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He used that cream for months.

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'It wasn't because of the heat, it was horse cum'

This is an entirely new sentence that has never, and will never be uttered again. And we should cherish it.

Fun fact: 15% of google searches every year are completely new and never searched before.

Peanut butter tribadism.

I’m your father and I loved your comedy show.

Hey can you hold my fanny pack? I'm gonna go fuck a woman.

r/nocontext is great for things like this.

-12 points·5 months ago(1 child)


Took it like a champ. Even included the patented Jackass crotch covering from 17s-32s

Haha and at 35s you can see him check his flanks for any surprise attacks. They are conditioned to fear each other 100% of the time.

Jokes on them that cum enhanced the lotion and he didn't know it until he used it for several months and his skin has never been healthier.

Lotion, cum, combine, repeat: unlimited supply of lotion

At some point, it's only going to be jizz though.

Ahhh, the ol' Ship of Thesemenus

These menus.

I assume it will get asymptotically closer to just being horse cum.

And ya, I did have to Google asymptote to spell it correctly.

At some point, the mixture has been diluted so much that there's no lotion left. That's how homeopathy "works."

Ok but I'm saying if you replace half the lotion with cum everytime, you still always have some lotion

No, you won't. Lotion is made of molecules, so there's a finite limit to how many times you can dilute it. Check out this video for a great explanation.

The famous perpetual stew lotion.

Not sure if I'm hearing things, or Bam can't say the word disgusting? 1:04 mark of the video, he says: "Ew, that is fucking USSGUSTING dude"

Approved Bot2 points·5 months ago

Jump to 01:04 @ He used that cream for months.

Channel Name: MyFFKhaki, Video Popularity: 98.10%, Video Length: [02:50], Jump 5 secs earlier for context ^@00:59

Downvote me to delete malformed comments. Source ^^Code | ^^Suggestions

its just a funny way to say it

That's what I heard too

Ugly + Disgusting

Haven't watched in a long time but iirc they said a lot of words their own way

Maybe he's A Scot?


Didn't you listen to him? He's stupid.

-19 points·5 months ago(1 child)
29 points·5 months ago·edited 5 months ago

He took it like a man.

Edit: added “it”.

Only real men can take horse cum to the face with dignity.

Well, real men, and your mother.

Shit you got me, fam. I always knew my mom was the man of the house.

+1 for your handle. I have to ask... Cumdumpster 1 - 70 already taken?

Probably not. I started trying at 69. 71 was the first one available after trying 69 and 70. In retrospect, I should have made it Cumdumpster70-1.

Let's not forget that at one point, Chris Pontius had a sip of freshly-milked horse semen...

I wish I could forget it! 🤢🤮

-31 points·5 months ago(7 children)

These guys were some of the closest/best friends you could have to one another.

1 point·5 months ago

Do they even talk to each other anymore?

Dunn is dead, the rest of them keep in touch though.

Not Ryan Dunn he is dead.

You have zero idea what's going on then.

-6 points·5 months ago(0 children)

With friends like these, who needs enemas?

He's such a good sport about it

I wish I could take a joke at my expense as well as Knoxville does.


Kimmel looks awful, crazy what Hollywood can do to make someone look less ugly

RIP Ryan Dunn, he was the comedic other half of Bam. After looking at pics, Bam kind of looks like him now that he's gained weight.

Hmmm, I'm skeptical. Doubt it would mix with the lotion. It would break down and go from pungent to smelling like death in only a few days. It would leave his face feeling glazed and stiff. Also, I'm a horse.

Oh no it was sunscreen? Id be more pissed about lowering the SPF than the horse semen.

-40 points·5 months ago(7 children)

Nothing harmless is off limits when you're a bunch of crazy friends with a crazy sense of humor. And this prank was completely and utterly harmless.

-35 points·5 months ago(0 children)

That's the thing, it's completely subjective to the individual in question. If this were...the Queen of England being pranked, I reckon she'd have an aneurysm. But it's Johnny Knoxville, the bloke who strapped himself into a fully loaded porta-potty slingshot, then washed off in a car wash.

Wasn't the porta potty Steve-o?

The original Poo Cocktail was done for Season 1 of Jackass, and Steve-O did the Poo Cocktail Supreme in Jackass 3D.

The historian we didn’t know we needed

-15 points·5 months ago(0 children)
-53 points·5 months ago(6 children)

I hope you're making a joke because that's not why this would never air today

It isn't a joke. always look at the posting history of folks who say stupid stuff like that.

It didn't air on tv back then either. This was in one of the movie releases.

Did this ever air on tv? Isn't it a dvd extra or something. I see the tv shows and movies on tv all the time.

Would they air a woman rubbing cum on her face?

1 point·5 months ago·edited 5 months ago

its not homophobic when a chick does something similar the context matters. The jackass prank is making cum on a mans face the butt of the joke. edit pun intended

-50 points·5 months ago(14 children)

I don't think you've watched jackass before.

-41 points·5 months ago(0 children)

That would be why you don't understand.

-36 points·5 months ago(0 children)

No. They legitimately did all this stuff. They are far to crazy to fake any of it.

Nope its all legit that's why it's crazy

It's not fake at all, all the stunts are real and they actually get hurt and stuff haha. I am not a fan of jack ass but it is actually real!

Dude, just go watch it.

3 points·5 months ago

This is one of the more tame disgusting things they did. In their hardcore drug and alcohol fueled adventures, they would routinely literally shit on, jerk off on and occasionally rape each other; all for lols

It's just my opinion, obviously I don't have a proof, but this looks very fake and unreal to me. Simply there isn't way putting so much liquid that wouldn't be noticeable.

If you watch the whole video he literally says he noticed it was different one day, but he thought it was from the heat of leaving it in the car. You should probably go watch jackass before you call all this stuff fake.

Yes, I saw that, and it is just excuse to make the skit a bit more believable

If you actually watched jackass you'd realize how wrong you are. This prank is mild compared to some of the stuff they do, you're really not getting it. They wouldn't fake something like this while they're doing all sorts of crazy shit for real. That's what you're not grasping.

You have to watch some of the Jackass series. It will make more sense to you, I do not believe this is fake simply because in comparison to other things they do... its just not that bad.

-33 points·5 months ago(0 children)
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