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Renaissance Sound
artist pic

Renaissance Sound was a band from Dekalb, Illinois, featuring former members of Loose Lips Sink Ships. The band features vibraphone, violin, bass, drums, and occasionally vocals.

The first release, the 'Renaissance Sound' EP, was self-recorded in November 2011 and released in early 2012. A follow-up EP was recorded in late 2012 and was released as 'Renaissance Sound II' in March of 2013.

This band existed briefly, as geography has prevented continuation of what we'd love to still be doing. We encourage you to download our music for free, or donate if you're feeling particularly kind. Giving away copies to your friends means much more to us than giving us money for the album — that's not to suggest it isn't greatly appreciated, but these albums were created in a tiny bedroom with intentions of making music for ourselves and for our friends to enjoy in similarly small, weird spaces.

Facebook | Bandcamp Read more on Last.fm.

last.fm: 841 listeners, 12,722 plays
tags: math rock, jazz, under 2000 listeners, instrumental, experimental

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That was pretty sick.

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