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This is funny, but the second shoe never drops.

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“Should we... talk about the hamburgers too, doc?”

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"All right, all right, 7 hot dogs. Whew. That's quite a bit. Also, you have pancreatic cancer."

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That's something doctor Kyle would do. I like it.

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Doctor pulls out an anti-hotdog brochure and informs Timmy of the health risks of eating hot dogs. The doctor suggests patches, medications, and alternative meats as a means to kick the habit.

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"I'm just ballparkin' here" Subtle hotdog pun?

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I wonder why his name wasn't Nathan? There are so many great hotdog jokes to be made.

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His character's name is Timmy in just about every sketch they've ever done, unless he's playing a girl - sometimes even still.

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He's played a lot of great characters over the years that aren't named Timmy such as:

Andy Samberg, Adam Sandler, Sandy Amberg, Angie Sanders, Ambly Andberg, Bergly Sanders, Sandy Sandbirds, Colonel Sanders, and of course most unforgettably: Sal Amanders.

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Isn't his name Timmy in real life?

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That's actually news to me - didn't know that.


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Timmy is short... For Tomanthon? No that cant be right.

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I've seen this so many times and only just realized this is how a doctor would ask about alcohol.

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It's a genuinely medical style interview.

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I don't know why this was so funny but damn it the way he would tell him to back up a sec got me every time.

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My favorite line is "a bagel...and something for breakfast"

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Is there more of this? Pretty funny

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It's from The Whitest Kids U' Know, an old sketch comedy. Lot's of stuff on youtube!

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I wish I could be you right now.

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Haha it's good eh? I'm sure I'll love it.

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They have 2 different Abe Lincoln sketches that are tremendous. Also a long segment called Civil War on Drugs. All golden.

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Easily like top 5 funniest shows imo.

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Chapelle Show will always be in a league of its own for sketch shows but whatever league is right below that WKUK are solidly in it. Maybe even the best in it.

“Gallon of PCP” and “Yacht Mechanic” are some of my favorites off the top of my head. Not sure if those are the actually skit names though.

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For me it's "Opus", the one where Zach gets blackmailed into retrieving the world's largest diamond from the devil.

Parts 1 & 2: https://youtu.be/zT6ZnlzHht0

Parts 3 & 4: https://youtu.be/KJ_qd4DvdYw

It's so fucking crazy, it gets me every time.

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5 seasons, each skit is perfect.

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Haven't seen this one, honestly might be one of my favorites now.

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He looks like the young American David Mitchell.

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For a long time I thought they were the same person...

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It kind of opened up my eyes to my own hot dog intake honestly.

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I've been eating way too many hot dogs lately, and this sketch keeps popping into my head. Kind of serendipitous to see it here. Might be a sign

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pretty funny i liked it

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I've enjoyed a few WKUK videos, but not this one. He's just counting hotdogs.

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This is one of my favorite WKUK skits. It’s absolutely absurd but strangely relatable (we’ve all had a bad habit questioned by a health professional and tried to downplay it) and the acting and timing is hilarious.

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This is one of my favorites too. I also like how it's implied that the doctor can tell the guy is eating too many hotdogs from his blood work.

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It needed a punchline

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The punchline is alcoholism

This is the kind of conversation a doctor has with an alcoholic.

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Oh. I like it

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While I kinda agree, why did he start in the morning? Wouldn't it make more sense to start with I have a few hotdogs for dinner (with dinner or after dinner, etc.) And the doctor ask, you don't have any hot dogs before that? Maybe with lunch?

I'm probably just reading too much into it though.

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bad alcoholics usually start their day with booze to curb withdrawal

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I think you're reading too far into it

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I’ve never met another croissant before

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Comedy is about the implementation, not the plot of synopsis.

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I love the Whitest Kids U Know

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Need an nsfw tag for those man boobs

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WKUK for life! Seen every episode at least 5 times, one of my favorite comedy groups ever

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I can’t tell if this was funny or not.

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My wife's comment: "I can never get that time back..." She didn't like it.

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I thought the whole time the doctor was trying to get him to admit he shoved them up his ass.... Missed opportunity....

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I was hoping the punchline came back something like: "How'd you know I had so many hotdogs?" "Because your blood-work came back as hotdog water." or "Because I'm fucking your wife." Either one would work.