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Blaine is so weird to me. I love him as a person. I love his stories, his insane stunts, his book and the amazing stuff he does for people. But I cannot stand his magic persona at all and really dislike the way he does magic. If I did not read his book and realize how different he is from his character I would have never given a chance at all.

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I just don't connect with the guy. He's so deadpan and lifeless. I'm super glad he's managed to make a career for himself but I'm simply left wondering why. The first guy in the interview banged on about how he "connects people", I just can't help feeling the opposite. He's kind of cold and disconnected. I don't know what it is.

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can you expand on how he is in his book??

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A lot like that first half of the interview. He comes off very arrogant in his acts, but he is the exact opposite. The book is a mix of a tribute to his favorite magicians, the story of his career and his obsession it seems with pushing himself beyond his limits. Instead of the overly confident Blaine, he is more modest and while he appears to do things naturally, the book reveals how much work he puts into his big stunts and how much they mess up his mind and body.

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For a guy who’s been handling cards since he was 5 — that was some bad card handling. Especially that final trick.

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One of my favorite card magicians handles his cards very poorly because it's part of his character to be nervous and bumbling. It's hilarious

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Sure. But that’s an intentional character. This wasn’t a character thing, It was just sloppy magic.

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It's very intentional.

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You think him literally stacking 4 cards openly like that and then doing a half assed shuffle was an intentional bumbling character thing? Where else was his character bumbling?

I don’t buy it for a second. I have no beef with Blaine. I like a lot of his work. But that was sloppy and lazy.

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I wouldn't say it was out of character for him. How else is he suppose to accomplish what he did? I'd say it's very normal looking while having multiple people wait on you.

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A cull. Or a topstock add-on. Mind you, when the host has given away the fact there has been preshow it's actually shitshow anyway if you're a magician watching. Camera angle didn't help either with the half inch exposed break he held.

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Exactly. Cull would have been easy and invisible. And yeah. I loved the preshow reveal. Lol.

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To a magician, right. If you’ve seen Blaine’s other impromptu performances they look similar. Remember the video here a couple weeks ago where Blaine went around the room asking people to name a number. Yeah, very disorganized, but the spectators loved the final reveal and most likely forgot the whole messiness.