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Official Sea of Thieves: Tales from the Tavern Podcast - Episode #16

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110 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

As of right now, the video has been removed (accidentally posted early?). I got about 3/4 of the way through (it was about an hour long) before it cut off.

It was a lot of "We're listening to the fans, taking in feedback, and making changes but we think the players like mystery and vagueness, so we're not going to tell you exactly what we're doing." I'm not being hyperbolic there. They literally said they were trying to be a little mysterious and weren't going to give us a clear list of what's coming.

They have been talking all about mystery for the past 2 years and now people dont trust them so much, maybe if they told us everything for awhile and prove that they are capable then we could trust them and they could go back to mysteries

Ding ding!

They can't do that anymore. They literally said that they have to communicate differently with us and I think most of it has to do with prerelease them promising a lot and underdelivering big.

Did they promise anything that wasn’t in the game? This isn’t a no mans sky situation

I remember seeing that alpha and beta had 20% of the game, and people said when people get to legend pirate they would be surprised by what they saw and that's when the game starts.

Alpha and Beta had more customisation and cosmetics, legend pirate brings nothing new except 1 outfit and 1 ship look.

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Oh it's not no man's sky in a way that you can interact with players. Everything else is no man's sky. Bareboned release, while in all the interviews they promoted this vast world with never know what you will find, while in reality you find spices and chests and same kind of skeletons, shitty kraken which you won't see ever if you only sloop, and which has only tentacles, no body. Even in the recent video they admited that they have this vast world but not much mystery in it. They said they'll work on it, but no man's sky has worked on it also, people report that there's content to it now, but it's too late, just like it is too late for a lot of SOT community. All of the reviewers said it's a barebones game. They showed the road map which is great but that's months post release, we will see how much content each update will add. Also they had skins, sails, and decorations which were in beta usable but not in game on release and more than month after release. If it was already in game usable and isnt now that's basically promising and not delivering. The way they spoke about the content pre release sounds much more exciting than what we got in the release. Recently rewatched the videos and yeah...

Now saying all that, I love the game. Yes it's barebones but it's fun for a day if you play alone, and it's fun for longer if you play with friends. I feel like it's a guilty pleasure grind kind of game and I like grinding.

No, we certainly got what they said would be in the game. The problem is they oversold it and made it sound like there was more to each thing than there really is.

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Yeah right, that really worked out well with them LAUNCHING with 4 cosmetics with a recolor variant and no meat to the kraken fight. Still pissed off I saw more 'horizontal content progression' in stress tests/beta than at release with all factions being a fetch quest.

I'm confused by your comment....its literally the exact same content, like all of it, like its only ever been fetch quests with different coats of paint(Just like every quest in wow is the same 4-5 types of fetch or kill quests) and they added a couple additional coats of paint.....

Unless you meant to say they added more stuff from Alpha to Beta to stress tests, and only a little from stress tests to launch......umm

I think he means there were a lot more cosmetics in every version of the game prior to release. That's what I picked up from the 'horizontal progression.'

I’m pretty sure the average fan likes the opposite of that.

"We're listening to the fans, taking in feedback, and making changes but we think the players like mystery and vagueness, so we're not going to tell you exactly what we're doing." I'm not being hyperbolic there.

That's part of what they said. Context is a funny old thing. Right before that they also explicitly talk about giving specific clarity and context around changes they make to the game.

But Joe mentions they're not going to detail everything about content drops in advance because "that would be boring if we literally gave, you know 'here's a list of all the things you're getting... see you in a month'" ...

Not to mention, they detailed a content roadmap in their last video.

I wouldn't call that video detailed. They were pretty vague in it.

I used "detailed" as a verb in that sentence bro, not an adjective.

“Outlined” would be more accurate.

Some people may feel differently but I would rather a plain list of what we're getting. The content is what needs to be fun and exciting, not their information delivery system.

No dev, in the current shoes of Rare, in their right mind would release that. It would fetch them such a strong negative heat in light of the present "public opinion" of this game. You would have to literally release "Sea of Thieves 2" in a single patch/list to have people be (maybe) satisfied. They're playing it wise by not playing all their cards immediately because, let's face it, this community wants to shit on them, right now.

If you haven't delivered a finished product, its bullshit to hide behind MYSTERY. A teaser shot, concept art, maybe a offhanded comment about mermaids or some shit. "AI Threat" is literally the most vague non-descriptive term for an enemy in a game.

That's just your opinion man. I consider the game finished and already had hundreds of hours of fun into it. At this point all the extra content is a plus.

Calling a spade a spade, but they delivered exactly what they said they would, you and the community wanted more then they gave != unfinished product.

This is often said in this sub, and it's not correct. There were SEVERAL times where they said that the Beta (stress tests) were "not representative" of the final product. It alluded to much more than they knew they were going to deliver. Then they released the beta as the full game. It IS unfinished. They have been extremely vague about content moving forward. Anyone who looks at this as a game that isn't "early access" is being apologist IMO.

I respect the IMO tack on at the end.

I'm not glued to the timeline, but I do know, if I had been a dev on the game, building the systems in to do Merchants and Order, and people only saw Gold Horders till the final open beta run, I'd also be claiming there's a bunch more to come. But also, and going back to the Alphas, I was posting in here what was being posted in the main forums, that people aren't being told expect some big massive change, a lot of what we see is what it will be, but people choose to make their own implications of those allusions you reference.

Not once have I seen a quote which says "We have so much coming at launch by way of content", I'll eat my crow if it can be produced gladly, and that's with holding the opinion that each faction adds quite a bit of its own content, even if you can boil it down to a fetch quest. It's still a lot of coats of paint to vary it up.

I think we are saying basically the same thing. The problem is that Rare HAS been leaning on the idea of "continuing content" pretty damn hard. People are going to be disappointing.

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A lot of people do believe it’s a finished product. I, for one, enjoy the mystery, and I don’t feel “entitled” to the knowledge of exactly what the devs are working on. I bought the game at full price after I played the beta because, in my mind, the game that we had in the beta was worth the $60. Anything extra the devs might do would be just that: extra. If you want games to stop being services and start being games again, then buy them like you would a game and not a service. If your enjoyment of the game is entirely reliant on extra content added after the game’s release, then wait until that content is actually added. If you don’t like what you paid for, it’s really only your fault because you had plenty of time to try the game out for yourself, and you could have waited even one day after launch to see what content actually made it into the game. You can’t just claim that you were deceived and scammed everytime you buy a game that you don’t end up liking.

The Kraken fight was kept a mystery as this big release content reveal and look at how overly underwhelming that fight is.

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If I ever wanted to pay 70€ for a "mystery" I'd go for lottery tickets or scratch offs. This rhetoric is old and stinky, every time they release another video like this my hope for this game just dwindles further.

Clearly, you missed the cheaper Mystery option at $9.99 and went for the all in investment package.

That's the stupidest God damn thing I've ever heard. These fuckers clearly are winging it and dont want us to know.

Agree keep new content a mystery for us to discover out of nowhere! 🎖️

Personally, I was very disappointed. I prefer developers to lay out what their plans are more clearly.

No fun, so much for adventure and discovery. This isn't fortnite

Them being mysterious would be fine if they already released some great updates, just so we know they are capable of doing great things. Now people are going to be guessing what they are planning on releasing and people will be massively disappointed again because they expected so much more.

2 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Them being mysterious would be fine if they already released some great updates

Well I don't know where you've been but... The game literally just released 3-4 weeks ago, they've done 4 patches, announced monthly-content updates, and even bigger updates q 3 months. For the time that has passed, a fair amount has happened. Unless you're insinuating that they "should give us a clear, defined list of what's coming for the first update". And that's fine but no sane dev in Rare's shoes would do that. People are waiting to chew them out for anything they do at this point. Doesn't matter if they released the freaking Mona Lisa of game updates, people would STILL be saying "not even content, still shit" because it's mass opinion. So why would Rare play all their cards at once?

Now people are going to be guessing what they are planning on releasing and people will be massively disappointed again because they expected so much more.

Absolutely, you're basically begging for this outcome. You aren't willing to withhold judgement and wait instead you're insisting that it's going to be disappointing. Probably will be for you, then.

I'd like to hear them say something like, "We've heard the feedback for riddles not giving good enough rewards, and we're going to change it."

They do that in patchnotes...but the vids aren't really about that kind of stuff.

This isn't fortnite

It's funny how you say that, because that's precisely one of (if not the biggest) the reasons fortnite has been so successful. And remember fortnite is a f2p game, SoT is way above average market price.

edit: forgot how to english

That's a whole different can of worms to open. Fortnite is successful for lots of reasons but the fact that they lay their plans out is probably the smallest reason. Cost, multiplatform, simplicity, etc all contribute more. I mean, Christ, you see 6 year olds playing it.

You can't honestly think it would be better if Rare said 'We are adding these 3 islands. Here is a cannon and if you go through this cave and swim in the pool you'll find a hidden special area that we created for you to find but we just told you where it is so lol you're welcome"

You can't honestly think it would be better if Rare said 'We are adding these 3 islands. Here is a cannon and if you go through this cave and swim in the pool you'll find a hidden special area that we created for you to find but we just told you where it is so lol you're welcome"

"REEE, that's it!? NO CONTENT STILL". That's what people are wanting to be able to say right now but instead they're forced to suspend judgement (or not) and wait and see. It's frustrating for them, I'm sure.

You browse the subreddit but you want to bitch about discovering things yourself for the first time? I think you need to take a step back and reevaluate your plan, bud. Nothing but spoilers and speculation here

Thats why you don't click on posts with the word spoiler in it.. bud

6 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Do you not realize that nobody marks anything as spoiler in this sub because this isn’t a single player game? If you didn’t know about playing music to tame snakes and you saw someone post about it, would you go and bitch on their thread too? Go back to playing the game man. Don’t try to slap fight on reddit when you’ve already got negative points

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They can add little things that offer that same feeling.

While also not keeping us in the dark about big changes and updates... especially since they haven't exactly earned the benefit of the doubt in that category.

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yea or just let us make our own mysterious content. even better

Yea this "mystery" attitude is simply a ruse for "you won't like it." I was on board with that fun mentality before launch because I actually thought they wanted to keep things secret and had things to show us. They didn't and it's been such a massive disappointment. No more mystery please. Get shit in the game pronto and let us know

I think it's more like "we have no idea what we are gonna add yet so let's keep it vague..."

Sounds like the type of shit you come up with on the fly when you have no idea what you're talking about in a presentation.

I mean, I've sort of got that feeling all along. Its part of the atmosphere of the game. It adds to the legend and myth aspect of the game. I've enjoyed it. Not everyone has to do the same thing.

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"100 plus developers currently working on future content."

That's promising!

Comment deleted1 month ago

Yeah, numbers don't mean much

I'll wait for the results to get excited

What one developer can do in a month two developers can do in two months

Exactly! Look at Megaton Rainfall for PSVR for example. That game is amazing ! And it was basically made by one person.

Fuck destiny 2. It should have been an expansion to 1 not a full new game. They fucked that up.

I don't know... their Rise of Iron wasn't particularly inspiring. I was already on the edge of leaving.

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Actually it was over 1,000 they also had High Moon Studios and another company helping with DLC

Bungie just flew dozens of streamers and active gamers to their studios to give critical feedback on how to improve destiny 2. At least they are trying to fix it.

Bro, Destiny 2 shouldn't need fixing. We spent 2 years getting the first one "fixed" and they made the shit fest that is Destiny 2, I will never trust Bungie again after this nonsense.

Why is Destiny 2 so bad? I've never played.

If you've never played Destiny 1 then it'll take you longer to realize it. Destiny 1 launched with terrible story and end game and balancing issues, all of which were eventually rectified over the slow course of two years. Destiny 2 launched and while it improved in story telling, it pretty much threw out all the quality of life and balancing that was implemented in the first game as well as lacked meaningful end game content once again. It also has the best looking armor, shaders and other cosmetic items locked behind microtransaction paywalls.

That's why I left Destiny 1. The prominence of the Eververse or whatever microtransactions were becoming made me very unhopeful for new content or a new game. It was just a matter of time before Activision started cash cowing it.

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Yea but Bungie's game engine is notoriously difficult to iterate on. So don't be too cynical

He is just making point, honestly they can talk and show us all they want but until they can prove their effectiveness at releasing new and engaging content its all talk. Destiny is really good at honey dicking its player-base i sure hope Rare don't follow suite.

Perhaps I was looking in all the wrong places, but I found Bungle to be terrible communicators. I stopped playing around Christmas though, so I'm not sure what state the game is in now.

I basically did the same. After Christmas, I played basically nothing but Breath of the Wild until Sea of Thieves came out. I only just started playing Destiny 2 again and it's noticeably different...for good reasons! Lot of good stuff on the horizon, so I'm cautiously optimistic.

Bungie has definitely upped their communication game, which is good, but it's also sad that it was necessary.

I want Destiny to be good. But the state of Destiny 1 before RoI made me leave. TTK was good but it was annoying most of the content was lost to players and the state of pvp was terrible so I stopped. I moved back to PC gaming. I was hopeful for Destiny 2 but I have not heard anything good about it.

I may pick it up around it's Taken King DLC.

That's very understandable. I know what you mean about TTK, but they really knocked it out of the park with the final update, the Age of Triumph; bringing back ALL of the old raids to relevant light levels, being showered with loot...there was just so much to do!

And then Destiny 2 came out, and man was it miles behind Y3 D1. I get that it was in development before ROI/AOT came out, but it really was sad to see all of the nice features and activities taken away. Only now are things starting to feel like they're starting to get better, but it's sad that it was this bad in the first place. They have a long way to go, so it's a good thing we have something else to play!

Here's hoping that Bungle one day manages to restore the Destiny franchise to an Age of Triumph era Quality of Life.

They won't male any more money from me till they do.

I'm not one to hold grudges against developers. I'll give it another go at some point. Glad to hear things are improving.

While during the Halo days Bungie's communications with fans was one of their biggest strengths.

I basically stopped the second SoT started its betas.

Sea of Thieves is good. They said they wanted to create a sandbox in which people create their own stories. They have done that. While the islands could have something more on them, something dynamic and procedural so every visit is unique, my best time in Sea of Thieves is when I'm not grinding the voyages and actually playing the game. People are just too stuck in their ways to see what Sea of Thieves is and they want to be shoved content when they literally said they wanted a world where the players are the create the story.

This isn't like NMS where they promised content and it wasn't there or they straight out continued to lie.

Sure the Kraken was a disappointment for some because it wasn't the whole thing. But they had hardware limitation coughxboxcough.

Once the content update comes out and their weekly events occur I'm hopeful people will be more happy. But you all are gonna bitch no matter what.

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Feels like there couldn't be a month without players discovering something Bungie tried to do underhandedly and then had to apologize for.

Unfortunately Bungie have zero fucks about what the community wanted and actively re used content and sold it back to us. Playing through strikes backwards, what the fuck

Yeah and look how it turned out m8.

Ouch... not so promising anymore :(

More people can easily mean more mistakes. Quality over quantity. Rare knows what they are doing.

No wonder that game has been a trainwreck if they have so many cooks in the kitchen.

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What one developer can do in a month two developers can do in two months

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They seem shocked people are grinding to 50 when they should be out there just enjoying the game.

There really isn't enough to do outside of grinding though.

I've had some great experiences in the game but they come while I'm grinding, you can't just go out and make them happen. Well you can but you'd get bored just sailing around looking for another ship.

I dunno, I'm genuinely shocked people are doing 4+ hour cheese grinds on Merchants by outpost looping. Like, that just doesn't seem even remotely fun.

Yesterday skipped work to do it for 13 hours. Today the same. It's such a shit Rep that I just want to be done with it

haha holy shit what do you do for work

Construction. Firestop work

Not at all. I refuse to do stuff like that. I can't imagine enjoying the game anymore after a single session like that

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44 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

I feel like they either didn't understand what gamers would want, or didn't understand what they were going for as a final product.

It seems that they 100% just want a sandbox for you to "be a pirate in" and not play for any real goals other than just for fun. The grind to pirate legend is the primary goal of the game for a lot of people, and that whole part of the game is just... meh... I don't get why they even bothered to put a progression system in the game if it wasn't supposed to be the primary focus of gameplay.

The problem is a lack of short-term material/locational goals. If you don't have a quest there really aren't any areas of interest or reasons to go around the map.

Non-quest goals would be an ideal way to break up the repetition. (Economy systems for trading outside of quest format, dungeons/adventure areas that have chances to spawn unique/rare monsters, etc)

Unless you have a lead, such as a desire to go somewhere, you tend to just hang about or wander aimlessly and hope.

Shipwrecks are the only extant "lead" that isn't a quest in the game as it pushes you in a direction to then see more stuff after you finish the wreck (or get a ship in a bottle to follow)...

So by pointing us to the's only logical that'd we see the grind as the only thing to desire...because it's all they have pointing us in any direction.


Right now here is all the content in the game:

  1. Sailing around and "being a pirate".

  2. Voyages (three fetch quests).

  3. Skull Forts.

  4. Shipwrecks.

  5. Random loot (message in a bottle, etc).

  6. Kraken (no rewards).

They need to add a LOT of content to the voyage system (more variety) and to the organic random stuff out in the world to make this game worthwhile. Until then it's all up to your imagination, and I'm not paying $60 to use my own imagination.

There needs to be sort of loot system designed outside of earning money from Voyages to buy content from shops.

Attaining loot from rare in-game feats like defeating the kraken, killing a number of pirates, having your OWN ship sunk X number of times, etc. The sky is the limit with the creativity you can have with a game like this.

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Loot is also worthless. Buying pieces of 1 of . . . I think 8 sets of designs for your items is the extent of loot's use.

It's fun to collect but, once players hit 50 or so they have so much gold that they just give the loot away.

That was true until the 900,000 gold legendary ship stuff. People want athena's rep more than loot though so they dont care for retrieving the items.

My friends and I have been grinding for cosmetics. They're so expensive and hard to get, though. If you don't just dig into the grind, how are you going to get any nice cosmetics? Right now you can get some basic ship/outfits, or you can grind it a really high rep to be able to purchase any of the non-basic ones. There aren't any Rep 15 coats. You need to get into the 30s before you can get anything besides the basics from the clothing vendor.

That's the thing, why did they put ANY of that stuff (reputation, cosmetic unlocks, pirate legend, etc) in the game at all if they weren't going to flesh it out?

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The grind is necessary for open world games (e.g., GTA Online and games alike). As much as people despise the grind, if you give players short term goals and long term goals, they will grind. If there is nothing to grind for, the game becomes boring.

1 point·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

For a grind in open world games, there is usually an end game for the grind to have a reward for. Right, you grind your rpg character to max to start ranked PVP or dungeon running. You finish your championship race to unlock super cars or an engine to allow you to start in the back and pass everyone for first place. You grind through using a pistol or sub machine gun to earn a right to the BFG or a 32x scoped, silenced, M4 automatic riffle.

In Sea of Thieves, Pirate Legend sucks. You have to set aside 2-3 hours to finish 8 maps, and the merchant voyages are still the worst to complete. Made even worse by the crates being required and not obtainable if you happen to die or lose one on accident. The content is the exact same as 1-49 and you don't feel any more powerful VS NPCs after having accomplished the grind. In fact you feel weaker because the skeletons have ramped up their health pools. The skeletons at forts are giving more gold and are easier to defeat compared to the legend skeletons. With a noted difference that the pirate legend's ship does not have a skull cloud floating above it, but you could still be attacked and treasure taken like at the forts.

The rewards problem is compounded in fact. There is "nothing" to grind for or unlock now. When new content comes out (with finally releasing the stress test skins), they will be unlocked on the same day by 100s and millions of gold saved up by the players who are rank 30-49. In my experience as earlier as the crews from three weeks ago, that were still on their game pass free trial, they would complain there is "nothing exciting to buy" and they would rather save for a cosmetic set that will come out later. So all this saving will leave less goals for players when new horizontal progression, which I do not agree with, is unlocked or available at the vendors. (also the only way the devs could alleviate immediate purchase it is with a seashell, ruby coins or whatever secondary currency.)

I don't think "gamers" even know what they want. They want progression but don't want a grind. They want pirate legend but don't want to work for it. They hate grinding "fetch quests" but want a PvE server dedicated to it. I think some people even want gear-stats and skill-trees but seldom mention it because they know they'll get downvoted into the ground. A majority of the "feedback" is just directionless criticism.

I'm going to say its because "gamers" is not a single stereotypical archetype like people used to think in the 90s as kids and neckbeards. There's so many diverse people playing games from all over the world, of course it seems confusing if you take them all as a single entity.

Fair point. But admittedly, the critical rhetoric of this game is pretty homogenous.

I think the fairest point people have made is the pricing, which can definitely improve over time.

7 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

I agree with you partially. My main problem with progression and a grind is that if I'm going to sink time into something... That time that I have put into it has to show for something. Currently that isn't there and cosmetics don't really count because 90% of the time you don't see yourself. Now if the grind was more persistent in proper values and rewards per level I.E. higher levels get access to tougher voyages that offer a fat chunk of rep... We'd be having a different discussion. But the problem is that the grind doesn't offer any way to efficiently do that. So now you got people skullfort hoppin. You've got people doing only golden chickens. And that's it because those are the most efficient ways to make your way to pirate Legend. Other than that you're just messing around wasting time. Which in some people's eyes the sandbox portion of the game is monotonous. So yes a skill tree or gear stats would make this game hell of a lot better. You can introduce an MMR to make things even. I would love to go up against people that smash me to pieces just because I'm close to their level and it's a learning experience. I would love to have a power trip where I can destroy one type of Skellies super quickly. I would love someone to level up a skill tree that was designated for just the ship and that was their designated role. The possibilities are endless. And I'd gladly get downvoted to hell expressing those suggestions. But unfortunately I don't think they will ever be put into the game. Without some sort of "different" progression the game will be in a forever miniscule state of mind because no matter how many DLCs and different activities are added in... those activities will become tedious. I think I should stop here because this post is getting too long. Just very passionate about this game... Ok

I think that's what I need to remind myself, that people are passionate about this game.

So yes a skill tree or gear stats would make this game hell of a lot better.

While I disagree heavily with this, Its nice to know you want the game to improve in your own eyes.

Thank you for at least understanding. I have a background of extensive play times in looter shooters and arpg's. So you can see where my suggestions derive from.

I would be so disappointed with leveled gear. I don’t have time to play 9 hours a day and grind out gear. I quit all my mmos because of this. I like a game that o can just jump into and play with my friends or relax and chill solo. Gear levels would install kill it for me, rip game pass.

That's understandable. To each's own. I think that is where just PVE perks would come in handy. I do like the idea of a harder PVP aspect but that's not for everyone. My crew was discussing this yesterday, if they introduced some perks that helped with voyages/skull forts and they didn't affect PVP then it might just be a fun addition to work towards.

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Personally I've tried to give plenty of feedback on where they could take the game where it needs to be, and I think the key is just variety.

Right now the core of the game is the sandbox, meaning sailing out in a ship and having pirate fun and having the game "happen to you", in a sense. What I think they need to do is update the voyage system, which is intended to get you "out into the world" so that it has much more variety and purpose. After that, add more cosmetic rewards to make gameplay feel, well, rewarding. And then focus on adding more random content to the world itself (new bosses, enemies, events, etc).

Instead, it seems like they are focusing on adding content to the world, and not to the progression. That means players who are already having fun just doing whatever will keep having fun just doing whatever, but players who want some guidance and structure in the game will still have basically no reason to come back to it.

Something everyone wants is more content. Specifically we can at least all agree that more cosmetics are needed. That's a solid base to start with.

I mean, that's how most people I know outside this subreddit play...

It’s also the reason the game got smashed in reviews and hated on by other subs outside of this one.

Anecdotal evidence doesn’t really matter much on either side of the fence.

I would hardly say it got smashed. It received a lot of (rightful) criticism, but on most sites, it's sitting comfortably at 3-4*

And the parts that everyone agreed on is there’s very little to actually do.

If Rare intended for the game to be people making their own fun, then none of the reviews I saw noticed it, because even the people giving highish scores complained about the lack of things to do.

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I would totally play just for the fun of it, getting gold to customize my ship, put a lot of my gold in cloth and fight other players. Thing is, there's barely anything interesting to do with your gold except buy 1 or 2 outfits that you like ( from the 4-5 choice they gave us) After that it's.. Well, I still want to play this, guess I'll grind.

Right... The game needs two things to succeed in its current form:

  1. More variety of "stuff to do as a pirate" (better voyages, better random encounters and events on the sea, etc)

  2. More rewards, better and more unique cosmetics, etc.

Do that, and it's fine. Don't do that, and what's the point?

That's the problem though, there isn't much in the game to 'be a pirate'

There is no reason to go to an island for anything other than a quest and the quests are just too dull after playing for a while.

If the game had more fun stuff to do that have you no progression at all is spend time doing it.

I'm trying not to get to legend too soon because I'm not sure what I'd do in the game once I reach it.

Looking forward to what comes next though, not giving up hope any time soon.

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4 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

There really isn't enough to do outside of grinding though.

Only other things to really do are either PvP or goof off with friends.

It's obvious a good chunk of Reddit/forum-goers love the PvP (because they are so adamantly defensive about anything that would compromise their ability to kill others) and some people like the whole 'create your own fun' aspect even when they don't have really anything to work with...

But for most gamers I think we need more meat. Minecraft is an obvious example of a "create your own fun" game, where you have multiple ways to play the game (work on building, progressing to fight the End Dragon, etc.) and they give you all the tools you need to pretty much never get bored unless you hit the point where you simply get tired of the systems.

Sea of Thieves meanwhile gives us pretty much nothing to work with. It's a largely empty world with a single gameplay loop (fetch questing) that comes in three different flavors (trade companies), and you either ignore that loop entirely to do whatever (PvP, wander about, post pictures to Reddit featuring all the stuff you gathered but didn't turn in) or you focus on that loop. That's it. You're expected to pretty much make your own fun in a game that doesn't give you the ability to do so beyond a few basic activity choices.

I have no idea how people farm forts. I've done 4-5 now and every single one has had contention. Most of the times it was ships coming over and over again and we were lucky to leave with any loot. I've fully completed 1 and another we made a truce and split the loot. A third time we were suck right before completing the fort and on our way back they were looting so we chased them away and got everything except the chest and skull.

I guess what I'm saying is that I've had fun unique experiences every time I've gone to a skull fort which has just been part of the grind.

skull forts are unique as they offer an actual challenge and they force PVP, no fort is gonna be the same because it attracts people unlike voyages where you might see someone and just sail the opposite direction.

I have the opposite experience. I have pretty much stopped grinding and am just going out and enjoying whatever happens. I'll go on voyages, but if I see a ship, I'll go over to it. Maybe they will attack, maybe they I'll be friendly. It's different every single time.

But then what?

That's exactly when we need the extra content.

and thats why its coming. you just dont need every single detail as soon as it is available.

Oh for sure and I love that the game will grow, but it really did need more at launch.

Without realising it I haven't even loaded the game in days.

I mean, that's fine, but you can only do so much about something that's already happened. The most you can expect out of them at this point is to make an effort to improve on the game, which they certainly are.

Also, I'm not sure where the argument is coming from that they are being all mysterious when they release multiple ~15 minute long developer videos detailing their future content plans.

I think it is because there are obsessed gamers who play SoT everyday for hours on end with a single goal to reach max level, when the game is designed primary for casual audience, who play 1~3hrs few times a week with friends. Looking at Twitch, lot of streamers got burnt because their primary goal was grinding day after day to reach the legend. Compare at to the most popular SoT streaming crew, who are the Burke/Ccream/GassyMaxican/Clatus, which no one has reached legendary yet, but still having a blast playing the game with each other.

Comment deleted1 month ago

I've had the same experience. All of my friends quit after the first week and I've been solo Slooping since then. I'm not really interested in playing with random strangers, and if you ever dare to suggest any concessions be made for solo players you'll have a dozen people jumping down your throat.

At this rate most players will take a year to hit legendary, the exp curve needs to be fixed at 25-50, its fucking horrendous. I don't mind grinding in a game like FF14 where tons of hours are going to get me a really strong badass looking relic weapon, but in a game like this where you get to legendary and its supposed to be "where the game starts" then it needs to be obtainable in a decent amount of time.

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The game wasn't designed for players that are focused on grinds or in game rewards. Its ok if people don't like that type of game but its good to understand the target audience.

But what is there to encourage anything but grinding?

All the cosmetics are there for the grind. The only reason to go to an island is for a quest, there isn't anything on them.

The animals are pointless unless you have a quest, the skeles are just an annoyance.

Yeah it's good fun to take on other ships or to jump on board playing music and hope something good happens but then what?

Wouldn't it be better if you had some stuff to do other than get another treasure?

Even if it's some parkour up an old fort, a game of football, fist fighting in a tavern... Just stuff to go do which would create more adventures.

But what is there to encourage anything but grinding?

my whole point is the game is designed for the people who don't need rewards to play the game.

I'm not saying more stuff is bad. More stuff will is almost always better.

Oh I agree, I have literally nothing to use money on but I'm still playing. I just love the relaxed sailing aspect.

I'm not really talking rewards, I just feel the game needs more reason to actually move about the map where the adventures created by players will emerge.

I compare it to Minecraft. There's really nothing to do in the game other than just exist in the world. Sure there's strongholds to attack, and a dragon to kill. But in the end you're just trying to make whatever homestead better and survive in the realm. SoT is sort of just a Minecraft on the ocean.

And it will continue to get free stuff added to it in time.

But Minecraft has so many ingredients you can put together to create great fun.

SoT needs a lot more ingredients. Witch hopefully will come with time.

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Watching. Thanks for posting, hope there are some hints at things to come

Original Poster4 points·1 month ago

Yeah, lots of conversation to go over. Looking out for some hints possibly to the future as well!

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19 points·1 month ago

Video has been removed. Why?

Original Poster28 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

They just said on their twitter the upload had an "issue" and they're getting a new version up ASAP. Edit: Back up!

It had no issues when I watched it :/

They said it would be in 4k and it wasn't when I watched it so maybe they are re uploading to fix it.

Oh boy, we need 4K to watch people sit and talk 😂

I need that 4k audio breh

AHH yeah, I wouldn't have noticed that.

Normally it just takes time for YouTube to process each different quality...

Nope, removed from podcast feeds as well

No idea. I was about 31 min in and it was pulled

They clearly edited something out. Curious to know what.

Probably the guy who kept fidgeting with his hands awkwardly

Anything different?

27 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

I totally respect all opinions positive or negative but why not choose to look at it like this:

They are on a 120 day (roadmap) deadline to make the game A LOT more interesting or their population will suffer greatly.

I am rooting for them to succeed because this game is fun and has to chance to be even more entertaining with some more content.

Edit: Roadmap = 2-3 map expansions/new boat/improved customization/thrones/new enemies/weekly events

We don't need map expansions... just flesh out the current map.

A bigger map is the last thing this game needs currently IMO, there should be more variety of animals and enemies on islands at the very least. What if there were random NPCs outside of the outposts that gave you voyages and rewarded you with something different than just gold?

Don't worry about a second currency than gold. THat will certainly happen as the game ages. THey don't want people that have 2,000,000 to keep purchasing items as soon as they release them then log out for 90 days. They will make new currencies that people have to log in to farm them to get the newest and shiniest unlockables.

One way they could expand is to transform some of the tiny islands and make them a bit more like the big islands.

Depending on the limits of their engine they could expand the map too if they wanted but also double the player/boat limit. What's the current limit, 6 boats?

They are on a 120 day (roadmap) deadline to make the game A LOT more interesting or their population will suffer greatly.

Mate, people said the game would be dead in two weeks. What happens at 120 days exactly?

Absolutely true. People are super fickle as it is and a core audience is always going to stick hard to something they like. In an online game every single time there is an update there will be an uptick in players again. If the update is big enough that journalists post about it there are even more returning players and also new sales.

There is far more going on than some doomsday situation where armchair game developers decide that a game and company will fail based on some arbitrary endpoint.


Tell em

Well I highly doubt many game pass players will buy the game in this state, so there will be a massive decline of players in the next few days.

I don't know why this is being downvoted. Reviews of the game are the same across the board: Very pretty, great experiences, but horrible questing loop.

What happens at 120 days exactly?

Don't think of it as a player deadline. Think of 120 days as a management and business investor point of view. As microsoft is a publicly traded company they will have had a quarterly earnings report and have to keep increasing this property's net profits.

My point was directed towards the people saying they are too vague and not revealing enough etc.

In the next 120 days a majority of the stuff they mentioned in their roadmap will be released which equals 2-3 map expansions, new boat, improvements to customization, more enemies, thrones...etc.

My point is to the people saying they have no clue what they plan to add and they are being vague because they literally have no clue what they actually adding.

We will see when the time comes. I never felt this game would be dead in 2 weeks but if the new additions are lame and do not keep people interested in the game SoT will be swallowed up by the holiday season of games...will it

Anyone else getting triggered by the golden bananas? I'd love to participate in another quest, but damned if the last one didn't give me some gray hairs.

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Watching this just feels like sitting in on a fairly unproductive corporate meeting that is largely just people patting themselves on the back.

What i see is a couple of very passionate people who have taken a hard hit from all the criticism. They're trying to stay positive and not let it get the best of them while they're doing all they can to address it.

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I am still watching in the UK. 30 mins in.

They kept saying people are misusing the brig.... what’s it for?

I understand it’s function, a room you can vote people into. But what’s the “right” way to use it, if it’s not to brig randoms, and basically take the place of private matches until they implement it?

Or let me be really specific: once we have private crews, what will we use the brig for?

To stop players that do things like throw chests overboard, keep dropping the anchor, go afk while using the ship wheel and such.

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it was suppose to be used for fun. not throwing a random person that joins in just because

Could you lay out a scenario where someone being locked in a game for five minutes (since you have to wait out the mandatory timer) adds fun?

Yeah, exactly. Our group thought this would be fun, just the kind of "mess with each other" crap we enjoy. Voted in a mate for the first time, all had a chuckle, went to vote him That's just boring. I honestly have no idea why they'd do that. What possible reason is there to not let people vote to remove someone when they want to.

It's supposed to be used either for fucking with your friends or stopping trolls if they're fucking with your session, not to put every random that joins there just because.

Once you have private lobbies, it'll be there for when you're playing on an open crew and a random starts trolling

sloops have an unusable brig, takes a majority yet there is 2 ppl -_-

Because I'd wager that most people won't be in private crews. When playing with randoms you could still have trolls join. I won't be playing in private crews and would still very much like to have a brig. It's just that a large number of people who would otherwise be in private crews are currently misusing the brig to lock up people who are matchmade in with them, for no good reason.

I’m the opposite, I don’t play with randoms now. Everyone I play with.... doesn’t play with randoms. So if someone disconnects, and we get a random, we just anchor where ever we are, explain that a buddy disconnected, and ask them to leave, if not they get brigged. That’s the only time we use it because there’s not point in being down a man when it’s essentially a private crew.

That's a fine use. As long as you're asking them to leave first it's totally cool to brig them if they refuse. The problem people are experiencing is that as soon as they join a game they are put in the brig. No communication, nothing. Just brigged and mocked. On the more serious side is when you're the last person in your crew and a group of 3 joins your ship and then locks you in the brig, effectively cancelling any voyage you were on and costing you any treasure/progress you had made in your current server.

If I join your game of 3 and you ask me to leave 'cause your buddy disconnected or because you're waiting on someone or for whatever reason, cool, I'll gladly leave. Hell, I'll even stay until he's ready to connect to ensure he gets the spot if you want. But if you brig me the second I join and never even said hello, you can bet your ass I'm gonna sit there until you all log off.

Anyway, that's the problem in a nutshell. It's being abused and it ruins peoples experience. Since you will only be playing in private crews, you shouldn't ever experience it.

Yea I’m not worried about “experiencing it” because I’ll just leave if auto brig’d.

But yea it won’t happen because I’ll be in private games.

The problem is that it happens in every other game. I spent nearly 3 hours cycling between getting auto-brigged and getting put in crews with sub-level 10s one night. Got to play for about 30 minutes with a good crew before we finished the fort and they left. Was brigged by the 3-man that joined immediately after because they didn't understand that raising the anchor with the sails up means you don't go anywhere. Was a bad night.

Feel like this could have been 10 minutes instead of 60. I dont think heard a single bit of interesting information. Just them rambling about post they have seen on reddit. Was the point just to post a video?

You know what a podcast is?

These people seem completely out of touch with their player base.

they are just blowing smoke up their ass and if you have any criticism like, "make your own fun is a sorry excuse for poor development" you get all the fanboys sicked on you. It does no good to just say how wonderful the game is when there is nothing to do.

Another pointless video where they talk a whole bunch of nothing. These people must of came straight out of public speaking class.

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Im sorry but I cant play "go get me the skull/animal/gold chests" for 120 days more. It was boring after the first month. Its like SoT is an arcade game you play but instead of paying 25c for 1 live you pay $80 (cad) for ultimated but the catch is there is probably less to do in the $80 game than the 25c game.

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Damn, wonder if they added something in it they were not supposed to yet or someyhing. Looking forward to listening to this at work tonight, plz come back!.

It says the video is unavailable here. When I click the link though, it says the video was removed by the user.

Edit: If anyone is having the same issue, try this link

Man, there already was a Podcast called "Tales from the Tavern", it was a dude and a guest making ridiculous "fantasy" stories, and I miss it.

Removed for breaking Youtube's ToS?

This post is pinned and the video is removed?

Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

I've posted the re-upload higher in the comments.

That was a rough introduction to the podcast for first time listeners.

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