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GOD DAMNIT I wasn't planning on crying. Craig Finn is such a fantastic storyteller. The hold steady will always hold a special place in my heart.

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For sure, someone recommended The Hold Steady to me a while ago but now is the first time I've really listened. This song chokes me up, shits too real.

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Craig Finn
artist pic

Craig Finn, an American singer, songwriter and guitarist, is the man behind Lifter Puller, The Brokerdealer and The Hold Steady. He was also featured on Rhymesayers rapper P.O.S.'s Safety In Speed (Heavy Metal). He released his first solo album, Clear Heart Full Eyes, on January of 2012.

Here is some background information on Clear Heart Full Eyes from the No Future Songfacts . In early 2011 Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn challenged himself to write a new song every day in his Brooklyn apartment for his first solo album. "I had written a bunch of songs that were outside of the norm for The Hold Steady, a little quieter and perhaps more narrative," he said. "I wanted to gain some experience and insight into the process of making a record by working with new people." Finn enlisted producer Mike McCarthy (Spoon) and traveled to an Austin, Texas studio far away from his New York comfort zone. He hooked up with some local musicians there, including members of Phosphorescent and White Denim and sang his vocals live, keeping takes to a minimum and completed recording in a few days. The resulting album, Clear Heart Full Eyes was released on January 24, 2012 on Vagrant Records. Read more on Last.fm.

last.fm: 25,809 listeners, 414,454 plays
tags: rock, seen live, singer-songwriter, alternative, Alt-country

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Getting an abortion. . .