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Can anyone who understands Portuguese give the run down on what happened in this story (Rickson Gracie/Byron Amona)?

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38 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

Some guys came from Hawaii to a surf competition in Rio. Between them was Byron Amona (the guy giving his point of view on the video, Mike Hu, etc).
One of the local dudes named Foca has borrow Malibu's board and hit, by accident, Byron's head. Byron got pissed and broke the board's fin.
Malibu got pissed his board was broken and he was good friends with Rickson. Next day they were on the beach again and the Hawaiian guys were there too, so Rickson told Malibu to make the first move but he was hesitant. The Hawaiians left the beach and went to Rico do Souza's house (another local surfer) and Relson Gracie told Rickson - "I told you, they didn't trust we'd handle the situation, you shouldn't help out these guys", so Malibu told everyone to pay them a visit at Rico's house.
When they got there, everyone were on the backyard but their boards were in the front so Malibu got Byron's board and brought back to the front of the house and the crowd that was with him (about 17 people) started breaking Byron's board. Byron heard the noise and all the Hawaiians came check it out.
He got there and saw his board destroyed and told Rico someone would be hurt for that. Rickson stepped up and said the only words he knew in English back on those days "F**k you, I'm gonna break your face".
Byron agreed to a 1 on 1 with Rickson and as everyone opened a big circle. Rickson blocked some punches and got his back while he was standing. Byron blacked out and felt. Rickson let it go the RNC and started punching him... He oxygenated and woke up then Rickson got him on a RNC again and got him out again. Relson's telling Rickson at all time to keep the RNC tight.
People broke the fight and Byron ended with two cracked ribs, internal bleeding and a purple eye.
Some days later Rickson and Byron happened to be at a surf party on a famous local Hotel and Byron came towards Rickson and said that before he returns to Hawaii he'd hurt Rickson. Rickson went home and spoke to his family about what happened during dinner with Helio Gracie and his older brothers. They then went back to Byron's hotel and Rorion, who would speak English well, went to have a chat with Byron and told him that if he wanted to fight Rickson again, just come outside to the beach and they could kill each other on one on one BUT if he touched the "boy" or anything bad happened to Rickson as far as ganged him up with other friends or any other coward attitude towards him, that he wouldn't be able to get back to his country because he'd be buried on the local cemetery.
Sorry that English is not my first language, but maybe you can get and idea of what was told. Cheers

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That very last part is some serious like Mafia shit. I love it.

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Remember kids, Jiu-Jitsu is a "douchebag filter".

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13 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

I know this story! It was one of the classic Gracie sleazy tales. Apparently this Byron/Bryan Amona was a Hawaiian guy who was in Brazil for a surf festival and got in a petty grudge with a friend of Rickson (apparently, one of them hit the other with his surfboard by accident and the other got angry and broke it). The dude called Rickson as a reinforcement, and Rickson challenged Amona and choked him out. They later were joined by Rorion and wrecked Amona further in a hotel hall. The story is (in)famous because the Gracies went to claim Amona was a gigantic karate champion who trained with the FBI or something in order to make the victory more impressive, despite he was actually just a short fatso with little to no fighting training.

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3 points · 3 months ago

They apparently confronted him in the hotel later because Amona was saying he’d get revenge on Rickson, but they didn’t actually fight in the hotel.

Also at least in this video they don’t glorify Amona as a fighter at all. They just say he was a big Hawaiian surfer, no one mentions anything about him fighting or knowing how to fight. The only mention is Amona himself who says he agreed to fight Rickson because he was confident in his stand up.

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My source was this (it's in Portuguese). It does say the Gracies claimed Amona was a giant and that he "deu aulas pro FBI,CIA e Forças Armadas" ("taught at FBI, CIA and military").

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4 points · 3 months ago

They do say he’s a giant, that’s true, I wonder how big the guy really was.

I wouldn’t really trust that blog though. It’s written by a guy just hating on the Gracies (specially Rickson) and his only source is the actual video that he breaks down little by little and gives his own perspective on it.

However that quote talking about teaching the FBI, CIA and military is talking about Rickson. The author of the blog is making fun of his English, saying that all he knows how to say is “fuck you, fuck you, fuck you” despite living in the US for over 20 years and having given classes to FBI, CIA and military. Obviously at the time he was 17-18 and lived in Rio, so this guy is just hating.

The full quote in Portuguese is: “E agora o momento mais grotescamente hilário do vídeo: FÔQUI IÚ! FÔQUI IÚ! FÔQUI IÚ! Esse é o inglês de quem mora há mais de 20 anos nos EUA e segundo a legião de baba-ovos,já deu aulas pro FBI,CIA e Forças Armadas de lá. Perfeitamente,nós acreditamos nisso.”

The bit about the karate is also clarified later in the text where he says another Brian Amona exists, who was a karate instructor but it’s not the same person : “(NOTA: Existe um Brian Amona que realmente foi instrutor de karatê mas não se trata da mesma pessoa. Não existe parentesco entre eles e o karateca nunca teve relação alguma com o Da Hui/Black Trunks).”

Either way I just wouldn’t believe this blog because this guy writes some truly atrocious things in that text. For example after putting a Hif of Rickson he writes “Além de mentiroso e covarde, retardado mental” which translates to “On top of being a a liar and a coward, he’s also mentally retarded”

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Heart warming tale of Helio’s guiding principles and how they’ve always strived for Jiu Jitsu to give the smaller guy the advantage to merciless pick fights and beat up unsuspecting strangers.

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Worst Knees in the game
0 points · 3 months ago

Rickson sounds like a real cunt.

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