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Boxmining video part 2 is here!

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What I love about this sub is the concentration on tech rather than ***** TA charts and predictions.

Amazing video - the potential is incredible.

Now where can we get a Walton T-shirt from?

Second the T-shirt. I'd like a sticker for my laptop as well :)

You are a true Waltonian my friend.

3 points · 7 months ago

Some dude has already taken it further and got he Walton logo tattooed on his calf, posted on her not so long ago. That is a true Waltonian.

Wait till he hears abut the re-branding....


Then he'll be a true OG Waltonian.

I made a high-res T shirt similar to their team one. here

34 points · 7 months ago

Holy shit. Just watched full part 2.

Walton will be 50$ in 2018. 100%.


Please happen

26 points · 7 months ago

Just finished watching...WTC is definetly going toe explode. Imagine how many sectors this tech will be in? Love you guys!

Elements of Ethereum and Dash......

Which is not a bad thing. They took some of Dash code and improved it in ways not even Dash team could probably do. Also, smart contracts will greatly benefit this tech, for instance a shipping company and a warehouse can execute an automated smart contract that when X stock arrives at Y warehouse, the smart contract is executed (after blockchain indicates that RFID was scanned) and the bill amount is transferred to the shipping company.

Also, knowing that dash is currently approximately 25x bigger in terms of market cap while Waltonchain was able to IMPROVE their code, gives me a lot of hope that they will eventually reach that level and even surpass that market cap in 2018, which would put us at around 200-250 USD per Walton.

You misinterpreted his ellipsis. He was astonished in a good way, not complaining.

Either way, people who also misinterpreted it will now have an explanation :D


I've interpreted it as what you have - so not only have they forked (or will fork) a battle tested codebase (Ethereum) they have also incorporated an improvement of the Dash code for the consensus algorithm. When the Dash community get wind of this I'd be surprised if they don't invest in this.

WTC is going to be a very interesting token to watch in the short and long term!

We getting tits the best of both and real world utility in a global industry.

Totally awesome.

Not really dash is cryptocurrency like bitcoin or litecoin, walton is not.

19 points · 7 months ago

Right when binance times out again :(

12 points · 7 months ago

Yeah.....Most would say its coincidence....but when moneys involved who knows.

even if it was manipulated... it's a good sign. that means they are buying up, because they believe in the product!

My wife said it was a Walton masternode or her. I think I picked the better choice.

What a short sighted woman

Lmao wtf


What do you expect from a woman when you want to drop $50k to become a level 9 ultra guardian master node? Hell, I'm thinking of selling my kid and getting 2nd prestige.

I mean, is 50k all of your savings? Are you taking a loan out? Just playing devils advocate.

Risky as it is, even if u took a 50k loan now, you could probably use the payout to pay off the loan then reach ROI in a few years tops. Problem is we don’t know the payout percentage yet.

Nope, I'm debt free luckily. It's just a part of my portfolio.

Then she’s trippin. You might as well tell her youre going 50k in Apple stock.

Great to hear that there is plans to expand into other industries as well. Grocery sector will be huge for Walton!

52 points · 7 months ago

HOLY FUCK. Seeing the inventory counter thing in action is absolutely incredible. BAM count like 50 items in one second.

31 points · 7 months ago

Don't be distracted by that too much, that is basic RFID stuff. Focus on the blockchain aspects instead, that is where WaltonChain is going to revolutionize supply chain.

23 points · 7 months ago

this. 100% this.

This is nothing new. I recommend to learn something about RFID market before shilling like this. Company I work in has already those things implemented for some time and we are just average midsized corporate in eastern europe. Nothing special really ( globally wise).

This is so bullish. The talk about sub chains interacting with the main chain. Love the fact that this is being built as a huge ecosystem. A lot of companies would be extremely interested in getting this based on the demo.

This video is amazing. Every single one of my doubts has been quelled. I'm glad I went all in a few days ago. I agree we need to stay realistic but I believe we have the most optimistic 3 months up and coming till feb. I'm planning on hanging tight. Good luck to everyone

31 points · 7 months ago

that gun is amazing. im sure they designed bigger “guns” for huge warehouses, storage etc... so the merchandise just pass thr gates and everything is cross checked thr software etc... amazing. Don’t forget, they dont have years of work, just months, they progress so fking fast. just amazing

Everyone keeps talking about the gun and seems to not care about the analytics part. Don't get me wrong, this gun is amazing, however the true game changer is the automated analytics for every company utilizing Waltonchain technology and their chips.

Let me put it this way: marketers and business owners pay millions a year for data, even google analytics, facebook, email marketing data, etc. Data is the single most valuable asset in the world of marketing and sales, and for each store to be able to passively collect data in PHYSICAL stores by tracking items that are picked/tried/avoided is borderline insane (in a good way). You have no idea how much this data is worth to people who split test everything to find true winner products and scale them to millions of sales.

Waltonchain has taken RFID and blockchain integration to a whole new level that is not going to only revolutionize supply chain, but also customer experience and the way data is collected and used. This technology is way bigger than people tend to understand, physical automated data collection has not been possible before, atleast not to that extent in the commercial world.

To add to that, customers never need to hold on to their receipts anymore, as warranty information can simply be gathered by scanning the item and seeing where and when it was bought. You have a laptop that broke after a month of usage? Just take it back and they'll scan it to verify the warranty. There are so many use-cases for this I am super excited being part of this community.

I am making analysis and presentation on WTC, do you mind if I use your text and edit it a little?

6 points · 7 months ago

while this is nice and all, the gun is very similar to current RFID technology already; I've seen firsthand this sort of thing working in large warehouses. The important about about walton is how it incorporates this with the blockchain. Just saying, it's not like they invented this technology in a few months, it's already been around

3 points · 7 months ago

Yes, the blockchain component is huge, especially their development of child chains to ensure transaction speed and also allow for different levels of privacy for company data. And yes, RFID has been around for a long time. BUT, it should be noted that the Walton chip is a huge improvement on existing RFID technology, and they have applied for numerous patents on these improvements. From the hardware AMA: "Walton RFID chip will solve the existing problems, e.g. low sensitivity, errors of reading, high cost, and limited ability of dealing with a number of labels simultaneously, etc. In a nutshell, the client will save money using Walton RFID and achieve a greater security and efficiency. This amount of the benefit to the potential client should be significant." I know YOU are not saying this, but I have seen other (uninformed) posts saying something like, "Well yeah RFID has been around forever, big deal, they added blockchain, anyone could do that," but I think it's worth noting that their RFID innovation is also significant. WTC is a total-package game changer.

last week I saw Zara employee with similar gun checking "islands" in the store for quick update

I am literally amazed! I am so glad to invested in this!!

12 points · 7 months ago

I got the horn after watching this video! This is going to make all WTC hodlers rich and benefit ALL consumers! The big data gathered will reduce waste (less manufacturing cost) and the gun thingy is going to optimize stock count (less manufacturing cost). This equals BIG saving passed onto consumers! This is the google of our times baby!

Great episode!. Tbh i bought WTC for the pump at 6$, planning to dump sometime before new years. This is an amazing and very functional idea, and the team behind seems rly solid.

Video turned me from folding to hodling

Amazing video. It is quite enjoyable seeing Waltonchain in practice. I am even more assured in bright future for WTC

please upvote this. with the new info, now we all know this is not for clothing only, it could be tracking like wabi, and vechain. it could be for shipping, it could be for counterfeit, it could be for inventory management ANY KIND, it could be to store important data which is why blockchain is needed. thx

The only real project with hardware and software development afaik! Incredible work and to say all these were achieved under a year since its launch. I'm def comfortable with my investment here.

I think this could be a big leap in cashierless checkout/ cashierless stores. Making super easy for people.

i love the mini fight he has with the woman over the gun, she keeps trying to take it back from him and he just wants to keep firing

4 points · 7 months ago

Awesome video—big thanks to Michael for doing this series.

The gun is incredible...

Mind blowing , great vision and rightly said, very ambitious. Now which part of business does WTC investors part of? Very Limited right, not in the chip sales, not the data analytics etc . .. any thoughts.

Now are we still tagged to crypto market space or WTC will succeed what regulations may descend on BTC and other currencies ..

Looks like this baby is to stay no matter what ..

2 points · 7 months ago

excellent use cases and great progress. Is there any similar between IOTA and Walton?

Nice video. Looking good. The part about writing to a standard database being more expensive than Waltonchain is simply not true though. You can host an SQL database with an api to interact with it for $5 a month.

5$ doesn't give you shit for the amount of data this will generate. Although I agree that a central DB would work okay (and overall would be much cheaper anyway) but it wouldn't be trustless like the blockchain.

i agree he may have misspoken on the cost benefit but to me real value is in the trust-less nature of the transaction and the authenticity of the data

Imagine if Amazon picked this up for their warehouses. That would be game over.

Hi guys, sorry for the odd question, but could it be said that WTC is clearly not "vaporware" ? Do you think its valuable that WTC is showing actual progress unlike 99% of ICOs & other coins on CMC?

Do you need somebody to tell you yes? Trust your own analysis.

Do you think its valuable that WTC is showing actual progress unlike 99% of ICOs & other coins on CMC?

You tell me.

I do think it's valuable. I'm asking because not a lot of people (outside of this sub) seem to realize WTC is looking legit af

Iota @ .25



Those chips seem a bit expensive at 10s.

He said 10 cents RMB. That’s 1 cent USD

And that's probably before bulk purchase discount

I am worried about the Dash 11 Hashing algorithm because there are very fast asics... so Walton could be a potential centralized blockchain

-64 points · 7 months ago(0 children)

Ohh look it’s the fud brigade

20 points · 7 months ago

alot of new info..

Comment deleted7 months ago(0 children)

Dash Algo upgrade

Mechanisms of Data exchange

Well thanks to this video we found out how much of a Goose you are so there's ONE new thing

( Haha CHEck MATE )

How Mo Bing know about Bitcoins

You answered your question in the very next sentence -- the gun demo. You just trolled yourself, enjoy more downvotes.

fuck off insect

This is literally a video of new and verified information. What have i told you about smoking DMT before becoming on reddit?

Dmt 🌈🦄😀

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