? Who enjoys that.

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Lets hope aliens don't treat us as food.

Surviving a supernova? Id love to see how is anyone going to pull that one.

  1. There is a supernova candidate in our vicinity. You better not say its name three times.

  2. Dinosaurs didnt end. They are alive and just fine. learn your paleontology Isaac.

  3. There is no stealth or hiding in space.

  4. Stop telling people we know what and how "black hole" would behave in this or that situation.

What game is this guy using as a visual tool?

Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

He commissions artists to do custom renders for him. Though I believe that in this video he does use some pre-alpha footage from a game that he's working on as a consultant, with the tentative name HADES 9.

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Never seen them before and they're great. Real out of the box logical thinking. I like it, watched a ton of them now.

it’s gonna be nuclear war, 100%. just a matter of time

I can't even listen to this guy it's hurting my ears

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