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Eli5 what I'm hearing and seeing?

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Pretty sure they use this to create sounds for poker and pinball machines.

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I was thinking Star Trek phasers.

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it's the instrument they used at the beginning of that one Police song

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I absolutely adore that song, for a lot of reasons. I just wish I knew what the chorus(?) was about.

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I was wondering that myself. Is Nessie going to come and sort everything out? I need to know more.

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its sending a distress beacon.

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No. Not. Again. Not this series of 4000 reposts of various red hot metals dropping into various liquids. No.

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I will be very disappointed if Reddit goes through another romance from start to finish with this god damn nickel ball. Now Nickelback on the other hand...

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you talking shit about nickelback bitch?

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That's one of the most annoying aspects about big subs are the trends. It would be better to post those videos under the original video in the comments, but would that earn them the same karma as posting it in the sub instead? Nope.

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So, does the pocket around the metal sit there for a bit because the water is being heated to boiling slowly? That doesn't really make sense to me, but I can't really figure out why that pocket of what appears to be air doesn't rise through the more dense water immediately.

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I think it is actually steam that condenses back to water immediately. Little steam pocket. That's why it dissipates once the water reaches equilibrium.

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It's the Leidenfrost effect. Basically, the ball is so hot that any water that touches instantly boils into steam. This steam creates that layer of "air" you see, and it insulates the water from the red hot nickel ball.

The same thing that happens when you put a few drops of liquid nitrogen into the palm of your hand. Your hand, being so warm by comparison, makes the liquid nitrogen that touches it instantly boil, creating an insulating layer that the liquid nitrogen floats on.

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when you put a few drops of liquid nitrogen into the palm of your hand.

Also, don't do this, kids. Stick with the classics, like spraying deodorant onto your hand and lighting it.

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Ah! One of the original RHNB videos. This was my favorite since, for the unexpected reaction. You'd think foam would just melt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4jl7n9fpA4

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That's some throwback classic RHNB. From before they had the amazing PWIP! sound for the torch shut-off.

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From what I understand, doing this is not very smart. Very hot metal introduced to water can explode I think.

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Actually it's the other way around. When you bring pure water to above boiling without it having anything to nucleate on (i.e. some impurities in the water giving the bubbles places to form), it will just not boil until disturbed. This is why you shouldn't, for example, use a microwave to boil water. Boil your water for tea, drop a teabag or spoon in, and boom - steam explosion, boiling water everywhere.

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correct, if you microwave your water and you don't see it boil, don't touch it until it cools down.

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Why on earth would anyone microwave water? Just refill the kettle

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Most people in America don't own electric kettles. I've never come across one with imperial measurements.

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That is bananas.

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We already have microwaves, and electric kettles take forever at 110V.

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They do? Mine takes like three minutes for half a liter or so.

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Ever stick a coffee in the microwave to reheat it? A relative learnt this lesson the hard way

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do it all the time whats wrong with it?

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I don't own any pots so I always microwave mine, I just use a swinging motion with the tea bag to put it in. Usually just bubbles like crazy and spills a bit

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i was expecting something more like this :D

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Sounds like Darth Vader taking a shit.

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what magic is this?

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I forgot about this guy

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Alright, who reset Reddit?

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nice hiss

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I'd like to see a temp probe on the cup so I can see the speed of the energy exchange.

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It can get super heated so when you put a metal spoon in to stir it, it explodes all over you. I guess you just have never over heated it or something

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thats some trippy sounding shit

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Sizzle, nice and hot

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I was waiting for the nice reaction, like: "Whoooooooa that was freakin amazing bruuuuhhhh!"

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this is old af