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Can someone that speaks French tell us what’s going on here and how is this related to Vechain ?

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Fun Fact--There is an auto translate on youtube. This video is from October, so doubt its anything new. If its Microsoft its in regards to Renault. You can find out more about Renault here.


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Thank you, i didn't even know about this medium post.

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You guys, this is from October last year.

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Yes, is that not ok? I had never seen it before and it was hiding in the sidebar. It is still interesting for newcommers!

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Click on CC then settings then English for a rough real-time translation

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Can anyone get us an English translation? I only took 5 years of French and that was more than 10 years ago (aka completely worthless)

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Literally in the sidebar under partners.

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They were partnered on Renault. You can see my post above for more details from Sunny Lu on this.

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glad i can understand fluent french :/