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I did not know that green rice existed. For those curious like me:

Jade Rice is a short to medium-grain white rice that is dyed green with bamboo juice. The juice gives the rice a mild green tea flavour and aroma. The chlorophyl in the juice gives the green colouring.

Source: http://www.cooksinfo.com/jade-rice

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Chlorophyl? More like boreophyl

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Got chlorophyll man up here talking about god knows what and all she wants to do is make out with me.

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I'm here to learn, everybody. Go on with the chlorophyll.

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It's good stuff, I buy the Lotus Foods brand, it has a nice subtle bamboo flavor and a soft texture. It's basically nicely flavored white rice.

I suspect our man Andrew Rea is using the same brand because he shops at Whole Foods and that brand also makes madagascar red rice which is a wonderful brown rice.

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In Thailand there's a lot of colored rice with different flavours. Green is normally flavored with Pandan leaves whole blue colour comes from Butterfly Pea flowers.

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Skips to the end of the video to see finished product

Huh how did he turn all that rice into a rainbow sandwich?

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What's with the burgers and fries??

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Thank you.. did he do an episode on those or are they just for show?? Can't find the episode myself

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I'm thinking just for show since they're just Krusty Burgers which are made from kangaroo meat.

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Kangaroo is actually very good. Doesn't really taste like beef though. Maybe more like bison. Or venison. More gamey.

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I just found out a local butcher shop carries kangaroo. I'll have to give it a try some time.

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Mmmmmmm Krusty Burgers.... uaghhhhhhhhhh

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it was the blurst of stews!

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Stupid monkey!

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We need the Steamed Hams

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lmao isn't krusty burger just mcdonalds

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this was exactly what i was referencing hahaha

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The stew joke is probably my favorite joke from the The Simpsons.

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You can devein shrimp/prawns with just a toothpick at the tail end of the shrimp by poking it perpendicularly and pulling it out laterally in one fell swoop

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some neon-colored cheese into a sandwich

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and pretend you're Ralph Wiggum.

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Doesn't Tom Kha normally have galongal in it?

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I wouldn't say it's a traditional Thai recipe by any means. Not that it matters if it tastes good though. And Vietnam isn't Thailand anyway so who really cares?

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Wasn't Tom Kha anyway...more of a green curry.

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So much astroturfing

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I wounder what is more likely,

  1. people like a thing you don't

  2. A vast global conspiracy to push a youtube cooking channel

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Not disagreeing with you that many people like Babish but it's weird that you make astroturfing sound so rare when in reality it happens about ten times a month on this sub alone (when its dumb enough to be obvious(

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I'm sure astroturfing happens often on reddit, we've all seen the buy upvotes sites, but what are you basing that 'ten times a month on this sub alone' on? Just random videos/comments that you personally think are suspicious or some actual evidence and facts?

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No I don't really record this when it happens and I did exagerate but honestly its on the order of like five times a month. Im basing this on posts where the majority of comments are calling out OP for astroturfing (I don't have any proof basically)

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or 3. someone career minded uses the tools available to maximize their profits

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How do you mean? In the comments?

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"at this point, we're suppose to find thai basil but i didn't find any" wow, i'm pretty sure he could have found some if he went to a chinese supermarket?...stew looking amazing tho!

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I found that strange too, since he did find fresh Kaffir lime leaves, which in my experience are usually both harder to find than and sold in the same place as Thai basil. Curiously enough, I picked up some of both just the other day from Wegmans. I also found the brown sugar questionable. Poor substitute for palm sugar.

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Yeah, damn near every grocer around me has some Thai basil, but kaffir lime leaves are a little more difficult. I know several asian grocers that have them, so no biggie, but Safeway, WinCo, QFC, and at least one of my Walmarts have Thai basil as well.

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Went to the grocery store, got back, realized he forgot to pick up one thing from the list, couldn't be bothered to go back to the store for one item.

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Whenever I saw this scene on tv, I always thought it sounded delicious.

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Isn't that the joke? That he tells it as if it was abysmal, but it's actually a delicious meal.

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I love me some steamed hams!

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The rainbow grilled cheese looks awesome

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Better do a Flaming Moe next

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I just took one thing away from this - Shellfish Stock. I didn't know that you could do that. Does the shell add flavor? My tongue had a bit of an orgasm, so I'm thinking maybe it does. I will have to try that.

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How come Americans can't grill their grilled sandwiches?

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I'm not sure what you mean by this.

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It's very straightforward, that bread was not grilled but fried.

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It's just an etymological quirk of American English. Things that are cooked on a griddle or a flattop grill can also be called grilled.

Although this one was cooked in a pan and not on a griddle, "grilled cheese sandwich" is the name of the sandwich.

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but that is a grill....

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British people call the broiler in their oven a grill.

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No it's not, that's a frying pan with butter.

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That stew looks delicious! I'm curious as to what it's like to have the 4 different rices though, he said it's "completely unnecessary" but does it have much effect? Some of those rices are a bit more firm than others right? Can anyone tell me if it's worth it at all?

Also, another thing that I thought was interesting. In a reddit thread the other day I read a good tip for the kitchen about always scraping the chopping board with the back of your knife to stop the blade from dulling, I noticed that /u/OliverBabish does in fact do this in his videos, but I don't think I've ever heard him mention it in a video, seems like a good, sort of common sense but not obvious, tip that would help people out.

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someone called him out on it in the comments like three months ago and apparently it's taken this long for him to form the habit

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Im not very good at cooking rice maybe I should get a CuisinArt

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Don't bother. Easiest thing to make. Here you go:

Half a cup (for the Yank measurements) of rice per person.

Put rice into a sieve. Rinse under cold running water to wash out the starch. Stop rinsing when water stops looking milky.

Put rice into a small saucepan which can hold a lid. A small saucepan.

The important step: Top up saucepan with cold water to the level of if you were to put your finger into the pan so that you can feel the top of the rice, the water should reach the wrinkle of your your first knuckle.

Salt the water and rice and combine for a second.

Bring to a boil.

Immediately turn down the heat to the minimum you can get it. Absolutely the minimum.

Put on lid of saucepan.

Leave until pan lid starts to rattle. Depending on the amount of rice, this can vary. But shouldn't be more than 15 minutes for rice for two people. Do NOT open lid to check, it will be fine... it's just rice.

Turn off heat. Rice will continue to cook. Rice will be even better the longer you leave it, so long as it doesn't get cold of course. 15 mins max.

Tip: Do not over do the cooking of the rice (the low temperature part) as this will end up in the gluey consistency that he referred to in the video.


Deciding to start writing this on mobile on the underground was a bad idea for my thumb.

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Ha ha sorry dude it was a joke on the product placement, but thank you so much for the detailed response you are what makes Reddit great!

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Or alliteratively to all of that bullocks.

1.buy a $20-$30 rice cooker

  1. put rice in

  2. put water in

  3. press start button

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Pretty much. Any rice cooker will do.

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This is the first time I've watched one of his videos and wondered if he's getting some sponsorship he isn't publicizing, solely due to the front and center Cuisinart logo.

Anyway, there is no way in hell you need a pressure cooker to make rice. Some people will swear by a simple pot and water, but to be honest I find it always sticks. However you can go and buy a rice cooker for like $20 where I'm from, probably half that in the US and it will cook price perfectly for hundreds of uses.

Buying a pressure cooker just for rice would be like buying a thermomix to beat eggs

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